Monday, 9/30/13, Public Square



by | September 30, 2013 · 6:00 am

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  1. LOL yeah watching that all play out it so reminds me of the ole saying” Bat shit crazy”. Seriously I wonder whether it is that the people reflect the insanity of the people or that people reflect the insanity of the Government?
    There is one person that whole heartedly believes every crackpot theory about the President that I know. She now hates to see me because I will went she starts in. I counter with logic and reason and she calls me a fool!

    • I know some people like that. Nowadays I won’t make any attempt to correct their fantasies with facts. It does no good with the bat-shit crazies. I go on the theory that one person arguing is ‘telling’ so I refuse to join in and make it less obvious — let them argue alone. I credit the multi-nic ‘ksgram/okobserver/hales’ with this lesson. Years ago when I was brand new to blogging she would follow me around and try to bring me down to her level each time I commented. She taught me to let her argue with herself and just sit back and enjoy the show.

      • Yeah – she was hoot……

        As I recall, one of those Loud-n-Proud Christians…..wasn’t she?

        Hey – people can call themselves anything they want – it does not mean it’s accurate.

    • “went she starts in” should have been “take her on when she starts in”

  2. We all recognize this ‘conscious clause’ the House republicans added to their funding bill as a last ditch effort to keep abortions necessary. If more women have access to birth control, abortion rates decrease. There goes one of the republican plots to stir up the evangelinuts. What a bunch of maroons.

  3. One way to look at this craziness. Ezra Klein say this is a better option than some. I agree with Ezra except on one point. I think House republicans are insanely reckless and once they fail on the debt bill they’ll try again on the debt-ceiling bill. They want to inflict as much damage to average Americans as possible.

    (from the link): Speaker Boehner’s original plan was to pass a clean bill to fund the government and then attach the one-year delay of Obamacare to the debt-ceiling bill. It was a strategy that would minimize the chances of a shutdown but maximize the chances of a default.

    A shutdown, after all, is just bad for the economy. A default is catastrophic for it. You’d have to be insanely reckless to permit the federal government to default on its debts. And Boehner believes that House Republicans are insanely reckless and that President Obama isn’t.

    The House GOP’s shutdown plan is great news

  4. Not even a government shutdown can stop Obamacare now
    Program falls under mandatory funding exempt from shutdown

  5. You know the sad part in all this?

    If Republicans truly wanted to help Americans – then why did they NEVER propose their own health care reform plan?

    Oh, wait a minute, Obamacare IS their original idea – wasn’t it?

    As Gilda Radner used to say while in that Rose-Rosedanna-Dana (sp?) character……Never mind…