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  1. We all know a lot about what Reagan wrought and we see more and more of what he set in place coming to its fruition daily. Among other horrors Reagan started and encouraged, we know the Plutocracy thrives! But there are equally serious complications from his reign to consider.

    Today it appears some kind of military action will be taken against Syria. I am very troubled. There isn’t any way, and there shouldn’t be, for me to have details known by those who will make difficult decisions. My head spins with wondering who is the bad guy and how can anyone be sure they’ve identified who that is accurately? How many more innocents will die, and will some of them die because of actions taken by the U.S.? If the U.S. must dole out punishment (and exactly why must they???), what will be the reaction as the result of any U.S. actions, and what will be the next U.S. move? Is there a way to save lives, not endanger them? I have more questions than answers. My heart aches.

    Back to Reagan. I read these words and they haunt me. Bush probably wouldn’t have been able to invade Iraq if the USSR had been standing in his way. In a real sense, they were a check on capitalistic imperialism, which is why they had to be destroyed. And they were.

    In terms of military might, does the modern Russian Federation have the same clout as the old USSR? Remember when The Cold War prevented all sorts of flare ups in The Middle East?

    • I don’t think they have the same clout. For one thing, they have less territory and with it, fewer resources, both natural and human.

      The other problem is that as capitalism has grown and taken root, it’s evils are preventing them from having the singular focus on military readiness and deployment. That will be true until they develop their very own for-profit military industrial complex. Then, Katie bar the door, they will have all the military might they need and more.

      The third thing is that their economy is on shaky ground most of the time. Never in Russia’s history have they been able to feed themselves without help from other nations. They still have those problems. They’ve got lots of oil, but the infrastructure is not much better developed than their food distribution systems.

      I think the short answer is, they’ve got their hands full with their own problems and don’t have time or money to be as vigilant as the US. Besides, maybe they are practicing the theory that when your opponent is self destructing, it’s best not to get in the way….

      • The link is worth the time spent to read it. This is the last sentence:

        I think I read somewhere that Mr. Obama is a pretty smart guy. Now would be a fantastic time for him to prove it by coming up with an answer to this that does not involve cruise missiles, bombs and mayhem.

        I think he is smart enough but I’m not sure he is strong enough to buck the trend of stupid military power plays. I hate measuring dicks almost as much as I hate war. I hope with all I am President Obama finds enough wisdom and strength to make peace, not war.

        War on Syria: Twenty Pounds of Stupid in a Ten-Pound Bag


      • Truly agree with you, PP. As for fnord’s link, I think there is a limited range of options available to President Obama, and they all involve some form of military force, which is either the last step in diplomacy or the one thing available when diplomacy fails (I’ve seen the use of military force described in both ways), take your pick. It sucks there is nothing short of such force which is available, but I cannot think of anything else to be done. Perhaps a lack of imagination on my part.

      • wicked

        Why does the U.S. have to continue to be the World Police?

      • Gosh, Wicked, that’s an easy answer. 🙂


        And lots of it for the MIC and the repukes who are beholdin’ to the MIC for their campaign funds.

      • M-O-N-E-Y ….and…these Evangelical Christians who truly thirst for their much-desired Holy War.

        Think back…..who was it that used the Evangelical Christians to get into office?

        Ronald Reagan……ST. Ronnie knew that in order to push his boatload of S-H-I-T through the pipe – the blessing of God had to be seen as the driving force.

        When I hear the current talk about Syria …isn’t it eerily just like the run-up the to the Iraq War?

        And who helped GWB with all that crappola? The damn Evangelical Christians.

        Hell – here’s a plan – tell anyone who thinks we need to go fight Syria – that THEY welcome to pack their own bags and take their own butt over to Syria.

        BUT….this time…NO TAXPAYER money and all one-way tickets.

  2. As for the tea baggers and other idiot factions (ie, Rand Paul) of what is still called The Republican Party, I’ve decided if “conservatives” can’t figure out they’re sinking their own ship I’ll just hope for minimal damage from the inevitable. Let’s never forget to give credit to Reagan who brought some of the maniacs aboard!

  3. Maybe someday St. Ronnie will be seen for what he was. A useful idiot whose charisma was well used by the modern day robber barons. Maybe he’ll be rightfully known as the man who began the destruction of the American Empire.

    But then, that would require American to think. I suppose that’s way too much to ask.

  4. I read a headline, didn’t bother reading more than the headline because I was still laughing. 🙂 Laughter is good!

    Donald Trump’s One Good Brain Cell Fizzles as He Tells Fox That Obama Is After Him

  5. Congress returns next week. I’ve heard this is the agenda Darrell Issa will pursue —

    • From sexologist Dr Jill:
      “Dear Society,

      If you think a woman in a tan vinyl bra and underwear, grabbing her crotch and grinding up on a dance partner is raunchy, trashy, and offensive but you don’t think her dance partner is raunchy, trashy, or offensive as he sings a song about “blurred” lines of consent and propagating rape culture, then you may want to reevaluate your acceptance of double standards and your belief in stereotypes about how men vs. women “should” and are “allowed” to behave.

      Dr. Jill

      • But…but…..Dr. Jill…….everybody knows that God has given man the authority over woman and it is ALWAYS the woman’s fault.

        Hey…don’t blame me…..blame God – he made the rules.

        sarcasm off//

  6. Yet another opportunity to reflect back on Ronald Reagan, or, in the words of The Rude Pundit: Hey, fuck you, Ronald Reagan

    New Docs Detail U.S. Involvement in Saddam’s Nerve Gas Attacks


  7. Remember last week we looked at some silly questions and found that Kansas was the answer to one of those questions? Well, many Kansans took exception to people thinking Kansas was boring or ugly or anything less than spectacularly beautiful. This photographer, Scott Bean, put some of his work in a slideshow — landscape photographs that take your breath away —

  8. Robert Reich says —

    Hearing Republican rank-and-file say they intend to impeach President Obama but are still looking for an impeachable offense, and hearing Republican leaders say they plan to use the upcoming fight over the debt-ceiling to repeal the Affordable Care Act, make me wonder what the GOP is really aiming for. Neither of these absurd ploys has a chance of succeeding. Both will only continue to erode the Republicans’ national standing, making them look even more fanatical. So what’s their strategic goal?

    I think their real aim is to undermine public confidence in government so much, sow so much distrust in our governing institutions, and make the public so cynical about the capability of Washington to achieve anything, that Americans stop believing in the possibility of positive social change. They want us to write off our government as a means of expressing the public interest. That way, they discourage turnout in the 2014 midterms and in the 2016 presidential election, increasing their odds of winning. They also have a better chance quietly deregulating Wall Street and every other industry because the rest of us have stopped watching. They can eviscerate safety nets and all other programs for the vulnerable because the rest of us have stopped caring. The ultimate goal of their game of cynicism is to make sure the monied interests have it all.

    Two really informative reads, chock full of facts, even some graphs and charts. Is there any hope the republicans won’t destroy America? Is there any hope the republicans, or whatever they might call themselves when their civil war ends, can become a part of governing?

    Killing Obamacare Is Killing The Republican Party

    The right is wrong about rights

  9. I planned to stop about six comments ago, but I keep finding goodies that I want to share. Call me the fool who still thinks someone comes to our blog to see what I think is too good not to share. 😦

    “Funny thing about Hobby Lobby, They are upset because they may have to pay for their employee’s insurance covering birth control pills but they have no problem selling all of the stuff in their store that is from China which has state sponsored abortions and strict laws that limit the size of the family.

    If they actually felt that strongly then they would also stop selling anything from China but the almighty dollar is who they really worship.”

  10. This whole damn thread could be themed “money talks and bullshit walks.”

  11. [with an emphatic arm pump] Yeeeeeeeessssssss!!!!!

    There are members of Congress who don’t understand or accept basic science concepts. This hilarious video is dedicated to them.

  12. Ronald Reagan created two Americas?

    What else would a Hollywood B-movie actor with the gift of the silver tongue do?

    Too bad his damn tongue was forked…

    • Oh, let’s not forget how Reagan called Tricky Dick Nixon and gave him his full support and undying love………when Tricky Dick got caught in his Watergate scandal.

      BTW – let’s not forget what was reported that Rev. Billy Graham said when he also called Tricky Dick to profess his love for Nixon and give his full support – Billy Graham said he felt like slashing their throats when he heard the CBS media coverage of Watergate.

      Hey……and Reagan and Billy Graham are supposed to be God’s favorites?

      If that is what God thinks is the best……I don’t want any part of that God.

  13. My ex-friend – devoted Tea Party CONservative Catholic Republican is very much in favor of going to war with the Muslims…….because that is the ‘right thing’ to do….

    But….I asked her once why her son-in-law and her son were NEVER shipped overseas during GWB’s Iraq War….

    Seriously, both of these young men have been in the military for the past decade……and yet their lily-white butts were never shipped overseas to do the actual fighting?

    Hmmm…….how easy for my friend to run her mouth off when it isn’t her two family members’ in harms way……but those two were sure there in the front line to get their government paychecks and military benefits.

    Yeah, boy…..that family is sure more patriotic that any liberals – huh?

    I called B.S. on her endless rants….