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  1. (from the link): Let’s review. Not so very long ago, worrying about entitlements was central to Republican identity. Then, they began to notice that the folks at their rallies looked like the audience for “Matlock” reruns. The base was aging, and didn’t want to change Social Security or Medicare. The base didn’t even want to be reminded that Social Security and Medicare were federal programs.

    so, now…

    All over the nation, Tea Party politicians have been telling their most fervid constituents that Obamacare will bring the federal government into the nation’s health system, thus wrecking the wonderful coverage they now enjoy with Medicare. Which comes into their homes through the chimney, where it is dropped by free-enterprise storks.

    Frankenstein Goes to Congress

  2. A Pittsburgh student writes an op ed to Brownback.

    Pittsburg State Collegio: Really, Brownback?

  3. Countless lawsuits where the United States is a party are now in limbo, thanks to the fact that the Justice Department lacks the resources to litigate them so long as the government is shutdown

    One of these lawsuits is a nearly two year old case brought by House Oversight Chair Darrell Issa (R-CA) seeking to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt for failing to turn over documents Issa believes will prove embarrassing to the Obama Administration.

    Yet, unlike numerous other lawsuits that were stayed while the Justice Department waits for the shutdown to end, Issa believes that he should not have to live with one of the consequences of the shutdown he and his fellow House Republicans are responsible for — he filed a motion claiming that DOJ’s “Contingency Plan provides that Department employees may continue to work on matters necessary to the discharge of the President’s constitutional duties and powers,” and that his lawsuit qualifies.

    Federal Judge Amy Berman Jackson was not amused by this motion:

    There are no exigent circumstances in this case that would justify an order of the Court forcing furloughed attorneys to return to their desks. Moreover, while the vast majority of litigants who now must endure a delay in the progress of their matters do so due to circumstances beyond their control, that cannot be said of the House of Representatives, which has played a role in the shutdown that prompted the stay motion.

  4. The Extremist ID Test for All Political Factions

    Whether you identify with the Conservative, Liberal, Green, Libertarian, or the mystical Unicorn party, here’s a simple and painless test to determine if you might be an extremist.

  5. You can always tell someone that is not truly paying attention to what happens. It is to talk to them about what is going on and explaining what is being said on any of the Political news channels. First there is the look of total disbelief then the stare as if you are one of those nuts they have heard about!

    Of course there are always those that you know are one of the extremists from the Right since they will then go into a spitting rage about Obama and the Liberals who want to turn the greatest God fearing country in the world.
    Into a din of Socialism and rampant child molestation while worshipping the Devil covered in the blood of women and innocent people in general.

    LOL can you tell I have just gotten into another argument with one of them?