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  1. wicked

    Happy birthday, fnord! Have a super wonderful day!

  2. Yes happy birthday fnord, wine and you only gets better. I will have to remember that one since tomorrow is my one and only birthday.

    • Why thank you, wicked and rd. The official anniversary of my 28th birthday is a few days away but I’ll take this as a sign I should celebrate all week! I’ve never done that, but now seems as good a time as any! 🙂

      I’ll need to remember to wish your Mrs. a happy day, rd. Like wine, huh? Sounds good to me!

      TODAY IS ZIPPY’S BIRTHDAY! Happy birthday Zippy!

  3. LOL you ever get the impression that you have seen this movie before?
    Watching this news this morning and in particular Fox I seem to have seen all this before. Same ole story and the same ole me-ME’s.

    • Yep, the dog caught the car.

      I have seen this movie. We’ve all been watching it overandover and I do believe we can just begin to see a light at the end of the tunnel, an end to this nonsense! The shutdown isn’t gaining favor, the tea baggers are being held responsible — as they should — and the latest polling shows the conressional districts needed for the republicans to maintain the majority in the House are losing significant support! I do think being in the minoriity of ALL THREE BRANCHES of our government couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch than these tea bagger idiots!

  4. The shutdown cost is nearing two billion and continuing to climb.

    And that’s just the cost to our economy. The Shutdown’s costs extend into our daily lives and the lives of our fellow citizens on a much more personal level:

  5. Jim Wright at Stonekettle Station puts into words what all thinking people know.

    “You, whether you are a liberal or a conservative, whether you are for or against the Affordable Healthcare Act, whether or not you hate Barack Obama’s stinking guts with every fiber of your being, if you believe in the America of your forefathers you do not want the House to win.

    Because if they win, if this precedent is allowed to stand, then America as you know it, as you have known it, is over.”

    Then he explains in no uncertain terms!


    • Jim’s recent post at Stonekettle Station titled “Deadlock,” linked above, has drawn quite a few readers. He added this:


      A note about commenting: This post is getting much wider than normal play. As usual when such things happen, Stonekettle Station begins attracting a certain frothy spittle-flecked yellow-eyed element.

      As such, commenting on this post is in full moderation and will remain so.

      I will reiterate for the slow people: read the commenting rules before attempting to post. Read them.

      Some additional guidelines:

      – This site is not Yahoo! This site is not The Blaze. This site is not YouTube. Don’t act like it is. If you can’t help but behave like a nasty fifteen year old with a behavioral disorder, then bugger off back to 4-Chan and stop wasting my time.

      – If you attempt to engage in any form of delusional booger-eating ala Birtherism, 911-Trutherism, Oh No Socialism with or without included Nazis, if you mention The New World Order, or something you heard from Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Michael Savage, Alex Jones, or any TV Preacher, your comment will not post. Period. This is non-negotiable. Likewise if you use the term “Chicago style gangsterism” or any similar show of asshatery. You’re welcome to believe whatever goofy nonsense you like, but I don’t have to give you a platform for it. Shove off.

      – I’m not handing out free mental healthcare here, it’s not my job to fix either your insanity or your stupidity. That’s your problem, I won’t allow you to make it mine.

      – Yes, yes, you got me. I’m a terrible, terrible person, what with my penchant for murdering babies, my horde of tofu eating sycophants, and my callous disregard of your brilliant conversational gambits. Boo hoo. Your fury warms my flinty black heart. Write you congressman or take it up with Jesus, but you’re not going to post here.

      Hope that clears things up. Regards // Jim

    • wicked

      Priceless! And that’s why we (especially females) have friends. If I need help, I ask and they answer. If not, they just listen…and understand.

  6. The Two Words All Democrats Must Start Using Immediately

    John Boehner has now made his own credibility an issue in the shutdown.

    Americans want the government to re-open. Speaker Boehner is telling us that is not possible at this time and that our government must remain shuttered because the votes simply aren’t there for a clean CR to pass.

    So Speaker Boehner, you say the votes aren’t there -I ask again for you to

    ……………………PROVE IT

    • The (quite conservative) U.S. Chamber of Commerce just announced it will get involved in GOP primaries and give financial cover to any Republicans who vote to reopen the government and raise the debt ceiling, should these incumbents draw Tea Party challengers.

    • Forty-fifth class reunion over, and I survived. Great time at the Friday night get together at classmates’ home after the football game was suspended for lightning a bit short of four minutes into the first quarter, and we bailed on it. Good chili and renewing old acquaintances.

      Saturday night was not so enjoyable. Wellington has no venue of an appropriate size to host a dinner, etc., attended by 105. The committee did the best it could, but we were jammed together such that it was extremely difficult to mix and mingle, resulting in a very noisy atmosphere when the well-planned program was on, with little ability to hear. A high point of the evening was the alumni name tags with our Senior yearbook pictures on them so we had a chance at recognizing former classmates (all of whom have aged quite a bit; I just don’t understand why they, unlike me, didn’t look like their pictures) in attendance.

      • wicked

        I made buttons with photos for our 25th. It does help! Even at our 10th, there was one guy I wondered about. Who was he? Well, he had a beard and had never worn one in H.S. It changes his looks dramatically.

      • I have one from my 40th reunion — or somewhere in that neighborhood of 40ish — and I relied on them. I was actually quite impressed with myself when I remembered who the person in the Senior photo was! It was one time no woman worried about those who looked at her chest first. 🙂

        • wicked

          LOL fnord! I doubt anyone would recognize me by my chest. I’ve…uh, matured. I blame having 4 kids. But everybody knows me when they see me. Ran into an old classmate in Walmart a few weeks ago. He knew me immediately. I had no clue. He had to tell me who he was. But then I ran into my Matron of Honor a couple of months ago, and did the same. I’ve never felt so stooooopid.

        • wicked, it was the name tag with the photo from high school that was on the chest… You are blonde, aren’t you!? 🙂

        • wicked

          Well, gee, fnord, I knew that. LOL And, why, yes, I am blonde, only it’s barely blonde, although those srteaks of “lighter colors” (ahem) are lightening it up some. 😉

          Oh, who cares. 😛

        • I always see you as a beautiful woman and dear friend!

      • wicked

        6176, I’m so glad you had a good time!! Yes, those packed rooms can be awful. Did that at the ex’s reunion, years ago…and I didn’t know hardly anyone. I did survive…without too much whining.

    • wicked

      I’m just waiting to see what happens in the House. Since there’s nothing I can do about it, I refuse to worry. I do think the Tea Party has a huge chance of getting a big surprise, either soon or next year. As far as I’m concerned, the Rs have not only taken a dump on our country, but here in Kansas, too.

      As I just told my youngest, who was let go at work (after only 4 weeks of PT work), life sucks. We move on.

      The Mom Who Will Bail Out the Clothes Daughter Put On Layaway Last Week

      • Waiting to see is about all we can do. I still email and call Pompeo daily, and I have never fooled myself that those emails and calls do anything more than satisfy my need to not simply sit and take it silently.

      • Sorry the daughter was laid off. Of course you’ll get the lay-a-way out. You are Mom! I know the job description and responsibilities of Mom.

    • Just think…

      How stupid is it to vote for a bill to pay back-pay to all these furloughed government workers and not let them go back to work to EARN that money?

      Republicans – they have really jumped off the Krazee Kliff this time.