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  1. We’ve all read much about Obamacare, but this article is another that I recommend. It tells a bit more about the future of our country and how this health-care reform law impacts that future. This goes into some details about how most previous social welfare programs in America have benefited the wealthiest, the poorest and the elderly. This fills a big hole and benefits working people — those who work for a company too small to offer benefits, and are paid low wages, among others. This could cause a large slice of the middle class to be grateful to the Democratic Party for the benefits.

    Why the Health Care Law Scares the G.O.P.

  2. This is a blog post that says President Regan brought us Socialized medicine back in 1986 and seems to support that with facts. I have not (yet) done additional research but I plan to. Do some of you have input about whether this is accurate?

    American healthcare was already socialized by Reagan, we’re just fighting about how to pay for it

  3. wicked

    This makes it easier to understand why we have the shutdown and such crappy bills coming out of the U.S. House.

    If anyone knows something that can clarify and deny or agree with what this says, please share!

    Thanks to Bella Cennato Wade for this excellent explanation!
    Since 2003 whenever the house is controlled by the GOP, they have applied the Hastert Rule. People really do not understand that this SELF IMPOSED RULE is why 45 or so teabaggers are in control of the House.

    HASTERT RULE-only bills with a MAJORITY OF THE MAJORITY are allowed a vote. Hence, 45 teabaggers as a part of the Republican caucus are the ONLY WAY the GOP can reach a majority.
    234 Republicans (includes 45+ Teabaggers)
    201 Democrats

    A bill can only be voted on if there are 202 Republicans who will vote for it. Let’s say 10 Democrats vote with republicans…then they have to have 192 republicans to vote for the bill.

    The blame for this shut down IS NOT SHARED. Read above. This subversion of the legislative process is the ONLY REASON the GOP House can do nothing other than attempt to repeal ACA 45+ times. This is not is anarchy…and only the GOP is responsible


    • Just one more fact most Americans aren’t aware of. There seem to be many. I know people are busy and I understand that when they’re told something by a person they think they can trust it is what they’ll believe.

      Have you seen all the results of people being asked whether they prefer “Obamacare” or the “Affordable Care Act”? You just have to keep on keepin’ on, and realize that person may well be one who is anxious to enroll in one of the marketplaces because having health insurance they can afford is something they want — even while they want to be absolutely sure they avoid that dangerous Obamacare.

  4. WASHINGTON – House Republicans reassured the nation today that during the government shutdown they would continue to work hard to cut benefits for the poor and hungry. — Andy Borowitz


    Does anyone think those who actually believe this government shutdown has an effect on Obamacare may wake up, look around and realize it doesn’t? I don’t mean the republican congress critters who probably already knew it (or most of them anyway), I mean the people those congress critters say they are representing. If those people do start to suspect they’ve been fed a steaming pile of crap will they recognize how many average Americans are being hurt by this tactic that has ZERO, ZILCH effect on their goal? If they do see the people who are impacted and are suffering, will it matter or do they honestly not care? I can see standing firm for something you strongly believe in but the tactics have to correspond to what you feel strongly about. The tactics need to have some chance of progressing the strongly-held principle / goal.

    I am for women’s rights and will stand firm, will do whatever I’m capable of doing to protect the progress made by women who came before me and further progress women’s rights toward full equality under the law. Now, I don’t see how a plan to shut down all, say, veterinarian clinics, animal shelters and pet food stores would do anything to affect women’s rights so that’s not going to be a tactic I or anyone sane would consider if the goal is progressing women’s rights.

    This leads me to the logical conclusion that those who shutdown the government to cause an effect on Obamacare are bat-shit crazy.

    • I’ve come to the conclusion (a long….time ago ago) that these Republicans do NOT care about people….

      They only HATE one man so much they don’t give a fat frog’s ass about anything else.

  5. It’s quite a conundrum for republicans. They don’t like Democratic policies and yet they can’t win elections at the national level. Seems to me it’s clear that voters don’t like Republican policies. Certainly not voters in large enough numbers. So wouldn’t a political party want to grow their numbers, attract more people? Would a party remain so stuck in ideology that they alienate large groups of voters? Would they recognize that tax cuts for the wealthy and subsidies for business is seen as corporate welfare by average Americans who don’t think that’s the way our tax monies are best spent? Would they recognize their opposition to immigration reform alienates minorities, especially the largest-growing group, Latinos? Would they recognize their opposition to equal pay, to birth control and abortion alienates women?


    Republicans can stick to their policy positions all day long but they shouldn’t expect to win elections at the national level or to set the national policy agenda. Neither should they expect to have the opportunity to nominate or appoint federal judges. Wonder how many more elections they’ll need to lose before they start to look around and wonder why they aren’t popular with the majority of American voters.

  6. It so gets me when I encounter someone who has not even looked at it. They solely go for their opinion on what they have heard on Fox or one of those morons who are making their living off of spewing crap they made up.

    I have been pissing them off when I point out how it can not be the case as they assume. I guess it Is easier for them to believe it is raining all the time
    that someone is peeing on their leg to explain the moisture.

    • It isn’t easy to be patient with those who simply believe and repeat the lies and exaggerations. They’re still saying taxes are too high and spending is increasing even tho taxes are historically low and federal spending going down each year. All the lies about how Obamacare is funded are ludicrous, but people fall for them.

      Remember RD when you finally went looking for the truth about gun laws and regulations and found how many lies you’d been told?

      I hope this shutdown wakes up some people who are curious and they go looking for the facts.

  7. Sad to say….the same folks who go out of their way to deny people the right to buy health insurance are the same folks who stand in long lines to prove how much the love Jesus and buy some over-priced deep-fried chicken sandwich – while on the way to buy that frickin sandwich, they passed many homes in which there were working people who do not make enough money to feed their kids.

    And then after these Jesus-freaks get their high off their deep-fried chicken sandwich – they will give their favorite GOP Congress Critter a call and tell them to keep cutting those food stamps – and keep fighting that minimum wage bill….and for God’s sake….keep fighting that health care for everyone.

    DAMN…..where is Jesus when you need him to clean out a dirty temple?

  8. The count is now 20 Republicans saying they will vote for a clean C.R.

    If these guys are serious – then they need to either put up or shut up. They could all switch parties and watch the Tea Pots heads explode..

    But…notice…how many are in blue or swing states? That is the answer as to why NOW they are so willing to vote for a clean C.R.

    • Hey – Chubby – when YOUR boys shut down the government – that meant national parks got closed.

      Why have a bus turnaround when they can’t get into the damn place?

      Oh, I forgot…. We are talking about Newtie here – he also thinks making school children mop up the school room floors instead of doing Homework would be a great thing

      Wouldn’t you think if you were Newtie and it is public knowledge that YOU were the person responsible for the last government shutdown because Clinton made you sit at the back of Air Force One – AND you lost your speakership due to your ethics violation…..Newtie might just want to think about Sitting down and STFU.

  9. Top Republican Calls For Replacing Obamacare With Obamacare

  10. I confess….I am to the point where I really HATE the name of any Republican.

    Maybe it’s a good thing my used-to-be best friend and I had our falling out about 6 months ago.

    She is one of those Fox-Bots, Tea Pots, Devout Catholics, and a military mother of two men who have NEVER been shipped overseas to fight her boy’s wars .

    Her son and son-in-law have been in the military for the past 10 years. Okay…..why were National Guard serving multiple tours in Iraq and/or Afghanistan and her two little altar boys never left the safety of our borders?

    It’s quite easy for her to sit there and say that we need to go to war to fight those Muslims.

    Yeah……but I wonder, would she be happy if her two boys came home in a body bag – or missing limbs – or a messed up mental state?

    Somehow….my ex-friend has not exactly experienced the hell of a war.

    I have….on a personal level…..and I would not wish that on my worst enemy.

    But……then again….maybe that is just what these Tea Pots need….a good dose of reality.

  11. Jim Wright, Stonekettle Station —

    Here’s another bit of fun Government Shutdown trivia:

    Furloughed federal employees can file for unemployment benefits for time lost during the government shutdown.

    So, government forced into shutdown over social safety nets, out of work federal employees can turn to social safety nets to help get by. States don’t want to help fund the ACA, get to pay for the workers laid off in the fight over the ACA.

    On the other hand, I suppose it’s just par for the course given that the House attempted to keep the government running and kill the ACA … and instead they killed the government while the ACA is up and running.

    How’s that for some sweet irony, eh? I feel like I’m living in a episode of The Simpsons.

    • There is no logic and common sense in the GOP Fantasy Land.

      I swear…..they are acting like a bunch of nasty-assed church people who have their Puritan Panties in a twist.

      I’ve been in the middle of two churches feuding over a bunch of nothing……and the lies, the cheating, the backstabbing and all the Praise Jesus echoes I heard from that bunch was sickening.

  12. On what planet do these Tea Pots think that if there is a Republican president – that their guy is going to be treated any less trashy than they have treated Obama?

    Do these folks truly believe everyone will just roll over and play dead?

    Not me……Never….Ever…..I will not forget..

    • I am still going to keep my GOP voter registration….because I want to vote in their primaries..

      They cannot take that away from me…and the first one that tries, will find themselves with a fat lip -and I’ll be happy to pay the damn fine.