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Is the Speaker of the House of Representatives Being Truthful to the American Public?


Offer up the clean CR with the same budget numbers you agreed to last month then count the votes.


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  1. To make it easy to keep track of these numbers I’ll add them to each day’s new thread. It won’t be as simple to keep track of the suffering many American citizens are experiencing.

    Cost of the shutdown —


    Amount Congress has earned during the shutdown —


  2. Pay attention to McCutcheon v. FEC. It’s been noted that the consequences for this Supreme Court hearing today could be *worse* than Citizens United. We’re talking about billionaires being able to direct near-unlimited amounts of money to politicians and political parties.

  3. Mainly so I can learn more about the debt limit I’ve started some research. This link is interesting. I plan to bring some of my research here, and I hope you will let me know if any link leads me astray in my quest — I hope to find more facts than opinions. Thanks in advance! This is well worth reading —

    Bruce Bartlett On The Debt Limit

    • I want to add one point that I would appreciate comments about. In the reading I’ve done, I’m beginning to wonder if this whole government crisis might include the republican’s hope that President Obama do something / anything they can use to begin impeachment proceedings. I don’t have any understanding of how that would be of any benefit to them. Oh, I understand that their ‘base’ and that some ‘donors’ really hate the fact that a democrat won the last two elections, and more specifically, really hate this president. The part I don’t understand is why bringing impeachment proceedings would widen their appeal to voters rather than narrow it.

      • From my perspective, it broadens their appeal not with the voters at large, but with those in their gerrymandered districts who might not vote for them. Oh, and keeps the donors happy, too.

      • Even more reason to not meet their ransom demands and not allow this one half of one third of our government to have undue power or influence.

    • I have to look up the word tangential… [eye roll] This is gonna be hard for me, isn’t it? That’s okay. I make up for my lack of education in determination!

      • You can do it, fnord, and I’ll be here to aid and abet should you wish. 🙂

      • Reading your link tells me that before we would ever get to whether or not President Obama broke the law the Congress would need to break the law by putting us into default.

        It’s complicated. I’m going to need more than a little help! Plus, do any of these tea party yahoos give a whit about breaking the law? I’ve seen no evidence they do.

      • All of this troubles me. How did the republicans manage to convince so many people that raising the debt ceiling has anything to do with future spending? I get so discouraged by the numbers of those who fall for anything as long as it matches what they’ve already decided to believe.

  4. (from the link):

    Let’s take the example of Social Security withholding [FICA]. A person who earns $10 Billion a year pays not a dollar more in Social Security withholding than does a taxpayer who earns $106,000 annually. That’s because of the SS income cap. That is a tremendously regressive tax that allows the wealthy to escape a huge amount of taxation. The monies taken for Social Security withholding have not been set aside to pay future benefits. Instead, they have been used for decades, starting with Reagan to pay for the expenses of the country at large.

    In a time when Conservatives are crowing that we need to decrease Social Security withholding, it’s curious that they did not complain when those making less than $106,000 were paying Social Security that was diverted to pay for the regular budget expenses of the United States, thereby freeing the wealthy from paying for it. Thus, you are pushing a myth that the wealthy are overtaxed. They have not paid so little in income taxes since the 1950s and most of the US budget is actually paid for by the non-rich through Social Security withholding. All of this ignores the fact that most wealthy have engineered their income to come in the form of Capital Gains which is taxed at 15%.

    Open Letter to Conservatives Whining About High Taxes

  5. (from the link):

    Mr Tripcony is doing us a favor. He is telling us the truth. This crisis has almost nothing to do with actual policy – as you can see from a base Republican’s rational support for a single-payer healthcare system and willingness to get Obamacare insurance. There is nothing to the current Republican strategy but blind, irrational hatred for a re-elected president: “I don’t like him, and I don’t feel comfortable with anything he’s got to do with.” Somehow, this “feeling” must be granted some “relief”, or they will bring down the world economy. But any relief granted on these terms would simply pave the way for more economic terrorism and blackmail in the future, which would mean an end to our system of government.

    The GOP have driven themselves into a tight, airless corner of ideological purity and self-destruction. The trouble is: their own self-destruction means ours as well. And the world’s.

    There Is No There There

  6. http://www.addictinginfo.org/2013/10/07/house-gop-plot-obamacare-shutdown/

    More evidence is coming to light about the long-planned shutdown of our government.

  7. There is not one single Republican that I would trust to tell the me sun is out today and have the damn sun shining in my eyes so bright that I have to squint.

    THAT is how much I distrust Republicans.

    I never used to feel this way….but damn it – where are the moderate Republicans and why the Hell are they not fighting these Krazee Klowns to get their party back?