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    • It would be nice to have a congress that, ya know, actually worked and accomplished things. But since they make a mess of everything they touch, I’m not so sure that right now it’s better to have them gone as much as possible. They need to take the “first do no harm” oath!

  1. WTF is with this drumbeat for war with Syria which will inevitably lead to war with Iran? Was Obama really a Manchurian candidate all along and biding his time until he was safely re-elected and able to do the bidding of his masters, the MIC and Big Oil? Is there really a threat there that needs to be addressed or is it all about the pipeline that our allies want and Russian and Iran don’t? Has Big Oil aligned with the MIC because nothing consumes oil and drives up the price like war? (See the amount of oil used in Iraq war) Has Obama been threatened with impeachment if he doesn’t do this? Will he be impeached anyway whether or not he does the MIC bidding and goes to war? Too many questions, and no good answers.

    Bushco stretched our military and our resolve to the disintegration point. They busted the national budget with their off the books credit card war, then used the teabaggers to get sequestration implemented so there is no money for anything, including the military. And now that the supply of oil is catching up with demand, they want to both decrease supply from the Middle East and increase demand with a build up to war. Did Bushco arrange things, militarily, foreign policy wise, and budget wise so no one else could go to war but the PNAC’ers?

    What possible motivation could Obama and John Kerry have for wanting this war? It does nothing to enhance their position politically and does nothing but piss off both sides of the aisle. By even suggesting it, they have put themselves in a damned if they do and damned if they dont position. They didn’t see that going in? Is this the real reason Obama chose John Kerry over Susan Rice? Because Kerry was much more likely to go to war than Rice? So I hear, anyway. Rice is very much against anything but very necessary military action. You’d think Kerry would be the same, but he’s using Colin Powell’s language these days and that’s anything but anti-war.

    As the Kinks would say “it’s a mixed up, muddled up, shook up world.” We need some answers. We’ve already got plenty of questions.

    • I don’t think he was since he ended one of the Neo-Cons big chances to play Big bad Army arm chair warrior with the two “save the World like John Wayne while having the aspirations of another Hilter!”. It is true there is a double edged sword if Syria is gassing their own people. The only for evil to prevail is for good people to do nothing.

      • Hi RD!! So good to see you. ((((((((HUGS))))))))

        Good points about evil prevailing if good people do nothing. It just seems there should be more effort to find non-military solutions. It’s not necessary all the time to just jump to drones and killing. I’d like to see the Obama administration try harder before they start shoving money into the maw of MIC and Big Oil.

      • While Syria’s president is doing evil things – what about China? They do stuff just as bad – but we LOVE doing business with the Chinese….

        Not only does evil go unchecked when good people do nothing.

        Unbridled greed is an evil that some of our so-called ‘good people’ will simply sit back and applaud.

  2. Jim Wright of Stonekettle Station says:

    “Here’s a good summation of the Syrian mess.

    The article makes some interesting points, such as the total number of “Christian” countries invaded by militant Muslims since 1529.

    Note that I’m flattered to be quoted in the same article as Fred Reed. Some of you asked which writers I read, I’ve read Fred since he was a columnist in Military Times (The only guy who had the guts to write the bald truth for that agenda driven rag, which is why the editors ultimately fired him. He’s a more intelligent and lucid version of Hunter S. Thompson).”

    Syria, an ideological mess

    • Sometimes in the past week or so of reading too much and hearing too much about the Syria kerfuffle I’ve forgotten the question. Is the question still whether America will warn Assad (and others) not to use chemical weapons? America just wants to remind Assad (and others) of Rules of Engagement so they will kill each other by conventional methods?

      [eye roll]

  3. G.O.P. Agrees: The President Doesn’t Need Approval to Attack Syria—So Long as He’s a Republican

    (from the link): Of course, no analysis of Republican thought could be complete without considering what the conservative hero, Ronald Reagan, thought about this issue. No need to wonder—he did what conservatives are outraged Obama might do. In one of the odder coincidences in this whole analysis, on April 14, 1986, Reagan ordered American military forces to attack Benghazi, the current darling among Republicans agog over Obama conspiracy theories. Reagan’s strike on Benghazi plus a simultaneous bombing in Tripoli took 32 American aircraft, dropping more than 60 tons of ordnance. Libyan officials reported 37 people killed and an untold number injured.

  4. This sounds interesting. I respect the opinion of Mr. Reich on matters of the economy.

    Robert Reich:

    History has shown that when Americans understand a problem, we have a remarkable capacity to roll up our sleeves and get on with solving it – putting ideology aside, becoming practical and pragmatic. At the start of the 20th century we reformed a corrupted political system, initiated a progressive tax, regulated food and drugs, and split up the Standard Oil Trust. In the 1930s we didn’t succumb to fascism or communism, but reformed capitalism – with Social Security, the 40-hour workweek, a minimum wage, and the right to collective bargaining. In the 1950s we expanded public higher education, and built the largest and most modern highway system in the world. In the1960s we extended civil rights and voting rights to blacks, and overcame the scourge of poverty among the nation’s elderly and poor through Medicare and Medicaid. In the 1970s we expanded civil rights, attacked pollution and the degradation of the environment, and access to higher education.

    But starting in the 1980s, the engine of reform began to sputter. Inequality of income, wealth, and opportunity began widening. It is now wider than it’s been in more than a century, and we are living with the consequences. Because most Americans no longer have enough purchasing power to buy what the economy is capable of producing, the recovery is anemic and unemployment is chronically high. Because political power moves in tandem with income and wealth, our democracy is being undermined by monied interests that couldn’t care less about the public good.

    Why are we failing to address this? At least part of the answer is we don’t fully understand it – why it’s happened, why it’s so dangerous, and what can be done. I’ve tried in a modest way to address all this in a movie to be released across the country September 27, called “Inequality for All.”

  5. “Because most Americans no longer have enough purchasing power to buy what the economy is capable of producing, the recovery is anemic and unemployment is chronically high. Because political power moves in tandem with income and wealth, our democracy is being undermined by monied interests that couldn’t care less about the public good. ”

    I think 617 and I, among others, have been saying this since this recession/depression began. It is demand based, which should be putting the lie to supply side economics. But it hasn’t, and that may be because of what Reich says, that people just flat don’t understand economics and just go with the soundbites they heard in the Reagan years. It hasn’t worked in thirty years, and, yet, here in Brownbackistan, (the republic also known as dumbfuckistan) we hire Laffer, the architect of trickle down, tax cutting, supply side reaganomics, to rejigger the Kansas tax code and economic policy.

    Woof. Stupid is as stupid does.

    • Yep! One of the reasons I respect Mr. Reich is because he usually agrees with you and 617!

      Look at the states with the poorest economic records and those who need more federal dollars than they contribute — predominantly red states. Still trying failed policies time and again, still not even smart enough to learn from their own mistakes.

  6. This is interesting. There is a list of our country’s 146 most populous counties (those shaded in blue) at the link. There are over 3,000 counties but over half our population lives in only 146 of them:

    Half Of The United States Lives In These Counties

  7. George Zimmerman seems determined to interact with law enforcement. I hope he manages not to hurt anyone — including himself.

    Do you think most average Americans could say other than maybe a traffic stop they’ve never interacted with police? We know GZ has been on the wrong side of LE before and after he killed Trayvon Martin. Does that give us any hints about how he conducts himself? I think yes. I think most people who feel they need to strap a gun on before leaving their homes are bullies itching to use their weapon.

  8. The Rude Pundit says:

    “Man, somewhere you know that George W. Bush is laughing his miserable bony ass off, calling Dick Cheney to giggle it up about how they have the world tied in knots, how they’ve made things that may, in fact, be true sound like lies because their lies sounded like the truth to so many people. How they have made the world a skittish place for even the consideration of action. And how they left behind a tangled pile of live wires and a dare to try to figure it out before you get electrocuted.”

    • Truth, but of course the reaction to this by many will be “Blaming Bush again” as if that is a bad thing.

    • I hate to say this…..but I think GWB still thinks he did what God wanted him to do…

      Dickie Cheney …on the other hand….I suspect knew then and he knows now what the hell he did and he would do it again.

      I am still not convinced that GWB had, or will ever have, one working brain cell…..

  9. Does anyone here really believe that Saudi Arabia is a true friend of America?

    I don’t…….I still want to know why all but one of those 9/11 hijackers came from Saudi Arabia and NOBODY asked any damn questions while kissing that Saudi KIng’s butt…

    • Is it really so far-stretched to think that the Saudis brought in that chemical weapons and knowing that the Syrian president would get the blame?

      Hell……I suspect some Fundy Christian televangelists and their cousins – the mega preachers – would be all to willing to help bring about the Holy War.

      When Assad says he did not authorize the attacks – then maybe this time the P.O.S. is telling the truth?

      I don’t trust ANY of the players in that part of the world.

      Nor their American cheerleaders and supporters.

  10. The only thing missing from the picture of the war plane is the Americanized blonde-haired, blue-eyed Jesus riding the damn thing …….

  11. Andy Borowitz —
    BREAKING: Peaceful Solution to Syria Crisis Worries McCain

    This possibility could worry a bunch of right-wingers, even those who aren’t as big on war as McCain. I have confidence they’ll find a way to blame peace on President Obama if it should come about. It will be interesting to watch them make peace sound sinister, but I have no doubts they’ll try.

    The new possibilities give me hope.

  12. I am still holding on the hope that Obama is not stupid enough to follow the NeoCons into the blazing battles of their world domination Holy War.

    I just have to wonder…….is this Obama playing chess again with Congress?

    Is this a political trap – yet again – for the GOP Dark Overlords that love the smell of blood money to paint themselves into – yet again – another political corner?

    As the picture above asks……I just don’t see Obama being foolish enough to do what GWB did…….

    Maybe I am hoping against hope?

    But, what if Obama pulls something out of his political bag and solves this Syria crisis without the MIC and corporatists getting their blood money profits?

    All GOP hell will break loose – but in 2014 midterms – who do you think will reap the benefit of our country NOT going to war??

    It sure won’t be the GOPPERS…