Tuesday, 9/24/13, Public Square

tea party


by | September 24, 2013 · 6:00 am

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  1. Seems an accurate statement.

  2. This is a wake up call, or should be.

    (from the link):

    North East of Hawaii, the ocean currents form a giant whirl pool of debris from around the Pacific, the scientific name is called the North Pacific Gyre. It’s one of the largest ecosystems on Earth, comprising of millions of square kilometres. Today it’s better known as “The Great Garbage Patch,” an area the size of Queensland, Australia where there is approximately one million tonnes of plastic spread throughout the ocean. Drag a net in any area of this part of the ocean and you will pick up toxic, discarded plastic. Photographer Chris Jordan has documented this phenomenon.

    Something The Entire World Should See – Most Of Us Are Simply Unaware – See more at: http://www.collective-evolution.com/2013/09/23/something-the-entire-world-should-see-most-of-us-are-simply-unaware/#sthash.a3lxBsPu.dpuf

  3. This one is tweaked in answer to the Koch Brothers ad.

  4. Today’s guest lesson, economics geeks and wanna bees comes from Crooks and Liars. Probably the best explanation I’ve seen about why supply side economics just flat-assed doesn’t work and is a load of garbage. This post includes, ya know, actual evidence and everything. Well worth the read.


    • Good stuff, pp. As a wanna bee, I need simple explanations, with data and everything clearly shown in a graph (or graphs – I’m not particular). 🙂

      Hey, on a personal note, hope you’re feeling better. My Fall allergies are firing; pass the antihistamines.

      • Thanks, 617. I’m slooooowly recovering, but afraid to tell anyone I’m still feeling like hell because I fear someone will drive out her and drag my sorry ass to the doctor. Something I have neither the money nor the time to indulge in. Summer keeps bringing me tissues but she has a problem with that no thumbs thingy so they are kind of soggy from being carried in her mouth…

        hey, it’s the thought that counts, right?

      • Glad to hear you’re getting better, albeit slowly. Tell Summer “Thank you” for me.

  5. You know, I could swing by to pick you up, 6176. We could head to PrairiePond’s place and give Summer a thank you in person. If we had some chicken soup or… we found out what kind of supplies are running low or…