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  1. A just for fun link which ‘maps’ the words Americans use and where they use them.

  2. A Safeway clerk screwed up big time, but these two women handled it perfectly. Further proof that one person can have a huge impact.

    • NOW this is what should be preached in all these self-professing Christian Conservative Republican churches – aka tax-free country clubs.

      I’ve said this before – and I will NEVER stop saying it until I see changes made – the Republican Party is so full of fake Christians that the party itself is destined to implode.

      God, I hope that implosion happens soon…..

  3. If you go to the Kynect website, you can look far and wide and never get a clue that it has anything at all to do with Obamacare or ACA or even the federal government. “kynect is here to help you find the right coverage,” the fact sheet says cheerily. “It’s a new kind of health insurance marketplace — convenient and easy to use. With one application, kynect will check your eligibility for programs that can help you pay for health insurance for yourself, your family or your employees.”

    A middle-aged man in a red golf shirt shuffles up to a small folding table with gold trim, in a booth adorned with a flotilla of helium balloons, where government workers at the Kentucky State Fair are hawking the virtues of Kynect, the state’s health benefit exchange established by Obamacare.

    The man is impressed. “This beats Obamacare I hope,” he mutters to one of the workers.

    • One of the Ten Commandments talks about bearing false witness – aka telling lies – correct?

      Whenever any of these Republicans go ranting about Obamacare – just picture that person as breaking God’s commandment to not lie.

      In fact…..a lot of things Republicans say and do go directly against the Ten Commandments.

      So…why are these folks also the ones fighting so damn hard to put these Ten Commandments on display in every government building?

      Obviously – it does not mean anything to them….or they would not breaking so many of the commandments.

  4. Down in this article is the one paragraph that was the cherry on top of this horrible sundae – Penn State has already spent $50 million on this Sandusky thing – and that is not including any payments to the victims.

    WOW – $50 million and counting?

    Just imagine what positive things could have been done with that $50 million….

    And – yet – there are still people who will defend Sandusky and Penn State.

    Hell, why am I surprised? There are still people defending the Catholic Church for their covering up the crime of child molestation.

    I just don’t understand that thinking……

    • BTW – my ex-friend and I were discussing the Catholic Church and how they handled the child molesting scandal.

      My friend used the phrase – the church is dealing with a ‘little’ problem

      WTF….. a little problem? Covering up a crime against children is a ‘little’ thing – now?

      In what alternative universe do these people live?

  5. This Collection of NRA Ads Reveals Its Descent Into Crazy
    The National Rifle Association’s shift to paranoia and fear-mongering, as seen through 90 years of its advertising.

    • When I was growing up in the 50’s and 60s’ – we had guns in the house. But they were for hunting, target shooting and occasionally shooting a a large moccasin snake down in the creek behind our house.

      But – people back in those days had respect for the guns – and had respect for their fellow human beings.

      Common respect

      Common courtesy

      Common sense

      These three things that are long gone………

      In today’s world – the mantra of ‘get them first’ seems to be the slogan for a lot of folks.

  6. Any state where republicans are in control is trying hard to keep people from voting. Does that tell you the only way they can win elections? It isn’t ‘voter fraud’ they’re worried about!

    Democratic Push For Voting Reform In All 50 States Has GOP Frothing At The Mouth
    Read more:

    • True voter fraud – when people actually vote when they are not entitled to a vote is rare.

      But…have you noticed that when Conservative Republicans try to prove their case by citing how many voter rolls are incorrect?

      Voter rolls are not the same as voter fraud.

      Voter rolls will inheritently be inaccurate due to people moving and – yes, even dying – so the voter rolls could be (and usually are) full of mistakes.

      But guess what…… many of those people in that type of situation are actually committing voter fraud – by actually casting a vote?


      Voter roll mistakes are NOT voter fraud.

      • Everyone except republicans knows if there was any evidence of actual voter fraud it would have been made public. Facts are inconvenient to republicans who have made up lies and exaggerations to the point it’s become their MO. On this subject of voting rights some of them know they can’t win if every eligible voter gets to exercise that right of citizenship. Their talking points are well practiced and if there was any reason to suspect dead people or non citizens were casting votes they might actually be reasonable. Telling part of the story fools some people, but not those capable of thinking.

  7. What did Romney say during the campaign about – if he told the people about his plans, people would not vote for him.

    And yet STILL there were people that voted for this man.

    • Isn’t the Heritage Foundation where the former Senator from North Carolina – JIm DeMint – is the head honcho?

      I wonder……how much money has this Tea Party darling been sucking off the government teat and continues to do so?

      That is the one glaring hypocrisy I’ve heard from the Tea Party.

      These folks get their tightie-whities in such a twist over all that government spending…..but when those government checks is made out in their names – then it is OK by them.