Monday, 8/26/13, Public Square

vultures cut lifelines


by | August 26, 2013 · 6:00 am

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  1. “We know this concentration of wealth is getting worse and we know why: because the rules of the system are rigged by and for elite interests, rather than for the greatest good of all.”

  2. Keep scrolling for more maps.

    Map: What Religion Does Your Member Of Congress Identify With?

  3. SATIRE. Does anyone else find satire often gives the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

    Paul Ryan: ‘Give Your Tax Dollars To The Wealthy’

    Asked if these admissions might make it tougher for Republicans to maintain control of the House, Ryan responded, “Nah. Voters know that rich people are better than them. Look how happy they’ve been to let rich corporations take their jobs and send them to Asia. I’d bet that if David Koch stopped a random guy in the street and asked for his pants, the guy would give them to him…right there, in broad daylight. Hell, I’d bet the guy would give him his first-born child. Besides, rich people own all the media, so we’ll be able to make shit smell like roses to pretty much everyone who watches the news.”

    As to whether consumers losing their buying power is a concern to Republicans, Ryan responded, “Not really. We only have about 300 million people. Who cares if Americans can’t afford anything. Why do you think we’re trying to raise the living standards in China and India? There are like two and a half billion people to buy our stuff there.”

  4. This is an interesting article about the differences in how people look at Voter I.D. laws. Written by a person who recently changed their opinion it gives insight into “the other side of the story.”

    Why I Used to Believe That Voter ID Laws Really Were Just Common Sense