Sunday, 9/1/13, Public square

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by | September 1, 2013 · 6:00 am

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  1. I have a theory…..the bigger the church building – the less the folks inside know the real Jesus?

    Especially when that bigger church has massive business interest all around town – especially the monopoly in the health care business….

    Need I say more?

  2. Bob White

    Pretty much correct, Indy. Jesus is dead; he was crucified according to history and those who claim to know him today are speaking metaphorically. That said, he is one example to follow. That began as “the way” and is still very wise. If only the wisdom of Jesus were followed by all those who claim to know him, this country (maybe the whole world) would be a very decent place to live, and die. Sadly, such is not the reality. And the “established church” isn’t helping.

  3. Spent a couple of days totally out of touch with everyone and everything except a bunch of family. We celebrated an uncle’s 80th birthday and ignored the world. I returned home early afternoon and caught up on newspaper reading.

    “For much of the past week, Congress has grown louder and louder with calls that President Barack Obama go through them for any authorization of military action in Syria.”

    On Saturday, Obama gave them their wish.

    A tweet from David Axelrod: “Congress is now the dog that caught the car.”

    I’ll go with Indy’s “Obama plays chess while Congress tries to figure out their next checkers move.”

    Personally, I do hope this is another time Congress says, “NO!” I also think this will slow down, but not stop, impeachment proceedings. It’s really all the republicans have. They’re looking foolish to more and more people with their attempts to repeal Obamacare and they sure don’t have any ideas to implement — not even any ideas about how to govern.

  4. I’ve mentioned my 86 year old uncle before. He’s a vet from both WWII and Korea. He and I often go off for what he calls “some reasonable talk.” Well, guess what?? His wife, my aunt and a die-hard Oklahoma Republican, has become disillusioned and wanted to talk the reasonable talk with us. She’s not at all sure she can actually vote for a democrat but she is positive there is absolutely no republican she will vote for. She feels there is no one qualified, no one trustworthy… in the whole Republican Party. And then she gets to The Tea Party folks and has some even more choice words for them. She said, “I’m a republican, but I’m not a dumb republican.”

    These people are good, kind, loving, hard working folks — quietly religious people who go about their lives doing good wherever they can find any need — who are very upset with the mixture of religion and politics, with what my aunt calls “radicals who have ruined everything they’re involved with.”

    Anyway, she says she probably won’t vote at all if the ones being mentioned to this point are who ends up running on the republican ticket. Is this an isolated case? A trend that could bring an end to the idiocy we see in the Republican Party???

    • You Aunt’s awakening to what has happened to the Republican is a sign that not all Republicans are represented by what we see coming from the GOP Klown Kar currently speeding off that cliff.