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  1. May DIL and I were just talking about how a family used to be able to live on one person’s paycheck.

    My DIL was the one that quit her job in May to stay at home with her kids. But they have found out it is harder than it sounds – so she found another job at a different bank and she is returning to work.

    The grandson will turn 3yrs old in 2 weeks and is looking forward to going to his new preschool.

    The entire family talked about it – and we felt it was might be good for the 3 yr old to be with other kids his own age. I’ve watched him since he was a newborn – up until his mom took the summer off to be the stay-at-home mom.

    But…..isn’t it a sad commentary when all we hear from these Republicans is how familes are being torn apart by homosexuals getting married – but yet it is the cost of living that is making it impossible for my DIL to continue to be the stay-at-home mother.

    My son and his wife do not have a fancy house. They do not have fancy cars. They do not have a boat. They do not have an R.V. They do not live extravagantly. They do not even use any credit cards.

    So……if these two cannot make it one salary, who the hell can?

    BTW – my son’s employer expects him to be on call whenever they snap their fingers. He has worked from 3am till 9 or 10pm – if that is what they needed from him.

    And for all this hard work, wouldn’t you think his employer would be grateful?

    On the contrary, he has been told that he should be grateful that he has a job.

    What can one do in the state of Kansas when your employer treats you like dirt? Not one damn thing….

    And then to add salt to the wound – we hear these Teapublicans rant and rave about all the people who are lazy and don’t want to work.

    I call B.S….

    • P.S. – the biggest expense in their living costs is the price of health insurance…..

      So, why are these Teapublicans so dead set against health care for everybody?

      Remember when Republicans promised to repeal and REPLACE Obamacare?

      Did I miss the memo when they shared their proposed health care reform plan?

      Teapublicans profess to be all about families…..

      Yeah, sure…..I call B.S.

  2. We haven’t heard a good “birther” story for a while. So —

    Ted Cruz’s origins continue to haunt him
    What’s really keeping Ted Cruz from finally renouncing his Canadian citizenship? An expert investigates

  3. Who knew!?

    Man brewed beer in his gut, say researchers

    Texas man who got drunk without drinking found to have severe overgrowth of yeast

  4. Do you think The Tea Party “is” the Republican Party? Are its
    members the majority? Crazy has a constituency?

    (from the link):

    True, there was the government shutdown of 1995. But this was widely recognized after the fact as both an outrage and a mistake. And that confrontation came just after a sweeping Republican victory in the midterm elections, allowing the G.O.P. to make the case that it had a popular mandate to challenge what it imagined to be a crippled, lame-duck president.

    Today, by contrast, Republicans are coming off an election in which they failed to retake the presidency despite a weak economy, failed to retake the Senate even though far more Democratic than Republican seats were at risk, and held the House only through a combination of gerrymandering and the vagaries of districting. Democrats actually won the popular ballot for the House by 1.4 million votes. This is not a party that, by any conceivable standard of legitimacy, has the right to make extreme demands on the president.

    • I think it’s hard for traditional republicans to accept, but yes, the Tea pukes ARE the real republican party today. Traditional republicans will have to take the party back. I have no idea how they will do it since the “base” is now made up of low information voters who get their news from Fux. They believe lies, half truths, and complete fabrications. They believe god talks with them and tells them how to vote and how to persecute other people. They want all the benefits of government but they want to pay no taxes. They wish everyone not like them would just die or move overseas.

      How the hell do reasonable people take back a party whose base is like that? Beats me. Third parties have a dismal history in this country, but right now, it would seem easier and less futile to start a new party than it would be to take back the traditional ‘puke party.

      I actually believe that will happen at some point, but I don’t know how low they will have to go before the republican party morphs into a new, third party and leaves the tea baggers behind to form their own “foaming at the mouth insane clown posse.”

      I wish traditional Democrats could take back their party from the DLC folks also. But as long as they are winning, not because they are great but because the ‘pukes are so bad, there is little hope for traditional Democrats either.

      Face it. There was a war and the corporations and the one percenters won.

      • It was entertaining for a while. Now its like watching the worst B movie ever made and there’s no off switch. These crazies have prayed over their mission and those republicans who are capable of thinking seem unable to stop the crazies ‘battle for THE LORD.’

      • There’s only one way to get rid of these evangelinuts and that is at the ballot box. With the gerrymandered House districts that may not be possible before the next census, if then. I’m thankful that so far they have too small a constituency to win national elections outside those gerrymandered House districts! They certainly are doing nothing to attract more voters! I believe that this just over 1/2 of 1/3 of our government will continue to create chaos and anarchy, then try to seize control in the resulting vacuum. I don’t understand the clout. Without approving of their tactic, I understand Boehner’s attempts to protect his job and the extra money it pays, I understand all of them protecting their corporate masters and campaign contributions but it’s more difficult for me to understand why more republicans don’t stand up to this crazy faction in attempts to grow their numbers. Unless this really is the Republican Party and not just a minority OR someone is very aware that neither the evangelinuts or the Plutocracy branch can win anywhere without the other. Maybe one of their branches splitting off into an actual third party is what threatens them all the most?

      • One last thing that is on the side of sanity — U. S. House members have to run for reelection every two years. Maybe their corporate masters will tire of funding their lack of success at anything. If recent history is an indicator they’ll double down on the crazy and run someone even crazier. In some of those instances sanity prevails and the democrat has won even when they should have had no chance at a win.

  5. The only way for the Republican Party to change is to Ditch Reagan and Follow Ike..

    Reagan started this downfall of the Grand Old Party when he sucked up to Jerry Falwell and his Evanngelinuts…..

    The God Folks think they are running the show – when in reality, their corporate masters are the ones pulling their dummy strings…