Saturday, 9/28/13, Public Square

rich get richer


by | September 28, 2013 · 6:00 am

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  1. Hell, we don’t even get the lump of coal anymore.

    We only get the side effects of burning that coal – without any regulations..

    Welcome to the CONservative Republicans’ idea of Utopia

    • The republicans will just go off on a tangent about us being jealous of rich people. I guess they aren’t smart enough to realize the deck is stacked, only smart enough to parrot the talking points. And since they have theirs they feel no need to be compassionate. Their Jesus didn’t say anything about helping the least of these…

  2. As if the sequestration didn’t do enough to hurt poor people, a shutdown will hurt them first, maybe kill a few… It’s what we’ve learned to expect from republicans.

    (from the link): Unlike sequestration, a government shutdown wouldn’t have an across-the-board effect. If Congress fails to extend federal funding past Oct. 1 — and the odds for that are increasing — some programs would immediately feel the impact while others may not for months.
    But those that could take an early hit include many that serve the neediest Americans, such as welfare, home heating assistance and some of the food benefits used by 47 million Americans. That’s according to a new report on how a shutdown would affect major state grants from Federal Funds Information for States, an organization founded by a pair of coalitions of governors and state legislatures to track the impact of federal fiscal decisions on state budgets.

    Report: A shutdown could hit funding for programs aimed at the neediest right away

    • Ah, but the Congressional Tea Party folks don’t care…..they still get their INCREASED farm subsidies…..

      Seriously? These critters are farmers?

      Oh please, just give me a frickin break..

  3. Republicans spew this nonsense that everybody wants to be a millionaire.

    I have never set that as a goal – have you?

    I have been fortunate enough to always be able to work, pay our bills, live in a nice house and raise my family.

    Am I in the minority here?

    Don’t all people just want to do well enough to be able to live the way they want to live?

    Money has never meant that much to me….

    But – I suspect my theory on money is very different than Republicans.

    Money is just a tool in which to buy those things in life you truly need and a few of your wants.

    There is a big difference between – Needs and Wants -……

    • When I think of a successful person – I think of my grandfather.

      He was never a rich man – (in amount of money he had stashed)

      But he was very rich in the way he lived his life. He had a wife and 6 kids. Grandpa lived through the Depression and he learned the value of money.

      His family never went hungry.
      He paid off his mortgage.
      The family saw the doctor when they needed health care.
      He was generous to his family, friends and neighbors – and even strangers.

      When Grandpa died – there were many people at the funeral that nobody in the family knew. Each one of these folks told the same story – Grandpa had helped them at some time when they were down on their luck.

      It might have been a sack of groceries, a tank of gas to get to work, a paid doctor’s bill, etc.

      THAT is what success means to me………not how many damn dollars you have stashed in some bank account – either domestic or overseas in a tax-free account.

    • wicked

      No, I’ve never wanted to be a millionaire. Too much responsibility. 😀

      I’d like to be able to pay my bills, drive a car that isn’t 23 years old, and have some extra to take a vacation, every few years. And have healthcare! Because I’m still on Dubya’s healthcare: Don’t get sick!

  4. Here is an interesting article about the history of government shutdowns.

  5. wicked

    Is anyone else listening to the blathering on the House floor? First one idiot stands up to say they are not shutting down the government. No, of course that isn’t what they’re trying to do. Then we get to hear about a bill they want that will pay the troops DURING THE GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN. Yes, that’s exactly what it says.

    The only head they have is the little one, and I think they’ve pretty much drained it with all the mutual handling they’ve been doing. (Hey, I’m trying to be a lady, here.)