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Here’s the most interesting (and ironic) thing about the #DefundObamacare effort: Even if they convince congressional Republicans to hold hostage America’s budget, it won’t defund Obamacare – but by stopping funding to critical programs, it would defund America.

That’s right. A government shutdown would not shut down Obamacare. That’s what the Congressional Research Service reported when asked by Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla.  How is that possible, you ask? Because much of Obamacare is funded by multiyear and mandatory funding. Such funding is unaffected by the annual appropriations that the tea party wants House Speaker John Boehner to shut down. The state marketplaces (known more commonly as “exchanges”), the subsidies for low-income people to buy insurance, the individual mandate and all the new rules prohibiting insurance company discriminations and abuses (remember the days of pre-existing conditions)? They’ll all go forward even if the tea party succeeds in disrupting this year’s federal budget.   Continue reading here.


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  1. When has any TeaPubican ever listened to facts?

    These people do not care – they are an angry mob and they ACT like an angry mob.

    Ted Cruz and Rand Paul are just two carnival barkers who are intent on keeping that mob angry – so they can get that coveted GOP nomination in 2016.

    • I know you use the word “nomination” with full knowledge that kind of nominee goes no further. Nope. Outside the rapid base there is no appeal.

  2. I hear Kansas Seniors who parrot this cartoon. Yes, they’ll list with pride how many times their ancestors have been on the wrong side of history.

    Do the republican congress critters know that stopping government won’t defund this law of the land? I know they’ve fooled their constituents but that’s par for the course. My question is are they as easily fooled as their constituents?

    I heard part of an interview with a wingnut yesterday. The interviewer would ask what their plan was and the wingnut would answer to overturn Obamacare (he used many more words and there was much whining about how bad both the president and this law…). So the interviewer would point out the now FORTY ONE times they’ve tried that and patiently explain the lack of success. The wingnut would go then into another long-winded whiny rant about delaying it until it was ready for prime time. The interviewer would ask what improvements they want to make to accomplish this readiness. The wingnut would go back to the first whine about overturning the law. This circular stupidity went on about three times before the interviewer refused to participate and told the wingnut calmly it sounded like they had no plans. The wingnut just went back to the original rant of overturning Obamacare which put the icing on the cake and proved the point perfectly — they have no plans, no solutions, they have nothing but destroying America in their quest to prevent Americans having affordable health care available.

  3. Watch The Benghazi Myth Go POOF In One Sentence On FOX News (VIDEO)
    Published On September 11, 2013

    The Fox News lie factory got a little more than they bargained for on Wednesday when they hosted Fred Burton, a former U.S. diplomatic security agent and journalist Samuel M. Katz, authors of the book Under Fire: The Untold Story of the Attack in Benghazi.

  4. “Dear Vladimir – An American’s Response to President Putin’s Op-Ed”

    Dear President Putin,

    I have read your letter addressed to me and 314 million of my fellow Americans. This is my response.

  5. “House Republicans are in disarray, unable to govern as a result of division and dysfunction” over the best way to take America hostage for their batshit crazy plan to defund “ObamaCare” by threatening a government shutdown and/or breaching the federal debt ceiling, causing a global economic crisis. They hope to get their act together on their hostage demands by next week.

    Also next week, the GOP war on the poor will resume when the House takes up the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) aka food stamps appropriation bill that it bifurcated from the farm bill back in July.

    Continue reading:

    • wicked

      I should have tried that instead of the somersault. 😉

      • I laughed and laughed at the somersault story! If you’ve recovered this could be your next challenge. 🙂

      • wicked

        Right now, I couldn’t move like them if I wanted to. But I have to be honest. Throughout my life, I’ve done some pretty stupid things, and there are probably pictures to prove it…if I haven’t burned them. 😀 Then there’s the fact that I have some friends who would drag me into doing something like those ladies did. Do we ever grow up?

  6. This is fun! The link has it broken down by Local, National, and Global Geography.

    Republican Geography 101

  7. This is the Tea Party Darling – Ted Cruz.

    like fnord said upthread – a nominee like Ted Cruz will go nowhere….

    But he sure does whip his Rabid GOP base up into a frenzy – doesn’t he?

    • Cruz is the perfect person for THE PARTY OF MEAN. I don’t know how a person so young gets such a horribly black heart.

      • Don’t you find it rather ironic the ones with the blackest hearts and mean spirited – are also those folks who like to think they are God’s favorites because they go to a certain church – or hang out with certain folks – or yell the most outrageous statement about the black man in the White House?

        That is mob mentality – IMHO.

        It has NOTHING to do with God, Jesus, America, patriotism or any time you wear an Uncle Sam costume