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  1. 20 Reasons to Support Workers’ Unions:

    Minimum Wage
    5-Day Work Week
    Fair Wages
    End Child Labor
    Employer-Based Health Coverage
    Maternity Leave
    Occupational Safety
    Workers Compensation
    Sick Days
    Overtime Pay
    Anti-Discrimination (EOE)
    Job Training
    Annual Pay Increases
    Lunch-Break Laws
    Protection Against Retaliatory Firings
    Documented Review before Firing
    Retirement Pension Plans
    Against Outsourcing (hire Americans)
    Immigration Laws (hire Americans)
    Workers with Disabilities

  2. Do you think republicans are out today telling workers we must cut taxes? Are they being honest and telling them it’s taxes for corporations they want cut the most? Maybe we could actually pay the “job creators” to create more jobs in China and India and have no expectations that they pay any taxes in the United States of America. After all, they are JOB CREATORS! Don’t those CEOs need a raise and probably a golden parachute that does more than barely reach eight figures!?

    Maybe republicans will convince more people to like their idea to shut down the government and ensure poor people die faster. More people also need to understand the republican plan to get rid of Social Security! If those stupid seniors didn’t figure it out over their past 65 years that they’re on their own, well, who are we to support them? Let ’em die!

    Republicans. The PARTY OF NO. The PARTY OF MEAN. The party that tells people who they can love and marry, the party that declares a pregnant woman’s body the property of the state and tries hard to suppress the votes of those who do not share its point of view. I hear all this intrusion is called “smaller government.” Yep. You can’t make this stuff up.

  3. Rand Paul must be kissing the Far Right Wingers’ lily-white Fundy butts again to get that 2016 GOP nomination.

    What else would explain why Rand Paul seems to prefer Assad – even though it is on ‘high confidence intelligence’ that he used chemical weapons on his own people – and how many children at last count?

    But….why is any American politician making this decision about what to do in Syria based on how Christians are being treated?


    To follow Rand Paul’s logic – every place in the world that does not treat Christians well are to be blown into the outer space..

    But yet a dictator – who allegedly protected Christians – is okay to leave in power?

    Hmmm….I wonder how much money are certain ‘right’ folks making in the current Assad-controlled Syria?

  4. President Obama is being criticized by Republicans for not doing anything about Syria crossing that red line.

    These critics are saying that Obama has put the credibility of the USA on the line by NOT attacking Syria.

    So….this is a pissing contest – now?

    Besides – exactly how much credibility did the USA have left after their boy George W. Bush invaded Iraq – under false pretense?

    • I think they really wanted him to do something so unpopular it would make their impeachment proceedings more popular. Now they have to figure out how not to go on record with a vote. It should be interesting to watch their next move.

      • Yet another corner they have painted themselves into – huh?

        We all know how McCain is going to vote……hell, Johnny wanted to bomb, bomb, bomb Iran in 2008…….

        I wonder if there is any war that some of these GOP war lovers will NOT vote for?

  5. If Obama goes along with McCain and his fellow War Mongerers and starts a war in Syria – I suggest a grassroots movement be started ASAP to counteract.

    And this won’t be any damn Tea Party group.

    Clearly, the majority of Americans do not want to go to war in Syria.

    But….. I have to wonder……is this Obama playing chess with the Congressional Republicans?

    Is Obama – taking it to their face – and making them accountable for their votes to start another war?

    Time will tell……..

    • I put Obama squarely with the other warmongers on this subject. Obviously he is no smarter and no more diplomatic than Bush.

    • Amen,….

      If Obama goes along with this war mongering crappola – I will be very disappointed with the man.

      One thing ….have you noticed how much more gray President Obama’s hair has gotten?

      The man is in an unwinnable position. No matter which way he goes – somebody will be there to demonize him.

      Oh, hell, the Republicans have demonized him 24/7 since Day One. – which is probably why he has more gray hair.

      • Republicans will demonize him whatever he does, and they’ll be against what they supported before Obama supported it. See Obamacare for only one example. We already know the BIG BUCKS control everything, but it’s still disappointing when we’re smacked up side the head with proof they control Obama too.

  6. Did you the Saudis have called for foreign intervention into Syria?

    Hey – Saudi King – I still want to know why all but one of those 9/11 hijackers came from your backyard…

    That has always bothered me…..especially when GWB was photographed holding hands with this King while taking that garden stroll.

    Did GWB even ask this king once….what was up with your homeboys and flying those planes into my twin towers ?

    Or was GWB the useful puppet – at the moment.

    My theory is – if we are not being the attack dog for Israel – we are being the attack dog for the Saudis.

    Here’s a better question for the Saudi King – why not use their oil profits and take care of their fellow Islamic bad boys all by themselves?

    It’s past time for America to stay out of the Middle East ..

    1) Close up all our military bases in or nearby the Middle East.
    2) Stop giving trillions in foreign aid to countries in or nearby the Middle East.
    3) Tell the Jews and Muslims to fight it out amongst themselves – and if there is a God in Heaven, both sides will kill each other.

    • Addition to #3 – can we also throw in a few American televangelists and mega preacher boys in that group that wants to fight?

      Just imagine (hat tip to John Lennon) if there was no religion in this world.

      Because – from all I’ve heard – this Middle East crappola always comes down to religion.

      Which God can beat up the other god?

      Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn (hat tip to Rhett Butler in ‘Gone With the Wind’)

  7. It’s just another manipulation to get the ants to fight over the crumbs so we don’t focus on the stinking rich making off with the whole pie.

    Let’s be clear, public school teachers with their fancy #2 pencils are not the threat. Instead of bashing unions, folks should try joining one. Unions are an inclusive group, not an exclusive country club.

    • IIRC – Ronald Reagan used collective bargaining to get health care benefits for his fellow union Hollywood actors.

      Does this mean Reagan was a Evil Liberal Union-loving Commie?

  8. The GOP is currently being controlled by Far Right Wingers of a certain Christian theology.

    Why am I not surprised this is the group that has demonstrated such deep-rooted hatred towards Obama?

    I wonder…..when the next white male Republican gets into the White House (and, let’s face facts, it will happen eventually)…..can we return the 24/7 hatred of their boy and JUST SAY NO to everything?

  9. A test titled, “Social Attitude Test.”

    These are my results:

    These scores indicate that you are a moderate progressive; this is the political profile one might associate with a university professor. It appears that you are skeptical towards religion, and have a pragmatic attitude towards humanity in general.

    Your attitudes towards economics appear neither committedly capitalist nor socialist, and combined with your social attitudes this creates the picture of someone who would generally be described as a political centrist.

    To round out the picture you appear to be, political preference aside, an egalitarian with several strong opinions.

  10. Interesting story from the LJWorld and Douglas County Dems: apparently, Gov. Brownback’s nominee to the Kansas Court of Appeals, Caleb Stegall, respects the law so long as his side wins. If he should lose, then it’s okay to forcibly resist the state i.e. break the law through physical force. How can a judge be expected to enforce the law if he believes it is okay to ignore the law when it’s personally convenient?

    Stegall urged ‘forcible resistance’ to Schiavo court ruling that removed life support

    • Don’t worry; he’ll tell the Senate that he’ll apply the law fairly without regard to his personal opinions, and that his earlier comments were either “mischaracterized” or “taken out of context”. As Bugs Bunny would say, “What a maroon”.