Thursday, 9/12/13, Public Square



by | September 12, 2013 · 6:00 am

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  1. Sad to say…..there are STILL people who will defend this display of gluttony as being a ‘true American patriot’.

    I wonder…….how many of those fat cats would be rich without the help of taxpayer money?

    I dare say……not many…

    • Freedomwriter

      The protection for elites may not be as blatant as the cartoon, but they are just as outrageous! The old boy network and its creation of laws to favor them and their investments at the expense of the majority is sickening, saddening, and maddening. As the layers of corruption continue to be exposed we see a figurative barbed wire creating a “them vs. us” America.

      This has been occurring for eons now, but we are just getting bold enough to pull back the curtains and see what’s really back there. It isn’t pretty!

    • Actually, it IS often that blatant. See what happens if you try to protest at Davos or a WTO meeting (if you dare). We get public access channels here, and watching unspin, unfiltered footage of the “crowd control” techniques was quite disturbing.

      • P.S. Make that public access CHANNEL (new improved, with one-third the content!) thanks to city budget cuts. I suppose keeping them from killing Access Tucson was a small victory.

  2. Ye Old Job Creators. Even the term makes me nauseous and sad that our populace is so willfully ignorant.

    • Playing off prejudices to district attention is as old as political corruption. If you can produce an amorphous “enemy” to hate from someone who already made the stupid suspicious, then the pitchforks don’t come after YOU. Divide and conquer. “My administration is the only thing standing between you and the pitchforks.” Barack Obama, March 2009, to “13 Bankers” (excellent book by Simon Johnson and James Kwak).

  3. rick liebst

    In some respects it is a question of morality, an extension of the question of survival of the fitness Because of their extreme extension they do not see it as taking from anyone. Since in their view if the have-not had the will they too could have gotten the extreme wealth.

    Much liken if some one is hungry there is food laying about out there. If some one is too lazy to go get it then it is not their fault that that person is hungry. If a higher education means that you would have a better life but you are content to not go to college then it is not their fault.

    If your concern is more about your fellow human being then yourself then there in no one to blame for your lacking then you. Our lives are intertwined though, It can be a situation of it will make your life harder, it has for me and my family in the past. LOL more then likely it will again in the future, we just can not let someone go hungry. But I do hate to see those people standing at the entries or exit its of the shopping malls and stores.

    some may actually be that disparate, but there is also a simple fact.
    You can make considerable money panhandling. while not having to clock in or deal with someone you truly can not stand. I had a few bosses like that they were more or less given the company without having actually working to learn it or what it is like to have to do without. One that comes to mind is the owner of a Bible warehouse I worked at.

    His Father gave him a business, he had never wanted or went without depending on a paycheck that would never come fast enough to keep up with bills. It was my first full time job, not the best example of being in the work force to begin with.

  4. Bob White

    They’re often called, “the-one-percent”! My problem is not their success; rather who protects them and their corrupting greed. They could do so much “good” in this world. And this world needs it!

    • Amen to that.

      When I was told the local Catholic Diocese gave $1 million to build a chapel in a new, beautiful and HUGE long-term care facility – I was quite taken back by the fact that there was a huge Catholic Church sitting directly next door to this brand new building..

      So….tell me again…why was the $1 million needed to build a chapel?

      All I kept thinking was……a million dollars could help a lot of folks get health care – or even create some jobs so that MORE people could be helped…

      What a waste of money….IMHO