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  1. Let’s see how those numbers tally up in the small minority of Tea Pots that are holding the country hostage – shall we?

    There are no Muslims, Buddhists, Jews, HIndu, Unitarian or unaffiliated religion involved – are there?

    It is these Loud-N-Proud Evangelical Christians are doing all the screaming, ranting and raving – correct?

    I’ve shared my past experiences with this Evangelical Christian Movement – and these people are NOT nice folks….

    They get something into their heads that they are called to a special mission from God….and Hell be Damned – these folks will be the nastiest, meanest and will do unspeakable things just to get their way..

    And to think….Ronald Reagan himself started this downfall of the Grand Old Party. What irony….

  2. Cost of the shutdown –

    Amount Congress has earned during the shutdown –

  3. From what I’m reading more than 4 in 10 Republicans identifies with the tea party and were more apt than other Republicans to insist that their leaders hold firm in the standoff over reopening government and avoiding a default of the nation’s debt in coming weeks. As you all know, Kansas is one of the states they’re concentrated in.

    Is the tea party content to win state elections and perhaps, maybe if all goes well maintain a majority in the U.S. House? Is this their highest ambition?

  4. wicked

    I see that Brownback’s administration has decided not to participate in a federal grant program that helps families in need apply for food assistance.

    Since it’s become pretty clear that Brownback, along with his cronies, the KS legislature, and Dave and Chuckie, don’t want our state to be a part of the Union, why doesn’t he simply seceded? Maybe Perry and Fallin and Brownback should get together on this to create their own kingdom. Of course, that might prove difficult, because we all know Sam and Rick both want to be king. Eventually, war would break out, the kingdom would become divided, and we’d be left with nothing. Ah, but Dave and Chuckie could step in, take over as the King Brothers, and all would be well, right? Serfdom, anyone?

    Sounds like a dystopian novel…

  5. wicked I kind of fear and think you are right about the divide and possibility of a open hostility. In some cases like in the Civil war house will divide and friends will feel only hatred. I have already felt it from someone that I uses to get along with well. It turned out she is a Neo-Con and I answered and tried to straighten her out on something she was saying on face book.

  6. Bob White

    Perfect segue: I’ve been reading from Marcus Borg. He posed the question, “What is the transient (L. transeunt) dimension we call God?” What do you think? Your thoughts and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    • God is love. Nothing complicated. Yet, very difficult because we humans aren’t naturally loving to ALL.

      I think He teaches us to treat ourselves and others with love, kindness and respect. I think He made it clear that anything we can do for anyone else is our mission. I take seriously the entreaties to treat others as we want to be treated and that doing for those who are needy (the least of these) is doing for Him because that is love. God is love.

      • Bob White

        Thank you, fnord, very much for your reply. I agree completely that “God is Love”, and for the very reasons you’ve stated. Can you help with this question? If God is Love, can we make that reference without stating a persona, especially not male, e.g., “He”, “Him”, etc.?

      • Sure. And, of course, you’re correct that love doesn’t have a gender.

      • Bob – my take on God is this:

        God is a force of energy that is not just in one being – it is in everything we see and touch in our world – which would be beautiful if it were not for mankind always wanting to destroy it, conquer it or just fight because it is in man’s nature to fight.

        I see God’s presence in my grandchildren – their innocent little faces and so inquisitive about everything. Little children are not born with a hatred of anyone of another skin color – are they?

        I saw God’s presence in my grandma that lived to be 98 yrs old – and she was in a nursing home. Sure, her circumstances were not the best – she was hard of hearing and half-blind – but her family still came to visit her and they loved her very much.

        I see God’s presence in every sunset – because that is when I look out to the horizon and I imagine my brother, his wife, grandpa and grandma looking down on me – watching over me and my family.

        God is love…..and love is eternal…..and I believe that Love can cross over that thin veil between our world and the afterlife world…..

        What I do NIOT believe is that God is some Man sitting on a Golden Throne with Golden Sreets in a place called Heaven and nodding in agreement that these people who profess to love God so much that they will go out and buy overpriced deep-fried chicken sandwich just to announce to the world that they hate homosexuals..

        I also do not believe that God is just waiting for Judgment Day when he can sit there and throw a bunch of people into Hell…

        You see, Bob, I used to believe this way when I was in that’s Fundy Evangelical Christian Movement – but then I got away from that mindset that only certain people were worthy of God’s love.

        When I ventured out and opened my eyes to everything and everybody…..hat is when it hit me….God is an energy of life..

        And it really does not matter what name you call God – if you believe that you have a gift of life and you should respect others – and yourself – then maybe we can leave the world a little better shape than when we arrived in the world…

  7. Robert Reich says —

    If you have a variable-rate mortgage, your payments are about to increase. If you’re trying to get a mortgage or sell your home, both are about to become more difficult. If you’re saving for your retirement, your stocks and bonds are already taking a hit. If you run a business, your sales are about to drop. And if you’re unemployed, you’re likely to remain that way.

    That’s because financial markets are getting spooked by the GOP’s hostage-taking and potential default on the nation’s debt. As recently as a month ago, investors were happy to make short-term loans to the U.S. government almost free of charge. Yesterday the one-month Treasury bill spiked to 0.27 percent — the highest rate since 2008. The stock market, meanwhile, continues to slide. The Dow Jones Industrial Average has lost nearly 6 percent of its value since mid-September when the extortion began.

    The practical question is whether those who are bankrolling the Republican Frankenstein monster decide it’s time to starve the beast. The answer depends on which set of GOP patrons is more powerful – the captains of industry and Wall Street who are becoming justifiably alarmed by the pending economic catastrophe, or the far-right Koch brothers and their billionaire allies who are dead set on destroying the U.S. government.

    • Dr. Reich has, I believe, correctly identified the crux of the matter as to who controls the GOP; the traditional business interests, or the Koch brothers and their fellow travelers. I truly hope the former wins the battle, at least insofar as the effects on the economy are concerned. While there is much to criticize about that group, at least they are not Hell-bent on destroying the government as we know it, unlike the latter.
      This is proving interesting to me, as I see an analogue to the power struggle which ultimately caused the “death” of the Whigs, and the formation of the Republican Party. In that case, the battle was between the old guard, i.e., those favoring “business as usual” with regards to slavery, and the new blood, i.e., the abolitionists. In the short term, the old guard prevailed, only to eventually lose out to the new blood.
      Sitting back and watching with great interest. Pass the popcorn.

      • I truly hope the same. Isn’t that something — we’re rooting for big business over anti-government ideologues, while recognizing that the anti-government ideologues are a part of big business. What a mess. The thing I know is you can’t make sense from nonsense and although I abhor the advantages big business have been given and how they’ve used those to suppress the middle class, there is some sense that can be followed in lords and serfs. I cannot understand the greedy libertarians. It seems to make no sense to destroy your serfs.

      • Given these two choices….I’ll take the Wall Street Thugs – over the Tea Pot Bullies.

      • So, I have NO education and not nearly enough knowledge to know how this will work out. I have been really busy for 66 years (minus a couple of days) just making a home, raising a family, nurturing children and grandchildren and most recently a cherished great-granddaughter and I’m more scared than I can ever remember being. I went through some years of raising kids alone with no help and I’ve had all the same worries most people experience, but I always felt I had time to fix it. Now, I feel at the mercy of others. I can’t do anything to stop the crazies from ruining my lifetime savings. I can’t find a way that says you can get past this, you can recover, you can get back what they take away. Dear friends, I feel hopeless and helpless. I’ve never experienced this. I don’t even have the wrods…

      • Maybe I just need a hug. I do remain thankful for this place Iggy gave us where we can just be who we are, nothing more, and nothing less.