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  1. I don’t know whether to be mystified or amused at how John Kerry’s supposedly offhand remark about Syria turning it’s weapons over to cooler heads and how it has changed the game regarding attacks on Syria.

    I wonder if it was really an offhand remark or cleverly planted. I wonder if Kerry and the administration were so stupid they didn’t see this could be a workable solution. I wonder if Obama and his team seriously miscalculated our nation’s current distaste for more war in the Middle East. I wonder if this was the game all along, as Indy said about chess, that we would threaten to turn their sand to glass and then say we’d back down if they’d turn over their weapons. I wonder if Putin and Obama worked this out at the G20. I wonder about the fate of the oil pipeline through Syria and if there was some compromise reached regarding it that really averted war. I wonder if Assad suddenly realized he could be the next leader fished out of a spider hole by American troops and decided he could live without an arsenal of Sarin. I wonder…..

    One thing is certain. The way Americans, the media, and, hell, the world quickly grasped the proposed weapons surrender solution says volumes about how far we are willing to go to find creative and effective solutions that don’t involve bombs, drones and boots on the ground.

    Too bad that methodology of searching for solutions more creative than war is not used more often or more effectively. I wonder if the MIC finally saw they had reached the limit of their platinum credit card with the American treasury and backed off so as not to have their house of cards collapse. Not to worry. I’m sure they will be back soon for another run at the trough of public funding. This is only a minor and temporary retreat for the MIC so they can make a bigger push later.

    • I wonder all those things too. And yet, if there is a chance that tensions can be eased, that those weapons could be rounded up and put under international control, I’m in. I don’t care how that might happen, I think it would be a good idea for everyone.

      • Wasn’t the goal to warn Assad and others of Rules of Engagement? Wasn’t the goal to warn Assad and others not to use chemical weapons? If that can be done without any more killing, HOORAY for all of us in the whole wide world! Do you suppose we could ever get to the point where blowing one another up was the last resort of civilized humans?

    • Fnord, I totally agree that war should be averted, especially in this situation. I’m glad it appears it will be. However, I gotta wonder about all those things so I can see more clearly the next time someone beats the war drums. Many of us were calling for a diplomatic solution when this situation came to the fore. I’m glad one was found, and I hope the next time an issue arises, the diplomatic route is the FIRST one chosen, not the last, or a route supposedly stumbled on by an “offhand remark.”

      • The facts will come out.

        Even if it’s proven to reasonable people that President Obama has been talking with Putin about this exact solution for quite some time, the republicans won’t believe it. They will continue on their path of opposing Obama no matter what. I think it is all they have. They have no leaders, no ideas, not even enough voters. They’re rabid. As long as they remain so unappealing to reasonable people their challenges won’t ever be met, nor will their appeal be broader than their rabid base.

        They’re still screaming BENGHAZI and claiming that congress critters exempted themselves from Obamacare. They’re silly in their obsessions and lack of ability to examine factual evidence and reevaluate so they’re eliminated from the category of “reasonable people.”

  2. This is dated September 6, 2013 — four days ago. Four days full of twisting and turning that put us at a point very different than when this was written. Yet, much of it still rings very true.

    (from the link): America must go to war alright. America must go to war with those who are pushing war with Syria. America must go to war with those that profit from war. America must go to war with those selling guns and allowing the indiscriminate sale of guns to terrorists & criminals both abroad and domestically.

    America must go to war with a financial sector that continues to strive by pilfering the working middle class through instruments of mass financial destruction like reverse mortgages, predatory interest rates, high frequency trading, credit default swaps, etc. America must go to war with corporations that unpatriotically export American jobs yet expect the American taxpayers to keep a strong and oversized military to keep sea lanes open and foreign countries fairly safe and accountable for their capital. America must go to war at home to cleanup urban blight. America must go to war at home on poverty and unemployment.

    Over the years it has always been easy to go to war on foreign soil by scaring Americans about the consequence of inaction. In the process billions were made by the war profiteers on the backs of the American taxpayer.

    We Must Go To War. Just Not With Syria

  3. I trust this man who is our president. He isn’t a warmonger, he is a decent good man who has our best interests at heart. No missile fired, bomb dropped or troop deployed. Diplomacy with allies, diplomacy with fellow world leaders, raising a fist but not throwing a punch — we’re on the way to being a safer world.

    • But from time to time throwing a punch becomes necessary, else the threat thereof will be ignored. The question is always whether this is the time to throw it or not. If, as I believe, going to war is a necessary part of diplomacy, then these occasions should be rare. If war is what a nation falls back upon when diplomacy fails, then the number of punches to be thrown is increased, I believe.

      • I do understand.

        I am a pacifist and I’ve often admitted when it comes to this topic I’m not as credible as a person who can act on individual situations appropriately.

        President Obama is credible. He has good judgment. I trust him.

        I listened to Rand Paul’s speech and don’t have words adequate to express how thankful I am that he is not the person in charge.

      • I am thankful I was otherwise occupied with sweeping the floor, so missed Sen. Paul’s comments. I don’t suppose they varied from his standard nonsense.

      • Republicans like to paint President Obama as weak and a coward – because he is not a man that has to the Cock Strut Dance wearing an Uncle Sam costume.

        Let’s ask Bin Laden how weak and cowardly our president – shall we?

        Oh yeah, that’s right,….Bin Laden is D-E-A-D.

        Let’s ask those Somali pirates that held Americans captive – shall we?

        Oh, yeah, that’s right ….they are D-E-A-D.

        Republicans make the mistake of pushing this fairy tale of how one has to be a big bully to be strong and a ‘real man’…..

        It appears that these Republicans have to hide behind their big bombs, war planes – or maybe that loaded gun while being covered with the protection of ‘stand your ground’ laws – in order for their strong manhood to shine through ….

      • Republicans like to paint President Obama as (add your choice of negatives). It’s childish behavior. Do you ever hear them offer a viable alternative? I don’t.