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  1. fnord, as you are aware I “borrowed” the above for a post on FB, designed to remind a couple of my high school classmates and one or two others who loudly and publicly proclaim their Christianity while espousing the above as evidence of their patent hypocrisy. No, it does nothing other than making me feel good, for they are not the brightest candles in the menorah and will not be able to recognize themselves as the objects of my scorn, but there are others who will delight in my so doing. Thanks for sharing this. 🙂

    • When did Jesus teach to find out why a person was needy before offering any help?

      I think about the old meme: those who know the least know it the loudest. It seems those who are most vocal about their ‘righteousness’ are the same ones who are quick to judge others in many ways — whether or not others are truly “Christian,” “worthy,” and even whether or not another could possibly understand. You know the old argument about only being able to understand the Bible if your heart is pure; no one can understand its truth on his own; for only the Spirit of God, who understands the mind of God, can reveal the truths of God. Of course these people judge they can understand while others cannot. Does this mean their god needs their help in knowing who was and wasn’t ‘guided by the Spirit’? Then there are the loudmouths who use the Bible to justify being on a soapbox spreading their superior ‘understanding’ and righteousness.

      But it’s always a joy to run into those who exude love for mankind and dignity for all people whether they are or aren’t ‘religious.’ The ones who exude kindness from every pore and don’t seem to think their god needs their help in judging others. They also seem to be able to discern teachings of Paul vs. what is attributed to Jesus.

  2. Thank goodness Alan Grayson is back in Congress. He said today that the American people do not want war with Syria, the international community does not want war, and Congress is skeptical of military action in Syria.

    His comment was, “no one wants this war other than the military industrial complex.”

    Tell it like it is, brother! Tell it like it is…

    • Agreed

      I have listened to some of the hearing going on and it sure sounds like perpetual war is what we’re going to get. Oh, I hear all the talk about “limited” and “no boots on the ground” and other such bullshit.

      Yeah, right.

      • Th3 EXACT same words are being used as were used in the run up to the Iraq War.


        Excuse me – but on what moral ground does the USA stand on?

        What’s the difference between Assad killing people (including children) any different than our US drones killing civilians (including children)?

        Once again – the USA has become this bully on the block – but we profess to have Jesus on our side…

      • I agree, Indy. Why are we so outraged at chemical warfare deaths but not outraged at bombing deaths, drone strike deaths, boots on the ground with tanks kind of deaths. WTF? Death is death, no matter how it was delivered.

        I don’t get the Obama administration’s war drumbeats. Who the hell is it pleasing, other than the military industrial complex? Has he finally decided to adopt the old adage that the best thing to fix a sagging economy is a good little war? He’s wrong. It was the off the books bushco wars that drained the national coffers. He wants to cut entitlements, uh, why? Cut SS with chained CPI, uh, why? To pay for war? To bail out more banks?


        Sometimes, ya gotta wonder how he can be so good on some subjects and then, so bad, just like Shrub, on so many others.

        I swear to the Flying Spaghetti Monster if he appoints Larry Summers as Treasury Secretary, I’m done. I mean really done this time. It’s goddam hopeless if we go to war again in the Middle East and Larry Summers replaces Tim Geitner.

    • Sometimes I wonder when the civil war in the United States will begin. Never once do I wonder if any other country will intervene in that civil war once it does.

  3. 1. Vietnam
    2. Cambodia
    3. Dominican Republic
    4. Grenada
    5. Libya
    6. Panama
    7. Iraq
    8. Somalia
    9. Haiti
    10. Bosnia
    11. Kosovo
    12. Afghanistan
    13. Iraq
    14. Libya
    15. Syria?

    (from the link): Paul Waldman lays out a list of significant US military actions over the past 50 years, and it adds up to 15 separate episodes, ranging from full-scale wars (Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan) to smaller incursions (Grenada, Haiti, Panama). For those of you who are math challenged,this means we’ve launched a significant overseas assault every 40 months since 1963.

    How the Rest of the World Views the American Military

    • One of the many comments to the above linked article —

      “the only option left is to use lethal methods”

      or we could, I don’t know…, stay the fuck out of it.

      You ready to toss some Tomahawks into China for the atrocities taking place in Tibet?

      No? Then are we?

      a. full of shit
      b. a bunch of pussies too afraid to take on a country that can actually fight back
      c. both a and b

  4. McCain playing poker on his iPhone

    Senator John McCain plays poker on his IPhone during a U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations hearing where Secretary of State JohnKerry, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Martin Dempsey testify concerning the use of force in Syria, on Capitol Hill in Washington DC, Tuesday, September 3, 2013. (Photo by Melina Mara/The Washington Post)

    Update 6:38 p.m.: After the photo made the rounds on Twitter, McCain tweeted the following in response:

    John McCain ✔ @SenJohnMcCain

    Scandal! Caught playing iPhone game at 3+ hour Senate hearing – worst of all I lost!
    5:29 PM – 3 Sep 2013


    • Then McCain does not even give a damn when he gets caught.

      Hey – Buddy – if you don’t want to sit there for a 3+ hour hearing when the issue is for our country to declare war …..then maybe it is time for Johnny boy to quit his job and live off his wife’s beer fortune?

  5. I think I posted a link to the Saudis saying they want foreign intervention into Syria.

    Oh yeah……wouldn’t that be a deja vu for us?

    And so close to the anniversary of 9/11.

    How damn convenient – isn’t it?

    • If the Saudis really want something to be done about Assad – then why don’t THEY take their men and war planes (that we sold to them) and go take out Assad themselves?

      Wouldn’t that be a better lesson for Islamic terrorists to learn? When their FELLOW Islamists do the actual fighting?

      Getting a smack down from the Saudis would mean than a smack down from US.

    • So you mean Obama is beholdin’ to the Saudis just like Shrub?

      • AT least there is no photo of Obama holding hands with the Saudi King while strolling through that damn garden.

        But…remember the Republicans tirade of how they said Obama bowed to the Saudi King…

        Damn….what hypocrits. No wonder the GOP is full of war mongerers.

  6. BTW – The Republican Jesus is a blue-eyed blonde .

    I’ve often wondered if the real Jesus would ever show up at these Fundy Far Right Wingers’ door – would they spit on the guy that would look a lot like an Muslim terrorist?

  7. Maybe they would, Indy, unless it was Supply Side Jesus or War Jesus with the machine guns, or… well… nevermind. Those are fictional Jesus characters. You are correct in that the real Jesus, son of god or not, would be turned away from their doors.

    “whatever you do for the least of these…”

    I’m pretty sure these days what Americans do to “the least of these” is NOT something Jesus would want done to/for him!

  8. Ok, so I know that a lot of us here cruise the same sites on the internet, so you may have seen this already. But I think it is worth reposting here, just for posterity.

    The real truth about Americans and War. Well worth the time to watch. This guy has it right.

    • I’ve not seen this guy before….thanks for sharing!!!

      There are a lot of folks who are against this damn Syria War crap.

      In fact – one of co-workers – who is staunchly Republican/ex-military – joined with me in our total disgust for all this crappola we are hearing today.

      Wow – I never saw that coming…

    • I hadn’t seen this but it sure spells it out clearly! Thanks PP!

      Scroll up and look at that list of 15 again and you have the answer to “What are the odds.”