Friday, 10/11/13, Public Square

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Republicans shut the government down last week, and they’re prepared to destroy the full faith and credit of the United States next week.  They freely admit they’re prepared to impose self-inflicted wounds on Americans, on purpose, unless their demands are met.

And what are those demands?  Even now, after months of planning and fiascos of their own making, the party’s own leaders and members haven’t the foggiest idea.

Ultimately, it’s not about Obamacare or debt limits or government spending or entitlement programs.  It’s about destroying the presidency of Barack Obama which is why nothing short of the impeachment of this president will appease these people.

One more thing we can count on is that republicans will always have Medicare and Medicaid as part of the ransom note!  Social Security too, but they’ll do that one less openly, hoping no one notices.



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  1. Cost of the shutdown –

    Amount Congress has earned during the shutdown –

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  3. wicked

    We could really use some good news in this country.

    • Here’s what I see as the good news —

      — republicans are getting the blame they deserve

      — government is good and people who didn’t even know much of what government provides are learning

      — The Affordable Care Act is going to give millions of people the opportunity to buy insurance who never had that before

      Add something that is making you smile today!

      • Canada seems to have the right idea about most things – including health care – and this bus stop shows their government is about taking care of their citizens.

        I noticed something….where is the graffiti? In America – it seems we cannot have anything for the public use without some yahoos thinking it is their personal canvas..

        The attitude of Americans is what scares me……and this political fight over providing access to health care for those folks who have never had it or could never get it – just has me shaking my head in astonishment.

        What the Hell is going on in America?

        Remember when Mitt Romney kept yakking about how Exceptional Americans are?

        It appears we are exceptionally stupid………judging from all the news we hear – mass shootings, government shutdown and held hostage by a minority group unless they their demands met.

        What a laughingstock we have allowed our country to become.

  4. Here’s something that makes me smile BIG. My cousin put together a slide show just for me. It’s full of my family! My Mom and Dad, my Grandma, my sisters and my brother, my hubby, my children and grandchildren — my happy life!

    • What a great gift…….both the video and especially your great family…..

      NOW this is what I see God as being….an energy of love throughout the years – from your parents down to your grandkids in this particular video…

      Linda – you have an awesome smile……..and you also know the power of that smile – keep it up my blog friend.

  5. rick liebst

    “Well when your president is a brother to a top terrorist why should he want to stop his family from entering the US, but he definitely wants to stop our vets that fight his family from enjoying life.”

    This is what one of my niece posted to a Facebook post about the Government shutting down a monument to the fallen in the military. I am not sure whether she is being sarcastic or actually believes it? She lives in Oklahoma and in a part where they are a bit nuts and backwards too.
    It really is not uncommon for many to believe the most outlandish things.

    • I had a co-worker blame Obama for the deceased veteran’s family not to get death benefits during the shutdown…

      I quietly reminded her – those Republicans also know those family members are not getting their death benefits and I don’t see of them crying any crocodile tears..

      She soon shut her big mouth