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democrats vs republicans


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  1. Wow, those are some pretty stunning numbers. And yet… the repukes are known as the party of “bidness” and financial institutions load them up with campaign donations. Talk about voting against your own interests.

    Seriously, this is the power of branding. Democrats have allowed the repukes to control the branding not only of the republican party but also the Democratic party. It’s going to take some seriously good and well executed branding strategy to turn the public opinion tide. And, Democrats will have to stop playing into the repuke hands. Maybe the Dems are branded as weak flip floppers because they have been? They are going to have to stand up and speak the truth over and over, and then walk the talk.

    And figure out a way to put Fux News out of business. All nice and legal and all, but out of business none the less. I’ve never been a fan of the Fairness Doctrine since I believe in the First Amendment, but the pendulum has swung too far against truth and too far towards Pravda style propaganda.

    Dems are not the only ones who need to grow a spine. Journalists do too, and we have to figure out a way to pay for real journalism and not relay on free hackers. That’s why newspapers are so important for their in-depth reporting, not that they don’t have their hacks as well. If we don’t figure out a model for supporting real journalism, all the lies and half-truths that lead to LA ‘pukes blaming Obama for Katrina, and the misconceptions about what each party has accomplished regarding the economy, we are going to slip further into ignorance and gridlock.

    Sigh. More coffee. Writing a post like this is not a good way to start the day…

    • How an our so-called journalists do their job when the corporate elites own them?

      As long as the Repukes have their Bible Thumpers as cheerleaders- too many people will be fooled…

  2. Barry Goldwater warned of “The Preachers” who were going to take over the Republican Party:

    “Mark my word, if and when these preachers get control of the [Republican] party, and they’re sure trying to do so, it’s going to be a terrible damn problem. Frankly, these people frighten me. Politics and governing demand compromise. But these Christians believe they are acting in the name of God, so they can’t and won’t compromise. I know, I’ve tried to deal with them.”

    Turns out Barry was a modern-day Nostradamus.

    That branding without basis can only work on an uneducated, ill-informed society that no longer even knows how to think. Thus the republican goal to destroy education and own the airways. If you dissect what they’ve done over the past 30+ years it’s clear that has been a big part of the plan to keep the people in line and afraid. Fear is dispelled by knowledge. Here’s an op-ed that addresses the lack of science and technology as intellectual pursuits . The author underscores that science — and the broader way of thinking that comes with it — trains its adherents and practitioners to relish the very act of questioning for its own sake, of figuring out what’s true and false, of determining what works and what fails

    (from the link): “The triumph of Western science led most of my professors to believe that progress was inevitable. While the bargain between science and political culture was at times challenged — the nuclear power debate of the 1970s, for example — the battles were fought using scientific evidence. Manufacturing doubt remained firmly off-limits.

    Today, however, it is politically effective, and socially acceptable, to deny scientific fact.”

    Welcome to the Age of Denial

  3. An interesting map showing “interstate movement of income over the past decade (from 2000 to 2010). When a person moves to a new state, their income is added to the total of all other incomes in that state. This positively affects the total taxable income in his or her new state, and negatively affects the income in the state he or she left.”

  4. Republican states fighting against women are spending lots of time, money and resources to control women and restrict women’s rights. Although they have made women’s reproductive rights more restrictive, they aren’t meeting with as much success as they want. Women must be vigilant in informing and encouraging other women to vote!

    The link below talks about what’s happening at the state level, in the courts and makes some predictions about future court actions.

    (from the link): “State legislatures trying to curtail abortions have suffered a 0-for-8 losing streak after court challenges to their new laws this year.

    The laws, all but one signed by Republican governors, drew on ideas from a playbook created by an anti-abortion group.’

    New Abortion Restrictions in States Are 0 for 8 in Courts

  5. SATIRE. Well, kind of… 🙂

    (from the link): “LOUISIANA – When asked in a recent poll whether they thought George W. Bush or Barack Obama was more responsible for the poor response to Hurricane Katrina, 73% of Louisiana Republicans surveyed chose either President Obama or ‘Not Sure.’ This despite the fact that at the time of Hurricane Katrina, Obama was a first-year Senator from Illinois who had absolutely no involvement in the Federal response.

    “It wasn’t even supposed to be a serious question,” explained Dean Debnam, President and CEO of Public Policy Polling, the company which conducted the poll. “We got paid for four questions, but they only gave us three, so we tossed in that one as a sort of joke.”

    Debnam then paused, shaking his head in wonder. “When the results came back… wow. We never imagined that level of stupid even existed.”

    Political analyst Charlie Cook, himself a Louisiana native, attempted to make sense of this imbecilic disconnect from reality. “One must remember that Hurricane Katrina was incredibly traumatizing to the people of Louisiana,” he said. “It is only natural that, well, that they would, uhm…”
    “Oh forget it, they’re just stupid,” he finished.

    Republican Senator David Vitter of Louisiana was not surprised by the results of the poll of his constituents. “Hey, I have to deal with these people during Republican primaries,” he said. “If I want to keep my job, I have to deny climate change, parade around as an unapologetic homophobe, say that abortion is not a ‘women’s issue,’ push forward misleading, xenophobic attacks on immigration issues, and propose legislation to allow gun owners to carry concealed weapons from state to state. And that’s just this week.”

    He then added, “Who knows what kind of crazy shit I’m gonna have to claim to believe to get these idiots’ votes tomorrow?”

    Louisiana Republicans Stake Claim as Dumbest People in the World

    • ROFLMFAO! That has got to be satire. Vitter would never admit that…..

      • Evidence of rampant stupidity in Louisiana – is the overwhelming victory of David Vitter even AFTER his tearful confession (of course, with his little woman by his side) of his – shall we say penchant for prostitutes?

        Yeah……Louisiana brags about their Christian folks……and then Bibles get thumped…

  6. Bob White

    OH; That’s right! Now I remember why I left the Republican Party and became a Democrat; even if it was in Kansas. Results for the voters.
    I sure wish the KS Democrats would get a plan for organizing that was not a ‘big business model’; and a predictable failure. “Let’s have a meeting in Wichita or Topeka; maybe 400 people will show up, we’ll tell them what to do and we can call it good!”

  7. Hey ……Everybody……

    I just got some GREAT news a few days ago…

    I am going to be a Grandma – again – due to arrive in March 2014.

    Our daughter is pregnant with her first baby….

    • Fantastic news, indy, BTW, both of my girls were born in March, so I think that’s a good month for lineal descendants to be born.

    • What a great way to end a day — hearing wonderful news! A baby. 🙂

    • Thanks 6176 and fnord…..

      We’ve e got birthdays spread all over the calendar in my family – but March falls right between the granddaughter in February and my own in April.

      But….no matter when a grandbaby is born ….it’s a great day!!

      BTW – with my 2 1/2 year grandson getting to the stage where is ‘too big to be picked up and kissed’ – this grandma needs a new baby to fuss and kiss all over…..LOL

      I will not be one bit surprised when the new baby arrives – that one certain little grandson will quickly change his mind about being too big for kisses from grandma – what do you think?

      • In a pure display of how life works…

        Next Wednesday will mark my brother’s death from liver cancer. That was also the same month I started with that new oncologist and I started to make my remarkable recovery from my own cancer scare.

        And to think…..that was 6 years ago.

        Sometimes – those 6 years feel like only yesterday.

        And then – other times – those 6 years feel like a million years ago.

        But…whatever life has in store for me……I know that my daughter has now had her wish come true to be pregnant with her first baby.

        And – that is something that I can be truly thankful and excited.

        Isn’t life great?

  8. Radioactive Leak at Fukushima