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viter ID laws


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  1. I just heard Channel 12 News say they are having a week-long coverage about the Obamacare – next week.

    The guy said there is a lot of misinformation about this new law.

    Duh… you think so?

    Without misinformation – would there be Fox News or Hate Talk Radio ?

  2. I, for one, will NEVER forget how these Republicans have acted since Obama won his first term…..

    The day will come – when a Republican wins the White House – and I hope and pray the Democrats treat that person EXACTLY the same way these CONS have treated Obama.

    After all – the Bible does say something about an eye for an eye – doesn’t it?

  3. The Rude Pundit addresses this topic . There’s a bunch of colorful words and there’s history — yep, real history that isn’t made up to fit the situation. You know, the events before time began for republicans on January 20, 2008.

    How Republicans Are Motherfuckers Where Democrats Are Not:

  4. By the way, the new republican talking points are all about NOT having any conversation about shutting down the government while they go about shutting down the government. Their constituents must be even more stupid than I had previously thought if all it takes to buffalo them is to not hear about what their elected congress critters are doing. And if the constituency is smarter than their congress critters give them credit for would we hear them speak up and admit to knowing what isn’t being talked about?

    • I’ve been listening and reading this morning. The new script can be read at least a couple of different ways it seems. Screaming about how President Obama wants to shut down the government is one of the least effective but some of the bigger dolts are using it. “Failed health care” are three words that must be used no matter what other spin they put on their predicament. Their plan is to save millions of Americans from the opportunity to buy affordable health-care insurance. These would be the same Americans who voted for the president who ran on Obamacare twice and was elected both times over the guys who ran on repealing the law. These House republicans seem to forget they are no more than 1/2 of 1/3 and only have that majority due to gerrymandering. They are 1/2 the legislative branch which is only 1/3 of the three branches of our government. They pull out surveys (usually polls and surveys are denigrated by these same hypocrites) which lump the people who know Obamacare needs improvements with those who are wanting repeal and scream about Americans don’t approve Obamacare. All the while the only people they’re fooling are those stupid enough to be their constituents. Still, other than scrapping Obamacare they have zero / zilch/ no ideas or solutions.

  5. Sorry I’ve been MIA lately. I am sick as a dog with a summer cold. Damn, I have not had a cold in like five years, and I’m making up for it with this one.

    Also, I got called to jury duty this week for the first time in my 57 years. I did NOT want to be there and miss a week of work for jury pay because if I don’t work at my job, I don’t get paid. Hope I infected the lawyers and the judge with this cold, but not my fellow jurors. They didn’t want to be there anymore than I did.

    • Sorry to hear you are ailing, pp. BTW, I feel I must state with a high degree of certainty that the judge and attorneys really didn’t want to be there either. There are a few of my colleagues who eagerly seek the chance to go to trial; most do not.

    • I’m sorry to hear you’re under the weather too! I actually had to see the doctor a couple weeks ago — something I successfully avoid often. A sinus infection decided to take up permanent residence. đŸ˜¦ My doctor, a man I’ve been seeing infrequently for almost 30 years, told me our relationship needs to change. He wants to see me more often! He didn’t actually come out with any of those words like older, aging… but I know him well enough to read between the lines.

    • Sorry to hear you’ve sick Prairie Pond and fnord.

      I am home today because I am having a reaction of some sort to either the Shingles vaccination I got yesterday or the new medication – Celebrex – that dr. gave me to try. The doctor called in a steroid for me to hopefully clear this rash and make it all just …..go away…..LOL

      Either way – this rash and intense itching is for the damn birds….

      PP – I don’t envy anyone doing jury duty. The only time I served was for a child molesting case……and you know things are going bad for the defendant when they have the jury leave the court room while the defendant’s ‘witness’ is brought in.

      When we arrived back in the court room, imagine our reaction to some old, long white-haired pony tailed man wearing an obvious ‘courtroom suit’ – which was way too big for him and a nicely pressed white shirt with a tie.

      Seriously? Do you really think we all did not know that this witness came from the other side of the complex – commonly known as the jail?

      Prior to being escorted out of the courtroom – we were told that the upcoming witness was recently located and there would be a witness for the defense – who also happened to the husband of the other defense witness – the grandma that testified FOR the defendant -against her own little granddaughter.

      Did not take us long to come back with a verdict.

      After the trial, we were allowed to ask questions and several of asked if this defendant had a history of child molesting……what do YOU think was the answer?

      It’s just a shame we could not throw that damn grandma into the same prison..

      • BTW – I forgot to mention we walked out to see the numerous law enforcement officers that were blocking the exit door and had their gaze fixed on that white-haired man wearing the ‘too big suit’….

        It did not take a rock to fall on us to let us know what was going on..