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looney tunes


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  1. As my hero, Bugs Bunny, would say: “What a bunch of maroons”.

  2. If Republicans are successful in defunding the law of the Land – Obamacare – merely based on their saying the law is bad…..

    Then – when the next Republican president gets in and wants to take us to war – WE the PEOPLE can all tell them Oh HELL NO…

    Or when they pass their new budget to give even more of our tax dollars to their rich fat cats – bankers and billionaire brothers – WE the PEOPLE can tel them OH HELL NO…

    The problem is not really just these Republicans trying to do their shit…..its the fact there are still folks who cheer and applaud when these morons keep dancing on America’s soul and laughing about it…

  3. Obama was correct when he said that Republicans are trying to mess with him.

    This is really what has been in their Republicans’ craw since Obama beat their first old white fart guy in 2008 – and then he beat their second old white fart guy in 2012.

    Some of these CONS will NEVER understand how that Constitution works – that they profess to love so much.

    But – hey – what’s the surprise here? Many of those same CONS treat their Bible just like the Constitution – they cherry pick the parts that benefit themselves and disregard all those parts they don’t ‘agree with’..

    KInda like the Obamacare law of the land….

    They don’t like it because Obama got it pushed through – when their own Heritage Foundation first introduced it and not a single Republican had the cajones to push through health care reform …

    What a bunch of sour grapes…

    • Yes, I’ve never before witnessed such sore loser antics. Here’s an article that shares that view and also explains some of what’s behind this childish behavior by republicans. I’ve done a lot of reading trying to find a way to make sense of what the republicans are doing. This piece was one of the best I’ve read.

      (from the link): The historical echo is fitting in the sense that Obamacare has come to fill the place in the conservative psyche once occupied by communism and later by taxes: the main point of doctrinal agreement. (In constituent meetings, “this is the overriding issue that is being discussed,” one Republican member of Congress explained late last month. “Way more than immigration, way more than the debt.”) The transformation of Obamacare from a close relative of Republicans’ own health-care ideas to the locus of evil in modern life is owing to several things, including the almost tautological political fact that its success would be Obama’s: Permanent health-care reform would define Obama as a Reaganesque transformative figure, rather than the failure conservatives still hope him to be remembered as.

      Most important, the law has, in its direct impact, opened a fissure over the role of government deeper than any since the New Deal. Obamacare threatens America’s unique status among advanced economies as a country where access to regular medical care is a privilege that generally must be earned. In a few weeks, the United States government, like those of France, or Australia, or Israel, will begin to regard health insurance as something to be handed out to one and all, however poor, lazy, or otherwise undeserving each recipient may be.

      The Plot to Kill Obamacare

    • Another explanation of the sore losers who have zero understanding or respect for the U. S. Constitution —

      Robert Reich says:

      Yesterday morning on ABC’s “This Week,” Newt Gingrich and I debated whether House Republicans in should be able to repeal a law — in this case, the Affordable Care Act — by de-funding it. Here’s the essence:

      GINGRICH: Under our constitutional system, going all the way back to Magna Carta in 1215, the people’s house is allowed to say to the king we ain’t giving you money.

      REICH: Sorry, under our constitutional system you’re not allow to risk the entire system of government to get your way.

      Had we had more time I would have explained to the former Speaker something he surely already knows: The Affordable Care Act was duly enacted by a majority of both houses of Congress, signed into law by the President, and even upheld by the Supreme Court.

      The Constitution of the United States does not allow a majority of the House of Representatives to repeal the law of the land by de-funding it. If that were the case, no law is safe. A majority of the House could get rid of unemployment insurance, federal aid to education, Social Security, Medicare, or any other law they didn’t like merely by deciding not to fund them.

      I believe the Affordable Care Act will prove to be enormously popular with the American public once it’s fully implemented — which is exactly why the Republicans are so intent on bulldozing it before then. If they were sincere about their objections, they’d let Americans try it out — and then, if it didn’t work, decide to repeal it.

      The constitutional process for repealing a law — such as Congress and President Clinton did with the old Glass-Steagall Act — is for both houses to enact a new bill that repeals the old, which must then be signed by the President. If the President vetoes it, then the repeal can only go into effect if the veto is overridden by two-thirds of the House and the Senate.

      The Republicans who are now running the House of Representatives are pushing a dangerous new constitutional doctrine. They must be stopped. There should be no compromising with fanatics.

  4. Gotta love Reich. He and Krugman are in a tie for second for being the best explainers, in simple terms, how things work. Especially how economic policies work.

    Of course, IMHO, the number one Explainer in Chief is Big Dog. No one explains things so regular folks can understand them like Bill.

  5. Well, here’s a cheery little note. Kansas ranks as the fourth worst state for unfunded pension liability. This can’t all be laid at Brownback’s feet as it has been building for a long time, but the republican dominated legislature has left this unfixed for many, many years and the unfunded liability keeps growing. They’d rather give tax breaks to the Kochs and other business and big farming interests than make sure police, firefighters, state employees and of course teachers get what the state promised they would get in retirement.

    “Kansas has the fourth worst underfunded ratio in the U.S. (29%). Assets are $13.2 billion; liabilities are $46.1 billion; and its unfunded liability is $32.9 billion. Its per-person unfunded liability was $16,246; 14th worst in the country. And its unfunded liability as a percent of GSP was 41%. Of note, the states with the smallest unfunded liability per person are Tennessee ($5,676), Indiana ($6,581), North Carolina ($6,874), Nebraska ($7,212) and Arizona ($7,688).”

  6. (from the link): The public is generally opposed to defunding Obamacare, but it’s a close call. However, when the question is whether it’s worth shutting down the government in order to defund Obamacare, it’s not a close call at all according to a new CNBC poll:

    Opposition to defunding increases sharply when the issue of shutting down the government and defaulting is included. In that case, Americans oppose defunding 59 percent to 19 percent, with 18 percent of respondents unsure.

    The Public Is Massively Opposed to Shutting Down the Government Over Obamacare