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  1. The Party of Stupid is now saying health care reform wasn’t talked about prior to the 2012 elections and that must make the whole election null and void at least. The people didn’t speak. [eye roll]

    We’ve been dealing with this republican lack of memory for too long. We recognize that if something isn’t to their liking they simply go to their ‘special’ place. The place were ‘special’ people are…

    Who gives the republican orders? Is it Jim DeMint Now? Does Grover Norquist still hold sway? Maybe we’ve circled back to Limbaugh? It’s obvious it isn’t anyone elected and even more obvious the republicans have sold their souls to someone, but less obvious who the front man for the money is today?

    Can the republicans get any stupider, any more outrageous? Guess we’ll watch and see. Just keep your distance, too close isn’t advisable.

    DeMint Says GOP ‘Did Not Litigate The Obamacare Issue’ In 2012, Blames Romney

    • I remember Romney stating unequivocally he would use an Executive Order to get rid of Obamacare on his very first day! None of the republicans were listening, it seems. If they had been they would have voted overwhelmingly for Romney! Maybe their hearing is as selective as their memories?

  2. A little natural beauty on this Friday.

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  3. Fnord, I don’t think there is any limit to their stupidity, their revisionist memories, and their outrageous denials of the truth. They are desperate because they are afraid the ACA might actually work. Did you see today that Obama called out opponents of the ACA as “fat cats” and “Fox news watchers?” Go Barack! Where was this guy when we needed him on single payer?

    Regarding today’s graphic, shouldn’t there be something in there about women? Maybe a forced ultrasound probe being shaken out? I guess most of the pictures regarding women’s issues are unsafe for publication. Tee hee.

    • I don’t really think republicans will change anything or clean up their act in any way. I think we’ll manage fine by going around them and leaving them in the dust. Their path to women is a much longer one than they’ve even begun to realize! And we vote in larger numbers than men. 🙂

  4. Indy posted about this yesterday, but I found this clip today of the “epic brawl” between Chris Matthews and an extremely offensive wingnut named Steve Perry. I found it hard to watch, but this is how low they will go.

    VIDEO here:

    “Chris Matthews got heated with Republican congressman Steve Perry on Thursday over the current government funding and debt ceiling fights in Washington. Matthews kept shouting at Perry to say at what other time in American history has the opposition party pushed so hard to repeal a law approved by Congress and the Supreme Court, essentially holding the country “hostage”. They went back and forth a bit, until Perry got a little too personal with a barb directed at Matthews, at which point Matthews ended the interview and scolded him. “

    • wicked

      Typical. Chris Matthews is known for interrupting, but Steve Perry (note: this is not Steve Perry of Journey 😉 ) had nothing but empty party rhetoric to spew. He didn’t answer Matthews question or even come close.

      Should we be surprised?

      • wicked

        Anyone want to bet that Perry never read what he accused Matthews for not reading? I’m not even sure he’s read the Cliff Notes.

    • What got me so mad was the way this Rick Perry just laughed and smirked….what is so damn funny about a looming government shutdown?

      Does anyone else find this behavior offensive?

      Just watch these TeaPublicans…..they all just laugh and smirk…..

      They’re all just a bunch of T-W-I-T-S….

  5. wicked

    Monsanto Protection Act

    Am I the only one who thinks this sounds like something the Mob would create?

    (in best gangster voice…) See here, Monsanto, we’ll protect you if you hand over the extra money you make on this job.

    • wicked

      Or switch it around. Monsanto says, “Psssst. Hey Congressman, if you’ll protect me from all the whacked out liberals and turn your head from the people who are dying because of what we’re doing, I’ll slip you a little something from my profits.”

  6. This makes sense in the most nonsensical way. One of these days the words the republicans always speak about not letting the media or the democrats, or anyone other than them choose their nominee might come true. Maybe the next presidential election will be that day! It does seem they’ve doubled down on the doubling down.

    (from the link): For Cruz, on the other hand, capitalizing on the GOP’s descent into madness is a deft political move that positions him well to be a clear frontrunner to win the party’s presidential nod in 2016.

    Over the past several decades, Republicans have cultivated the party’s most reactionary, uncompromising and extremist base of supporters. They have portrayed government as a deeply nefarious and destructive force; they have fetishized ideological rigidity; they have derided and demonized compromise of any sort; they have destroyed the party’s moderate wing and even drove conservatives out of the party for not being conservative enough.

    For a politician like Cruz, who clearly has his eyes set on national office, defeat for the GOP on Obamacare will be his ultimate victory.

    Ted Cruz: the GOP’s self-made monster

  7. What is fundamentally blantantly obvious about Republicans trying to ‘repeal’ Obamacare by defunding it is this:

    ACA is the law of the land – passed by Congress and upheld by Supreme Court.

    There is a process in which if people want to get rid of a current law – then there has to be a bill brought to the Congress, passed and then sent to the president for his signature.

    THIS is how things have been done for years..

    But…..wait a minute…..these same Republicans have tried to pass a repeal bill in the House – I’ve lost count – is it 40 times now?

    Each and every time – they have L-O-S-T.

    So now these morons want to just defund ACA and act like that is the proper way to repeal a current law?

    I know these Republicans have their base of morons fooled….by these folks need to stop drinking the rancid tea and LEARN how their government is supposed to work.

    A small minority of bullies do NOT get to pick and choose which laws they want to fund and to not fund.

    Geez…..I am so Sick and Tired of these M-O-R-O-N-S…

  8. I read the local newspaper at work today and someone actually put in the Opinion Line a comment that there are no Christian Terrorists – only Muslim terrorists.


    Oh, I guess all those doctors that performed legal procedures were killed in cold blood by friendly Christians?

    Or what about all those abortion clinics that got bombed – was that all done by nice and friendly Christians?

    Or what about all the attacks on gays and lesbians – encouraged by these Christians – does that make these Christians ‘nice’ people?

    Please…..just pass the barf bag now.

    There is NO difference between a Muslim or Christian if they are armed to the teeth and ready to kill for their perceived mission from their perceived God.

    They are BOTH terrorists……plain and simple

  9. I quess the republican twits learned that an application for Obamacare includes an opportunity to register to vote. And they’re in a twit.

    A law passed in 1993, the National Voter Registration Act, actually requires the federal government to offer voter registration to anyone who accesses government services. It’s more commonly known as the “Motor Voter” bill and it’s been on the books for two decades.

    But as we’ve known for some time and they continue to provide supporting evidence on a daily basis — republicans don’t know law, don’t know the constitution, don’t know much of anything and just continue to throw their childish screaming fits.

    • My two-year-old grandson does not throw these type of hissy fits.

      Republicans are the Mean Girls Club…….

      Go back and listen to the Scott Perry tirade with Chris Matthews… will pick up this guy just hates Obama and turns a color of Jealousy Green that is just not pretty.

      I’ve noticed that about these Tea Publicans….they all make it everything a personal attack on Obama.

      Damn….just another meeting of the Mean Girls Club….

  10. When the news broke last night that President Obama met with the new Iranian leader – my hopes got lifted for a little while.

    Just think……..this has not happened since 1979…..

    And who the Hell got into the White House in 1980?

    Yeah…..we all know……Ronnie Raygun..

    Wouldn’t it be Lady Karma doing her best if Obama was able to Undo all that Ronnie Raygun did to our country?

    Damn…….I hope Lady Karma sticks around for a while……there are quite a few Teapublicans that need their Come-to-Jesus meeting in the worst sort of way. Hallejuia..

    • BTW – we all know that it takes twice as long to UNDO something than it took the D-Y-C-K to do it in the first place.

      P.S. – did anyone catch my reference to a certain Dickie who was also around in the Reagan years?

      Yeah……we all know who Daddy Darth Vader is……don’t we?

    • I am extremely pleased with President’s Obamas diplomacy and ability to seek peace! It takes a lot more work, intelligence, patience than waging war and I feel great pride in what he has accomplished!

      • wicked

        Do you think that’s what he had in mind all along? Get the Rs and their minions to think he was willing to bomb the shit out of a(nother) country, just to make them stand up and shout, “Oh, no, you don’t!”

        As far as the ACA is concerned, I figure he got something, which is not the best but better than nothing. He went in with trying for Single Payer, then slid quickly into the marketplace thing, which the Rs basically went along with it, in the beginning, because they thought they’d side-swiped him. Then when they realized he would get all the slaps on the back–crafty devil, he–they didn’t want it. Too slow and too late.

        It’s far from perfect, but (hopefully) better than nothing. I’m on the fence about that, until I can figure out how this whole thing is going to work.

        But the thing is, now people are screaming for Single Payer, except for a few rabids, who don’t want anything at all, only because they’ve been stirred up by those they have chained themselves to.

      • Wicked – I think Obama has long been the best chess player with these checkers-playing CONS.

        I suspect that is what makes them all so darn mad……Obama beats them at every turn……

        NOW…that’s funny!!!

      • wicked

        Indy, I’d be crazy to disagree with you. Of course, there are those who say I am crazy… 😉

      • wicked – serious question…

        Do you think Obama will try to go for single payer at some point before he leaves office…

        or do you think Hillary will try to push it through when she gets in..

        BTW – I’ve been accused of being a bit crazy myself…….it’s the only way to survive some days….LOL

      • wicked

        Indy, I wish I had a crystal ball. Obama has 3 more years left in this term, right?. (Was it only in January this year that he was sworn in for his second term? Wow, seems like much longer than that!) I think everything will depend on what happens in the next 2 years. I see part of those 2 being spent on ironing out wrinkles in the ACA as it is “now”–meaning once it gets rolling on January 1. Will the Rs decide to give up their propaganda program in that time? Will something else take the top spot before or after it? I can’t second guess the loonies.

        The Ds have to stand strong, no matter what happens in the mid-terms. The outcome of that could very well affect a lot of things, including ACA. To be honest, I don’t know what will happen, but I do feel that we are moving in the direction of Single Payer or something similar.

        I watched a news video earlier today, although I don’t remember where, since I’ve spent the day all over the net, watching videos and reading comments. (Gotta get a laugh, somehow!) The (rather stupid) statement was made that there wasn’t enough information in the ACA law. The interviewer pointed out that it was 2000 pages long. B.S. and double-talk, not to mention outright lies, are what we’re hearing from the Right, exactly the way Bachman answered Blitzer’s simple questions. It’s a good thing I wasn’t in Blitzer’s seat, because I would’ve bitch-slapped her.

        Yes, we’re all crazy and I’m weird. Let’s celebrate!