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it is obamas fault


by | September 20, 2013 · 6:00 am

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  1. I heard Cardinal Dolan (?) on the CBS News this morning praising the new Pope Francis for saying the church needs to stop being so dogmatic about gays and abortion.

    Okay….I will agree with that one.

    This cardinal then said the new Pope will undoubtedly make some people mad – but that is a good thing, because if you’re making some people mad, you’re usually doing the right thing.

    Okay….so does this mean that President Obama is doing the right thing ?’ He sure has pissed off a lot of those same Catholics and Fundy Evangelicals..

    Just asking….

  2. You know what is truly sad – is the fact we have a major political party who hellbent on denying fellow Americans access to affordable health care.

    What is even sadder – is the fact these same people are the ones who applauded their boy GWB to give FREE health care to Iraqi people.

    So…Americans are not to be treated as well as the Iraqis?

    But you know what – if Republicans had only proposed and passed their own health care reform when they TOTAL power from 2000 to 2006 – then Obamacare would not be in existence – would it?

    Oh, wait a minute. The years 2000 to 2006 ? GWB and Gang were too busy giving our taxpayer money to give Iraqis free health care.

    Sorry Americans – Republicans do not care about you…….unless, of course, you are one of their elite group …….

    Republicans could still propose their own health care reform – but I keep hearing these folks say they want to ‘replace’ Obamacare…..but did I miss the memo where these folks actually came through with a plan of their own?

    Not counting the plan to shut down the government because the GOP bully wants to take their ball and go home.

    Republicans leave a bad taste in my mouth……each and every time they open their mouths.

  3. I love today’s graphic. So damn true.

    BTW, without getting a flat, could one of you guys drive out here and shoot me? This cold is KILLING me. Just not fast enough.

    Waaaaaaaaaa. I just needed to whine.

    • Instead of wine…….just do what the old folks did when they were sick….drink the whiskey….!!

      Seriously Prairie Pond – I feel for you girl…….Summer colds/allergies are the worst..

    • I hope you feel better soon! If it’s been two weeks you might have to consider a doctor’s visit.

      Yep, time began January 20, 2009 and ________________ is Obama’s fault. And up is down. Plus, shutting down the government is a worthwhile goal if it means Obama doesn’t get any credit for reforming healthcare and helping millions of Americans. To hell with all the people the republicans hurt in their goal to achieve political points and please their corporate masters — average people are collateral damage of no importance! Then yesterday to make sure they inflicted pain on as many people as possible, House republicans said: Since we’re dismal failures at repealing or defunding Obamacare we’ll just make sure poor people don’t get food stamps!

      How will republican policies help the average American citizen? In fact, what republican legislation or policy can you remember that helped the average American citizen?

      • But white will always be ‘right’….. well, in certain Teapublicans’ world

      • I don’t know why they aren’t able to recognize they are their own worst enemies, but I do see the wisdom in not interrupting while they destroy themselves.

      • But one thing about those food stamps that these TEapublicans must not understand……Farmers, Agricultural and Retail corporations LOVE their profit they make off food stamps…

        I blame Reagan for that damn Welfare Queen image that is so prevalent in Teapubican Fantasy Land.

        Don’t look now…..but that Welfare Queen are Overpaid CEO’s of many, many corporations sucking at the government teat….and not just for food stamps.

    • Hey – PP – is there a Walgreens Take Care Clinic in your neck of the woods?

      Those clinics are great here. They take walk-ins and if you have insurance, they charge you a co-pay and then you never hear from them again.

      I use the clinic here in Wichita when it is after 5pm on weekdays and the weekends.

      They can at least look at you and prescribe any medications that will help with the symptoms.

      If it is something more serious, they refer you on to your regular doctor.

      I’ve used the clinic for flu and UTI’s – they can do a few lab things like a UA – it might depend on what your particular clinic can do for you.

      Anyway – give them a try. I was pleasantly surprised..

      And they even have someone call you a few days later to follow up with you. When was the last time your regular doctor did that???

      • Thanks for the advice, Indy, and the well wishes Fnord. I have my yearly doc appt. in the next month, so if I’m not better soon, I’ll have to go. My insurance doesn’t cover doc visits. Can you believe that? So it’s all out of my pocket.

        Obamacare can’t come soon enough for me!

    • Did anyone else see this movie with Will Ferrell and the guy in the pic (sorry, I don’t know his name)?

      • IMHO – Miley Cyrus had two parents right there with her when she started as Hannah Montana.

        Were they too busy counting the millions coming in to their pockets to look up and realize what was going on with their daughter?

        I am not blaming these folks just because they are parents….and every child is rebellious…..but not ALL parents are using their kid as a meal ticket or the lucky lottery ca-ching…

        Just saying..

      • Besides – if there was not a market for Miley Cyrus is doing today……there would be no naked young woman on that damn wrecking ball in a video….

        Would there?

        This reminds me of a self-professing Loud and Proud Catholic man – married with kids of his own, 3 daughters and 1 son.

        Remember those pictures of Miley and her father that came out where Miley was half naked?

        This Catholic Man actually said – several times – that when he saw those pictures all he had to say was ‘YUM’. ….

        There lies the problem – do you think?

        Is that why there is market for the current Miley Cyrus?

        Grown-ass men – who profess to be such good Christians and family men – are out there saying ‘YUM’ at a picture of a half-naked girl with her father?

        I guess when there is a lot of money to be made – then good and decent taste goes out the window?

        BTW – this good Catholic hated homosexuals for wanting to get married.

        Oh – and all birth control was evil.

        Yeah…….and a grown-ass man foaming at the mouth over a half-naked 15 yr old girl is a good thing?

  4. Did we all see this about a professor in Lawrence Kansas?

    While I may think this guy went one step too far by saying may it be your sons and daughters the next time…

    When did this become hate speech?

    Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’REilly, Sean Hannity , Glenn BEck and others have said this hate and much more…..but when did the Republicans ever want their ‘right’ folks to be fired?

    • We will never be rid of this senseless gun violence until the debate rises above scoring political points….on both sides.

      I’ve said several times before – I grew up with guns. We did not have all this senseless mass shootings……

      What we did have was an accepted normal standard that all people tried to live by –

      do what is common sense and what is morally right.

      Treat others respectfully and with dignity.

      Above all – Respect the guns because they can and DO kill.

      Our cultures is filled with senseless violence and yet NOBODY says anything about this?

      Remember the days when Tipper Gore took a bunch of crappola off the Republicans for her proposal to simply assign category labels to our music and videos?

      That woman was treated with utter disrespect……..

      But, I guess when profit is to be made – there are certain folks who really don’t care if it is blood money.

  5. This story makes my blood boil…….parents of kids who posted their own pictures destroying this man’s house are now threatening to sue the homeowner?

    The world really gone N-U-T-S

    Back in my day – all 300 kids would have had to get some pillow to sit on for quite awhile if we had ever been caught breaking into and trashing a man’s house this way.

    And this ex-NFL player was giving these kids a way out with pressing legal charges….and they spit into his face (all but one kid – he actually showed up to take responsibility for his actions).

    I wonder what the NRA would have to say about this…….let’s just thank God there were no guns in the house to steal…..or was there?