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  1. And to add that cherry on top of the hypocrisy sundae – the truly evil capitalists will use the name of Jesus in their unquenchable thirst to make profits at all costs.

    This is the one thing that Far Right Wingers do the most that infuriates me – use the name of Jesus to push their selfish and greed.

  2. I just heard a political pundit and Charlie Rose laugh at the way John McCain responded to getting caught playing poker during that Senate hearing on whether or not the USA goes to war.

    Maybe these folks think going to war is a laughing matter?

    They used the 3+ hour meeting as justification for playing poker on his phone.

    Hmmm….if that 3+ hour meeting was to wait in line to buy a deep-fried chicken sandwich to prove how much you love Jesus and hate the homosexuals – how many of these folks would think that is too much time?

    It’s or priorities ……and we have those all screwed up.

    BTW – do you think McCain was playing poker because he KNEW that eventually he would get what he has always wanted? Another G-D war…

    I used to think Charlie Rose was someone with a brain. But since he has joined CBS Morning News – he truly does belong in the Nit Wit Club – IMHO.

  3. Keeping up with the republican play book, here is the next attempt to sabotage Obamacare. Know what it is before they attempt it!

    Republicans’ Devious Plan To Slow Down Obamacare Enrollment

  4. (from the link): Consider, for example, how Eric Cantor, the House majority leader, marked Labor Day last year: with a Twitter post declaring “Today, we celebrate those who have taken a risk, worked hard, built a business and earned their own success.” Yep, he saw Labor Day as an occasion to honor business owners.

    More broadly, consider the ever-widening definition of those whom conservatives consider parasites. Time was when their ire was directed at bums on welfare. But even at the program’s peak, the number of Americans on “welfare” — Aid to Families With Dependent Children — never exceeded about 5 percent of the population. And that program’s far less generous successor, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, reaches less than 2 percent of Americans.

    Yet even as the number of Americans on what we used to consider welfare has declined, the number of citizens the right considers “takers” rather than “makers” — people of whom Mitt Romney complained, “I’ll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives” — has exploded, to encompass almost half the population. And the great majority of this newly defined army of moochers consists of working families that don’t pay income taxes but do pay payroll taxes (most of the rest are elderly).

    Love for Labor Lost

    • St. Ronnie was the one that led the GOP mantra of hatred for the Welfare Queen – didn’t he?

      Rachel Maddow did a segment about St. Ronnie last night – did anyone else happen to see it?

      Imagine – St. Ronnie justified his selling weapons to Iran in the 80’s as executive privilege to do as he damn well wanted and not even HAVE to tell Congress – let alone ask them for their permission.

      Yeah…that St. Ronnie was quite the character – wasn’t he?

      Republicans truly are Nit Wits……..of course, Jesus-fied, Holified, Sanctified, and Glorified Nit Wits.

      But in the end….they are still just N-I-T W-I-T-S…

      • Republicans have idolized that man and it’s just one more example of how well they rewrite history to suit them. Sometimes it’s not just a rewrite — it’s leaving out the parts they don’t want to remember. They aren’t doing anything to gain credibility among people with intact memories — which is everyone outside the rabid and shrinking republican base.

      • I’ve often said …….Reagan was known as the movie actor that had a chimp as a partner – Bonzo – remember?

        I truly believe our country would have been better served if Bonzo would have been in office for those 8 long years.

      • wicked

        Does anyone think St. Ronnie concocted and carried out selling arms to Iran? Somebody was behind the curtain, pulling the strings.

        I’m still trying to figure out who wins the prize for stupidity, Dubya or St. Ronnie.

      • St. Ronnie was the Hollywood actor with the gift of the silver tongue. And St. Ronnie was very good at appearing like such a nice, moral, upstanding Christian man.

        That is what was needed to push the selling of weapons to Iran – that hypocritical disguise of a moral and good man…

        Yeah, sure….Big Eye roll…

        Personally – I think St. Ronnie was as stupid as Dubya – and there were more involved in that damn selling weapons to Iran than the ex-partner of a famous Hollywood acting chimp.

        But….let’s not forget…….Reagan was also the genius that sincerely wanted ketchup classified as a vegetable for school lunches.

        Who the hell would listen – or follow – someone who actually thought that was a good idea?

        Oh yeah, that’s right,…..CONServative Fake Christians……that’s who.

        IMHO – I think American Fundy Christian preachers and televangelists are behind a lot of this stirring of the hatred pot in the Middle East.

        These folks are salivating at the thought of Holy War….

        Trouble is…..not a damn one of these folks have the balls (yes, I said balls) to go over to the Middle East and do the actual fighting – and on their own dime.

        If these folks want their Holy War so damn bad…..I’ll donate to buy them all one-way tickets….

      • Let’s not also forget – who was the genius that invited Jerry Falwell and his Fellow Fundies into the inner circle of the GOP?

        Yeah….think about this…

        If Iran gets weapons on the sly, then there is a self-fulfilled prophecy for these Fundy Evangelicals to get their Jesus panties into a frenzied twist and THEN they can justify going into the Middle East to start killing every Muslim they see…

        And somehow – these folks think that their God and Jesus will reward them?

        What’s the difference between that thinking and these Muslim suicide bombers thinking there will be 40 virgins waiting for them after they die?

  5. I still have a question that no one has answered….

    On what moral ground does the United States have to be the punisher of Syria?

    Seriously……Americans like to brag about how Christian we are and how exceptional we are … but when it comes right down to it…

    we are hypocrits …….we preach about justice and freedom….but how many years did it take women to get the vote?

    How many years did it take Civil Rights Act to be passed —-and now 50 years later, these current Republicans have rolled that historic legislation backwards.

    On what possible moral grounds do we Americans stand?

    IMHO – not a damn inch of moral grounds…..we are basically just as corrupt as the next guy.

    But we justify it because it makes some of our people very, very wealthy.

    • Absolutely. There’s money to be made and if you aren’t obscenely wealthy you’re just collateral anyway.

    • wicked

      Having skimmed through comments online about whether or not to take action against Syria, I’ve noticed the “No’s” are crushing the “Yes’s.” That’s on both sides of the aisle. The R’s are blaming Obama, the rest of us are just blaming them all.

      Seriously, aren’t these “representatives” supposed to be representing the wishes of the people? But no-o-o-o-o, they pat us on the head and tell us they have our best interests at heart. B.S. Screw ’em all.

    • I don’t know whether this qualifies as moral ground, but the use of chemical weapons in battle is a war crime as defined under several treaties to which the U.S. is a signatory and which have been ratified by the Senate. Under the Constitution, said treaties become a part of the laws of the U.S. Therein lies the legal justification. I leave it to others to determine morality.

      There was a piece I glanced at the other day somewhere on the interwebs which argued the apt comparison to be made is to Rwanda, not Iraq, insofar as the Syrian situation is concerned. I recall the hue and cry over the U.S. inaction in the Rwandan situation. Many who are condemnatory towards action in Syria were equally condemning inaction in Rwanda. That sounds like these folks are hypocrites to me. Now, if Rwandan inaction was not moral, how can these same persons claim action in Syria is immoral, given the existence of war crimes committed in both countries by their respective governments. One cannot have his cake and eat it too.

      There are no good choices. Unfortunately, I guess, I tend to look at lawfulness rather than morality, the former being more concrete in form than the latter. I see nothing which persuades me in either direction in the instant matter, other than to note inaction will inevitably result in the use of these weapons again.

      • This law is why Obama is saying “the world drew the red line,” which just gives the idiots another reason to hate Obama and claim he is trying to deflect blame. They’re big on the blame game, equally big on denying it — they can swing with the best pendulum. It is an international law. Somehow I think the neighboring countries should be at least equally concerned about chemical weapons use. Plus, I see no evidence that someone so evil as to use chemical weapons on his own people would be swayed by America’s disapproval of such. Yes, those weapons will be used again if the crazy guy wants to and what America does won’t have an effect on that fact.

      • wicked

        And you (meaning the majority of people) think WE don’t have sarin gas stored away in some secret place? Reminds me of all the nuclear crap that goes on. SMH

      • I’m just not going to ‘be afraid, very afraid.’ I refuse to live that way. I refused when Bushco told us those scary chemical weapons were headed our way and I refuse to live that way when Obama and Kerry use the same words. I don’t think I will get out of this life alive and dead is dead however it comes. Until then no fear for me. It does not make any sense to punish someone for violence with violence! Actions of war are no more justified after someone else did it first.

      • Yes, the world as a whole should be concerned about the use of chemical weapons, with particular emphasis on the neighbors. Israeli citizens have been acquiring gas masks for a while now, as I understand it.

        The traties are the reason for an attempt to build a coalition. Not real successful to date.

        Wicked, I hold no illusions what the U.S. may or may not have stockpiled. Anyone who does is either dangerously naive or dangerously disingenuous.

        Finally, it appears to me that the posters to date are O.K. with inaction. As I indicated earlier, this would open the Administration to charges of acting immorally (see Rwanda) by doing nothing, which may consume the present debate over doing something.

        My personal belief is that a multinational force be put together for the express purpose of going into Syria to destroy the stores of such weapons whoever holds them, and then get out. That won’t happen. So, for now, doing nothing seems immoral and lawful; doing something seems immoral and lawful. Thus, I continue in my limbo.

      • One thing we can all count on is that Obama will be blamed for whatever happens or doesn’t happen. So, what’s new?

    • wicked

      Of course you’re right, fnord. I don’t intend to live the rest of my life–however long–in fear. However, there are a lot of people who love doing just that.

      But think about it. Living in fear is exactly what our generation has done. Remember those fallout shelters and the drills of hiding under our desks during a nuclear strike? As if anyone would survive it. FEAR is the Republican’s key word, and it’s been their advantage for as far back as I can remember. FEAR also helps divide people. Look how we were taught to fear the Blacks? And now the Hispanics? Oh, and God, too. Considering how too many people live by the Old Testament, believing they’re the chosen ones, yet worried they aren’t, FEAR is drilled into them at every turn of the page of the first half of the Bible.

      Nope, I don’t see any reason to fear anything anymore. All we can do is try to enjoy our time here on earth and make things better for everyone.

      • Yes, wicked, I remember all that fear. I lived it for too long — your list of fears our generation was taught and then some. I’ll be 66 in a few weeks so I’m on the downhill side and I decided a few years ago to live free of fear. It’s good. 🙂

    • wicked

      6176, I agree 100%, especially with that last paragraph.

  6. America. Where we spend unlimited amounts of money on war. But, we all know oil and weapons billionaires wouldn’t increase their wealth by spending on American challenges. And of course no respectable “R” would vote to help poor people instead of rich people!

  7. I listended to a British politician yesterday talking about how they want to take do-over vote on Britain joining the US against Syria.

    Now…the story goes like this……this guy said the way British PM Gordon Brown put it – they were voting on taking military action immediately – and Brown had told them he would present his argument with facts and copies of the US intelligence, etc.

    That was not done….so the ONLY reason the Brits voted against taking military action against Syria was because – they were not given enough the necessary argument and they were under the impression they were authorizing military actions immediately – and not somewhere down the line.

    I call B.S. on that one…

    Sounds more like this guy just wants to join the growing blood-thirsty mob that wants to ‘go get Assad at any cost’

    But……just like the majority of Americans are against taking action in Syria – the majority of British people are still opposed.

    • Politicians + preachers + evangelists + military industrial complex + corporatists = our upcoming new and shiny Syria War.

      And just think – in a matter of days, when shall we hear about how God is on our side and we are doing a just and noble cause?

    • I must correct myself…… I said Gordon Brown – when it should have been Cameron as the British P.M.

      Man – oh man – am I few years off or what?

  8. If Obama and his fellow War Lovers are going to do this Syria war…

    then where is the sign up petition for a grassroots movement in OPPOSITION of this stupid idea?

    Seriously – we should get as many people involved as possible.

    I wonder if deep-fried chicken sandwiches will attract a certain group of folks?

    Aw, what am I saying? That only works on people who hate gays.

  9. As we look back, one thing becomes clear once these politicians get elected/re-elected, presidents, senators and congressmen including; they start working for the big donors aka the corporations. My dears they invest all the money, it is time for them to reap the profit. You and me aka the people, we are the stupid lot that get fooled again and again and keep voting for these people on the hope some one will bring a change. Not in our life times I think.
    Now even the Nobel Laureate, the harbinger of change has changed his skin and is blowing the bugle of war. Is there some kind of germ in the White colored house on Pennsylvania Ave. that turns them into zombies once they move in there. I feel betrayed, highways are crumbling, people lack healthcare coverage, forget about that there are people and children in this wealthiest country who go to bed empty stomach. Here we are going to bomb a country for killing 1400 people with Sarin, what about the 100,000 they have killed by bullets? These politicians are so concerned about those 200+ children killed by the supposed chemical weapons, what about the children here in the US of A, who are getting sick and are dying from eating GMOs, lack of healthcare, lack of food?
    Well what else can we expect from a government that spends more than $0.25/= out of each tax dollar on military compared to just $0.03/= on education and $0.01/= on Science.

    • wicked

      Strangely, the main plot of this season (2nd season) on HBO’s The Newsroom is about the U.S. having used sarin in Afghanistan. Usually the mixed plots include factual current events. This one isn’t, but it is based on Operation Tailwind, a story that went on during Vietnam. Supposedly, that story of using sarin gas in a Laotion village, killing 100 people. However, the story turned out to be false.

      The information about Syria hadn’t been made public when this season’s story began. :O

      You can read about how Aaron Sorkin (genius scriptwriter and producer!) uses that old story for today <a href="; at Daily Kos and various other sites all over the internet.

      I LOVE The Newsroom!! Fantastic writing, and the acting is superb!

  10. The Rude Pundit hits several nails squarely on their heads!

    Defending Not Wanting War with Syria:

  11. Interesting exposition of my thoughts:

  12. I kind of agree with Fnord that more genocide does not fix the original genocide. I don’t think military involvement in Rwanda would have been a good idea, either. Better to follow MLK’s non-violent methodology or Gandhi.

    I think we should fight genocide every way we can without using guns, bombs, gasses, etc. Embargoes, food give away, medical aid give away, farming assistance, etc. Kill ’em with kindness and the people there might just overcome. Or not. We don’t know. But we won’t know unless we try non-violent measures.

  13. Give this a thought…

    John McCain has made a big joke out of his getting caught playing poker when he should have been paying attention at that 3+ hours Senate hearing about Syria.

    I wonder…….would McCain have been playing poker if Ms. Sarah Palin had her GOP cheerleader pom poms out for 3+ hours?

    Dare I say……we would have to provide buckets for all the drool falling off Mac’s mouth and his fellow Neanderthals.