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  1. The U.S. House finally achieved something. They’ve been the most extreme DO-NOTHING since republicans won the majority in 2010 but finally they achieved one of their goals. They shut down the government and didn’t have any effect on The Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare.

    Today the ‘news’ will need to divide their efforts between the roll out of enrolling for ACA and the government shut down. I had expected today to be full of news casts about any glitches in the enrollment. Now, the republicans have ensured they get a share of air time.

  2. Andy Borowitz —

    Hey Congress, bad move shutting down the government – you’re not employable anywhere else.

    • Unfortunately, too many of these Congress Critters just turn into an overpaid lobbyist – so we are still a victim to their never-ending thirst to do damage.

  3. Let’s remember what Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) said a few days ago:

    “The only time you shut down the government is when you shut it down and refuse to open it until you accomplish what you want. But we’ll fold like hotcakes. You do not take a hostage you are not going to for sure shoot. And we will not for sure shoot this hostage.”

    It is good to remind ourselves some republicans are still capable of rational thought. So if the crazy teapublicans want to actually accomplish having even a negligible effect on Obamacare they need to be willing to go 3+ years without our government being funded (the time Obama has left in office) or even a full year (next year’s elections), in order for this whole spectacle that hurts millions of Americans to be more than a spectacle.

  4. I’ve been trying to call Pompeo with no luck. I have sent an email. I’m not naive enough to think it will make any difference but I will continue to let him know there are registered republicans in his district who disapprove of him and his actions.

  5. There is a GOP jobs plan – it’s called getting rid of the minimum wage, working people obscene long hours, no benefits and then demand that the government not step in to help these people eat and/or feed their kids.

    Oh, and NO birth control…….we need more bodies to fight that World War III these Republicans seem to be wanting by evidence of all that foaming of mouths like rabid Elephants.

    • I’ve been looking at polls with regard to Obamacare and to the government shutdown. I wasn’t surprised when I found every single poll says the majority of Americans is against the shutdown, and even less surprised when I found that women are opposed in greater numbers than men. The Republican Party already had a problem with women — this made the problem worse.

      • I hope and pray that WOMEN in this country will wake up and all stand in long lines (if we have to) to vote out each and every Tea Pot.

        I know…in Kansas….that is futile goal……but just let the media cover the long lines of WOMEN who HATE the GOP.

  6. I watched as an MSNBC person was trying to get on the ACA website.

    It was 35 minutes of waiting…hearing music…and then waiting some more.

    Okay….it is annoying….but the same thing has happened to me when I call any large corporation……….and I still don’t get anyone on the line that speaks ENGLISH…

    • Those states where Medicaid was expanded each have their own website. Only the states that weren’t responsible enough to set up their own exchanges — like Kansas — go to a shared .gov site. I think lots of people are interested in finding out what is available at what cost. Plus, there are those who want to sabotage this roll out in any way they can who will add to gumming up the works. I heard Pompeo say he was going to try to sign up.

      It will be fine! I suspect like all endeavors you identify some of the weaknesses when they’re encountered. Within a couple of months they’ll iron out the wrinkles in plenty of time for the millions of Americans who want insurance to get signed up for their coverage to begin in January!

      • But….bottom line…….Republicans are actively trying to get people to stay uninsured?

        How on any planet does that make sense – let alone a country that prides itself on being such ‘Exceptional Christians’….?

        When did Jesus every deny healing the sick? Did Jesus carry his credit card payment machine around his neck and demand payment before he touched the leper.

        My….I wonder what Jesus could have charged for raising Lazarus…..wow – just imagine, Jesus missed out on making a boatload of money – didn’t he?

      • It makes no sense. But it is another benefit program (like Social Security and Medicare) that once voters know how it benefits them will be very popular. And, the Republican Party has worked very hard to keep voters from knowing the facts, worked very hard to keep this benefit from being successful. They have no history of any legislative success, of any accomplishment that actually helped the average American. This is another feather in President Obama and the Democratic Party cap!

        The worst part is how many average Americans believe the republican lies and exaggerations. Not enough to win at the national level, but enough to keep many red states bright red. That is changing! If it weren’t for gerrymandering the republicans would already be in the dustbin of history.

  7. Did anyone see Tim Huelskamp on MSNBC news this morning?

    He went on and on about how Obama and Harry Reid will not negotiate. Then he went on to say that House Republicans asked to go to conference and Obama and Harry Reid refused.

    The host had already stated that the Senate passed their budget bill and that Sen. Patty Murray has asked the House to go to conference 16 times.

    So…Timmie interrupted the host and told her that what she said was untrue.

    Timmie then proceeded to say that the Senate has not asked for a conference on a SINGLE bill.

    That is when I learned that what the House Republicans have twisting their Puritan Panties is this 6-week continuing resolution bill – that they have attached all these demands – such as birth control, keystone pipeline, oil drilling, etc.

    We are fighting over a 6-week C.R. ??? Is that really what this all about?

    Why not just go and hammer out the budget ….and call it good?

    This is all about the Tea Pots feeling like they can shove it in Obama’s face……

    These folks HATE one man so much that they don’t give a damn if the whole place burns down…

  8. At foxnews.com the #1 article in “Trending in Opinion” box is:

    Five reasons Americans already love ObamaCare — plus one reason why they’re gonna love it even more, soon

    • Wondering when the writer’s contributions will no longer be accepted at foxnews.com.

      • Maybe long enough for a few who rely on Fox to learn a few facts vs the lies they’re fed most often. But that would go against the Fox goal of keeping people ill informed. Do you think Fox was surprised this article is trending this high?

  9. This is an article about Sen, Patty Murray and that budget fiasco..

    I must correct myself…..she has asked 18 times in the past 6 months.


  10. When I hear or see these Tea Pots cock-stutting…..is it just me or are they nothing more than the Mean Girls Club in junior high?

    Damn……these are self-professing patriots? Of what country – certainly not America – where democracy is our form of government -and minority of bullies do NOT run the show.

  11. I was listening to President Obama just now.

    This man gives these Tea Pot Publicans way too much credit on being nice decent people.

    Obama needs to learn – these Tea Pots do NOT care about sick people without health insurance.

    These Tea Pots do NOT care if the government is shut down – that was their intended goal.

    These Tea Pots do NOT care if the debt ceiling is not raised and America becomes a deadbeat…

    The ONLY thing these Tea Pots care about is how much they HATE the black man in the White House.

    While Obama was speaking, I remember all the other times he has had to come out and speak to the American people about common sense things..

    Like the gun violence in our country….

    Why should any president have to come out and beg and plead for Americans to stop using their damn guns for violence??

    And now he has to come out and plead his case to Republicans to not block Americans from getting health insurance?

    DAmn….if this is what an Exceptional Christian nation is – no wonder I quit the damn church three decades ago..

  12. I just heard Steve Inskeep (sp?) from NPR talking to Andrea Mitchell.

    Inskeep interviewed President Obama yesterday before the shutdown.

    Inskeep stated he was talking to a Republican Congressman last night and he actually said – they need Obama to throw them a bone in order to get out of this box they have put themselves into.


    Hey – if they’re in that box…..hurry, shut the damn lid and get the duct tape.

    The more these Tea Pots cock strut, the more I just want to throw up.

    But…hey…..these are just like those damn fundy Christians during my years in the Fundamental Baptist Mega Church. These folks would knife you in the back and then when they get caught – would want the victim to say the knife just slipped somehow…

    Yeah, sure….

    I used to pity these folks…now I just want to see their power and influence destroyed..

    • There is one consolation….knowing that Ronnie Raygun was the one that brought Jerry Falwell and his Boys into the inner sanctum of the GOP.

      That started this downward spiral of the GOP.

      Let’s just hope the damn thing dies this time….

    • I watched C-Span last night until after midnight. Every democrat who spoke — both in the House and Senate — brought up this fact of how much they had compromised by agreeing to the republican figures for the CR. I have quit watching and listening to the ‘news’ since for the past several days its so easy to hear it said ‘from the horses mouths.’

    • I know….it’s like Republicans cannot seem to accept a ‘yes’ answer..

      To be quite candid with everyone here – I don’t think these Tea Pot Publicans even know what they are getting as concessions in spending…

      these are the folks who ramp up the foxxies hen house cackling hens and Hate Talk Radio fat-shock-jocks and just want to ‘get Obama’….

      That is the ONLY thing that will satisfy these people – Obama’s head on a platter.

      Oh, Hel, even then these fools would not be satisfied.

      Remember the scene from the movie Frankenstein? It’s that mob from the village – that is what these Tea Pots are like…

      Just an angry and U-G-L-Y mob of bullies.

  13. “Did you see the Giants game on Sunday? They lost 31 to 7. And you know what the Giants didn’t say after that game: ‘If you don’t give us 25 more points by midnight on Monday, we will shutdown the f**kin’ NFL!’ They didn’t say that.” — Jon Stewart

  14. The link to NPR Steve Inskeep’s interview with President Obama yesterday afternoon.

    It’s 7+ minutes – but it is a good listen.


  15. When did we come to the point where the president is expected to negotiate to pay the country’s bills?

    LIke Obama said – these are bills that Congress has already approved…….

    JUST pay your damn bills Tea Pots….we’re not all deadbeats like you.

  16. Government is the problem. 🙂