Tuesday, 9/17/13, Public Square



by | September 17, 2013 · 6:00 am

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  1. This doctor GETS IT…..

    As I’ve said before – I grew up with guns and there was not this senseless killing with guns.

    People had respect for the guns – and respect for others.

    Maybe that is what is different today? Nobody has respect for anything anymore.

    My, what a sad commentary. All these huge mega churches on every corner and a televangelist on numerous television channels but yet our sense of common decency, our lack of respect and our total lack of responsibility is at an all time high?

    To borrow from Prairie Pond – Jesus wept


    • I wonder if a look through their NRA books would give us the reason why guns are now everywhere in our culture and our society?

      M-O-N-E-Y…..is that the end game of the evil the good doctor was referring to… IMHO

      • M-O-N-E-Y….is that the end game of these mega churches and their cousin Bubba the televangelist?

        Another evil – IMHO

      • Money is absolutely the root of all evil, but today too many churches teach and encourage intolerance. I honestly cannot clearly differentiate Westboro Baptist Church from the many others who spew hatred of ____. (When you fill in that blank you can include gays, women and people of nationalities and / or religions that are too different for some to tolerate.) I’ve heard people spew Bible verses in hateful ways in attempts to prove they are following the teachings of their gawd. Even tho these people don’t all show up at funerals or on street corners bearing signs, they seem to be possessed of the same hatred.

  2. Wanting sensible gun laws doesn’t make me anti gun any more than wanting sensible traffic laws makes me anti car.

  3. Well worth your time —

  4. Will the gun nuts need to strap on more than one gun today, need to keep more than the usual amount of ammo on hand, what kinds of protection will it take to keep them safe from all the world’s dangers? They’re afraid, very afraid: of potential break-ins, people with guns, government overreach… That’s before we get to the dangers they must protect themselves from that exist only in their minds.

  5. Gun deaths in America since only 1968 exceed the casualty totals of all U.S. wars by 212,994 deaths.