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  1. That graphic just about says it all. And irony is truly lost on those who need it most. You could force these good wingnuts to read it outloud three times a day, and they still would not draw the connection between that cartoon and themselves or their churches.

    Sometimes, the worst thing about being an atheist is that we know they won’t “get theirs” at the end of their life. I sometimes wish I could believe there really was going to be a judgement day where they would have to face the consequences of their hypocrisy.

    But then, I’d have to face mine, too, and so I guess we’ll all just be dead. And the irony of life will still be lost on all of us.

    • The people who deserve it the most – will probably not get ‘theirs’ in this lifetime. But I do believe in Lady Karma and she is a righteous being.

      A lot of times – Lady Karma gets her sweet revenge in just the right way…..LOL

  2. All of us.

    Those words are too often ignored nowadays. We all should be in this together, sometimes we admit the futility of fighting, and all of us are more than tired of the situation where nothing is getting done.

    The naysayers of Obamacare are positive the law is all things horrible and must be stopped. Nothing to this point has made them realize there were two presidential elections won by the candidate the law is named after and both times he ran on this exact policy and was elected to get it done. The second time Obama won election those who promised to get the new law stopped lost seats in both the U. S. House and the Senate. Results of those elections are ignored by these naysayers.

    To me, it appears the naysayers know exactly how successful Obamacare will be and know the only hope for saving their own butts and jobs is to prevent everyone else from learning this too.

    I suspect people are going to like not being denied insurance because of pre-existing conditions like cancer or pregnancy. I think people will like having their kids who can’t get coverage under their own policy insured under their parents’ policy till age 26. I think women will like free contraception. Insurance companies are on board with it cause they know it keeps future costs low. I think people will like knowing that if they have a child with a debilitating illness or they themselves have a devastating illness they will not go bankrupt and lose their homes because there is no longer an annual nor a lifetime cap on insurance. I think people will like knowing that the law says that 80% of the premiums you pay with your hard-earned money will go directly and completely to health care. I think people will like it if they must go to an emergency room that when they get there it is not overcrowded with people who are using it as a doctor’s office because they couldn’t afford insurance. 30 million more people will be able to afford insurance now.

    All in all it will probably not be perfect. It will have to be tweaked and re-tweaked. All the conniption fits that people are having over this will soon prove to be much ado about nothing. Well, maybe a few politicians will lose their jobs or not have the future they hoped for (but could still strive to achieve if they simply had a better idea and were anything more than leaders of The Mean Party of NO). For millions of Americans who will have access to affordable insurance that keeps them healthy this is a great benefit of government. A benefit of government that will help Americans and will be as popular as both Social Security and Medicare. Don’t fool yourselves into thinking most of the politicians going to the mat to get rid of this benefit aren’t fully aware of how popular it will be!

    Take a look at this link. Here is Obamacare explained simply, clearly, and succinctly.

    ObamaCare in 100 Words

  3. But…..Obamacare is the very same Romneycare that Mitt Romney praises – and Mitt was the Republicans’ 2012 choice for president –

    And …correct me if I am wrong, but didn’t this health care reform plan come out of the Heritage Foundation way back in the beginning of time?

    So……are the Republicans mad about Obamacare or are they just mad because Obama beat them at their own game – again?

    One more thing……remember when these same Republicans were yelling – repeal and REPLACE Obamacare?

    What happened to the replace part of that promise?

    If Republicans want to propose a different health care reform plan – then, please, proceed ………

    Until that time…….Obamacare is the law of the land – and laws must be implemented………until such law has been changed…..which takes more than just a minority bunch of Teabaggers in the House to deem any law they don’t like as ‘wrong’.

    • Yep. If Obamacare was really as bad as they try and make us believe, they’d let it go through and capitalize on it next election. Maybe it’s not too late for them to take the credit that is due because the idea was absolutely theirs! Getting it implemented is what the democrats were able to accomplish — hat tip to Nancy Pelosi! It will be a tiny bit more complicated since they decided to call it Obamacare but their constituents will believe anything they tell them so I won’t be the least bit surprised when they try that exact tactic. Let’s not forget that the state of Massachusetts has fully implemented Romneycare and it is keeping that state’s residents healthy, productive and happy!

      We’ll never know what would have happened if Romney had embraced his achievements as governor of Mass. Maybe he would have lost the republican vote but gained other votes. We do know there aren’t enough republican votes to win at the national level so they won’t see another president elected until they nominate a candidate who appeals beyond their ‘base.’

  4. I never thought about this issue before…..have you?

    Again….if Far Right Wingers are so convinced the world will come to a tragic end if gay marriage is made legal – then how about making it possible to provide for the families that we currently have living in our country?

    • No, I hadn’t thought about that either. There are so many obstacles for the poor. Most of us, and that would include most politicians, don’t have a clue.

      Republicans are selfish and greedy. They don’t give a rats patootie what other people suffer and will tell you it’s all because those other people don’t work hard enough, are lazy freeloaders… You’ve heard it all. Another way they hope to thwart Obamacare is to put up even more obstacles. Take Brownback and other greedy republican governors as perfect examples of cutting off their noses to spite their faces. There is no compassion in these people. They have theirs and to hell with those who don’t. Even the suggestions of not buying healthcare until you get sick is a greedy one. I’ve heard people say they’ll pay the fines. These greedy bastards will do anything and everything to keep poor people from having a chance at a more level playing field.

      • I just heard on MSNBC that Republicans voted to take $40n billion out of food stamps – but increased farm subsidies…

        Hmmmm….several Congress Critters get those farm subsidies…..

        I wonder……did that have any influence on these Far Right Wingers’ vote?

        The GOP Mantra – All for me and NONE for Thee..

        The height of their hypocrisy is this – Congress Critters get meal subsidies paid by WE the TAXPAYERS…

        But, I guess it is okay to pay for the fatted calves to suck at the government teat but not hungry families with young kids?

        And then these same Far Right Wingers have the audacity to call themselves any type of Christian?

        I call B.S.

      • I’ve said this many times before…..

        I absolutely H-A-T-E it when these Far Right Wingers dirty the name of Jesus or God when they try to justify their mean-spirited, vengeful, selfish, and downright nasty agenda.

      • That House farm bill has no chance of making it past the other half of the legislative branch of government. The republican members of the U. S. House must have forgotten they hold a majority in only one half of one third of the government. They are nearly negligible in their importance outside their own minds.

      • Many military families are on food stamps. Way to support the troops, republicans!

  5. I’m finding more and more articles like this one that breaks down Obamacare in the simplest of ways. Maybe that’s why the republican congress critters have doubled down on their efforts. Maybe they know their lies aren’t working!

    Obamacare for Dummies: A Simple Explanation for Thinking People.

  6. Are we in junior high? These are supposed to be adults – or am I wrong in that assumption?

    My son has told me that he thinks all this social media is what is making our society less humane…..

    Do you think he might have a point?

    I refer you to my comment upthread about those 300 kids that trashed the ex-NFL football player’s house – after they broke into his house, which is a crime – isn’t it? Or was that – used to be a crime?

    Does our instant access to social media sites to share pictures and tweets mean so much to some people that they have to engage in this pissing contest game of – the last person to do a dumbass thing, gets knocked off their perch by the next dumbass doing even a more trashy and bold dumbass move?

    Is this really what is going on – just one big pissing contest?

    Hey – look at our politicians – talk about dumbasses trying to out-piss the other one to clinch that coveted 2016 GOP nomination to be handed out by the classless, clueless and downright trashy Far Right Wingers.

    • Social media does tell you some things about some people that you may have preferred not knowing.

      • What always amazes me is how these people will post their own pictures, then brag about what they did – and then when they get caught, they profess this innocence of not knowing that the social media site they used were public…


        Has America dumbed down that much?

      • I think the answer is yes. I’ve always told my grands that what they post online needs to be what they would want their parents, a teacher, a college, an employer, and ME to see. Each of my grands who has a Facebook page, a twitter account or Instagram or Google+ account is ‘friends’ with their parents and grandparents. I don’t try to keep up beyond that point, but their parents do!

  7. Here is the plan (the only one I could find anyway) for replacing Obamacare. If someone finds another, please share because this one fails in too many ways to give even cursory consideration. Plus, just like the Ryan Budget Plan it falls very short of any details! If you have the time, the comments are an interesting read.

    DETAILS: Summary of Republican Study Committee’s alternative to Obamacare

    • So they wait until the 5th day before Obamacare is to be implemented to roll out their plan?

      What took them so long…..and why should anyone believe and/or trust any Republican to do anything besides what they have shown us they are capable of since Obama took office?

      I suspect these Republicans think the entire country is as dumbed down as their GOP base……

      This same group of CONS grossly under-estimated the intelligence of women in the 2008 presidential campaign by parading Sarah Palin as a plausible VP candidate – and these same group of CONS are grossly under-estimating the majority of Americans.

      The GOP brand is very much in the crapper……IMHO

  8. Jim Wright at Stonekettle Station has a powerful new post written. He masterfully uses a historical comparison to the Imperial Japanese leadership in WW2 to today’s republican House members.

    (from the link):

    That’s correct, a combined committee – both democrat and republican – continuously working since the ACA’s passage into law, having examined the law in detail, having continuously analyzed the ongoing implementation of the law, and having access to the best economic figures available and the best subject matter expertise in the nation, continue to the report that the ACA will in fact reduce overall government spending over the next twenty years.

    The ACA will reduce government spending and will provide access to healthcare for more than 30 million uninsured Americans.

    Conservative extremists know this, and yet still threaten us with suicide if they don’t get their way.