Thursday, 8/29/13, Public square

brains to talk


by | August 29, 2013 · 6:00 am

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  1. Speaking of talking without brains……

    I just heard this morning that several Republican leaders were invited to speak at the MLK 50th anniversary event yesterday – they all declined.

    Hmmmm…imagine that…

    But, I wonder, how many brainless folks were on the GOP Hate Talk Radio/Foxxies Hen House Gossip Line yesterday doing a lot of talking?

    The only way to beat these Republicans is to enlarge that MLK event into not just about the rights of blacks – but the rights of Women – LGBT – other minorities and those folks who are just fed up with the current GOP self-righteous pompous asses using the name of Jesus in a vile and ugly manner.

    It is time for decent and moral people to Stand Up and JUST SAY NO to Far Right Republicans…

    • John Boehner was one of those that declined the invitation to speak.

      What’s the surprise here? Boehner also refused the invitation from President Obama to ride Air Force One with several others to attend that Tucson memorial for the victims of that mass shooting.

      Gabby Giffords was in the hospital fighting for her life….but yet, Boehner had a previous engagement that could not be cancelled….

      it was reported Boehner attended a fundraiser that night…

      What a guy……isn’t he?

      Can you imagine how fast his little fat legs would have run if the victims had been ‘his’ people? Especially St. Ronnie Raygun – Boehner would not have needed a damn plane – Just light a fuse under Boehner’s butt and he would jet-rocket himself to be near his Golden Idol – the Beloved St.Ronnie.

    • Are they still counting on repressing votes with all their new laws? Guess they’re counting on it heavily enough that they don’t think they need to do anything to actually attract minority voters. Sounds like they have no better plans to grow their party than they have for anything else.

    • rick liebst

      I agree

  2. I don’t expect civility from people who belong to the Republican Party. They’re mean. I can’t think of anytime recently they haven’t lived down to my low expectations.

    There’s an article in today’s local newspaper about Obamacare and how the federally-run marketplaces which Kansans will buy from will work (since state officials decided not to do their own).

    Even tho Huelskamp won’t help Kansans the word is getting out. I see frequent Facebook posts about how to get started, what people have found and more and more people are really excited about having affordable insurance. So like many other topics the word will be spread by social media even in those states that are trying to suppress the good news! There was also a mention in today’s paper that Roberts had joined with all but one (Moran) elected to the federal level in Kansas in signing on to shut down government. They can’t do anything positive and I think most of them are aware of that fact, but they don’t even expect their constituents to know so they will keep on with their foolishness and they’ll keep on having their lies believed. It’s sad, but it’s the way it is. America won’t stop just because the foolish want it.

    Remember our old friend Mary? She’s already done the search and found affordable coverage — she can’t any longer be turned down for being a cancer survivor — and she says it’s looking like she really can retire. Gonna be a bunch of happy Kansans soon!

  3. Jim Wright at Stonekettle Station has some experience in this dick measuring that is going on, and he posts, “Red Lines.” He addresses who has exposed their dicks for the contest and breaks down what’s been said, who said it and how they’ve “measured up.”

    Here’s one of the dicks who entered the competition and Jim’s comment to this particular entry:

    It is foretold in the Bible that Damascus will be destroyed and no building left standing. About to become a reality it appears !!

    The bible also said two of every kind of animal lived within walking distance of Noah’s house. I’m just saying, you might want consider the source before you start to panic.

    And then Jim enters the contest himself. I think he measures up.

    • I saw a news clip of President Obama saying something about Americans could be in danger due to the chemical weapons in Syria. This is a really poor job of paraphrasing the words he said. I can’t do better. I am so thoroughly pissed, so sick with disappointment. When Obama was speaking I could see Bush’s face and Cheney’s crooked smirk. My whole being went into anger like I haven’t felt in a very loooong time. I’m not stoopid, and I have an intact memory!

      • I don’t think President Obama teaches his daughters to treat all people with the humanity all people deserve by spanking or any other show of force. I don’t see any difference in Assad killing innocents and Obama ordering missile strikes that may kill innocents. Violence doesn’t teach peace.

  4. …and here is why I love the Big Dog so much.

    “A great democracy does not make it harder to vote than to buy an assault weapon.”

    I know you’ve probably all seen this already, but I loved it so much I had to post it anyway.

    I heard this morning that Bill Clinton will give a speech next week defending Obamacare.

    What would Obama and the Democrats do if Big Dog didn’t always come to their rescue? Remember how Bill saved the day at the national convention last summer? Looks like they are turning to him again regarding Obamacare.

    Go Bill!!

    Hillary 2016!

    • “… pre-existing conditions. One of which is inadequate income…”

      So many good lines and wise words! Delivered like we’re sitting on the front porch … visiting.

  5. Robert Reich —

    One of the hallmarks of our age is a generalized sense of powerlessness. Many of you, in response to my post yesterday questioning the wisdom of a U.S. attack on Syria, said there was nothing you or anyone else could do to avert it, or prevent America from being drawn into another quagmire in the Middle East. Others have responded in similar ways to the scourge of widening inequality in America and the diminishing prospect of equal opportunity: You say you feel powerless to reverse it, because our politics is so corrupted by big money that our democracy has ceased to function.

    I understand your feeling of powerlessness. And yet isn’t the March on Washington whose 50th anniversary we celebrated yesterday evidence of the opposite? In that instance, many blacks who at the time lacked even the power to vote came together with others, and with whites morally offended by segregation and Jim Crow, to overcome the powerlessness through peaceful and tenacious mobilizing and organizing — leading to the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Voting Rights Act of 1965. Or consider the Vietnam War, about which many of you (myself included) made such a ruckus that Johnson had to resign and Nixon was forced to bring it to a close. Yes, those were different times. But in many respects these opposed to change then were more entrenched and powerful than they are now, and the proponents of change less powerful at the start.

    My point is this: Powerlessness can be a self-fulfilling prophesy. There is much that is wrong with America. But it will be made right only if we force change to occur. Today, for example, low-wage workers in fast-food outlets across the country are going on strike to demand that their meager wages be raised to $15 an hour. They are among the most powerless people in our society. The rest of us should support them — and also mobilize and organize, and make a ruckus, against an economic machine that continues to disregard of the needs of countless Americans, and an American war machine that appears close to wreaking havoc once again.

    • Sorry, Dr. Reich. The striking workers may be easily replaced, and likely will be, as their jobs need few skills, and there are many (I suspect) willing to replace them. I also disagree with the assessment of those opposed to change being more entrenched in the middle to late 1960s than now. He seems to confuse politicians (then in power) with the money folks (now in power). My final disagreement is with the characterization of the relative lack of power of the proponents of change then versus now; I think the opposite is true.
      Yes, powerlessness can most certainly be a self-fulfilling prophecy. However, unlike the Viet Nam war days, there is no draft, hence no feeling of a need to organize among those of fighting age. Americans making a ruckus won’t matter all that much to multi-nationals already concentrating their efforts on developing markets at least 400% larger than the U.S. market. And, make no mistake, those with the money who therefore hold the power control the multi-nationals, and there must be wide spread international uproar before there will be any hope of a shift in power.

  6. If this judge’s words does not make your blood boil….you might just be a Conservative Far Right Wing Republican.

  7. I heard this morning that Bill Clinton will give a speech next week defending Obamacare.

    The Big Dog is still a skilled politician at heart – isn’t he?

    But…….I still remember the good laugh I had when it was reported that Hillary slapped the Big Dog silly when he finally told her the truth about Monica Lewinsky…

    What was more funny – to me – was the words that Hillary used when she slapped the Big Dog..

    IIRC – it went like this….. how could you be so STUPID