Wednesday, 8/21/13, Public Square

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  1. Just for fun! About a dozen silly questions are asked and I didn’t find the answers surprising. Kansas is the answer to one question! How would you have answered these questions?

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    MAPS: A Poll Asked America Which States Were The Drunkest, The Hottest And Which Had The Silliest Accents

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  2. Here’s one of many articles addressing what I hope is the beginning journey of the Republican Party back to sanity, back to civility, back to reason. It’s a journey sorely needed! I do hope their differences can be reconciled in a way that makes them a viable political party once again. America deserves much better than tea party evangelinuts!

    GOP leaders don’t like the GOP, either!
    In Maine and Iowa, state Republican leaders are fleeing the party — but for very different reasons

    Are these the spokespersons for the Republican Party?

    • I think republicans like Rand Paul and Ted Cruz may help drive the return to sanity. Nothing like showcasing the radicals to motivate people to speak up about that not being their values and those nutjobs don’t speak for any American with a lick of sense. They appeal to, and encourage, the lunacy of the types who carry signs that read: Keep Government Out Of My Medicare.

      Will Rand Paul and Ted Cruz convince people to continue doing the bidding of the mega wealthy and that gawd hates the same people the evangelinuts hate? Does that sound a little like creating gawd in your own image? No moral failure there, huh? Will they threaten the full faith and credit of the United States over the debt ceiling? Will they continue lying to their constituents that defunding or repealing Obamacare is possible? Cruz personally doesn’t have to worry about health care: As a Canadian, he gets free health care in Canada, and as a U.S. Senator, he gets gold-plated health care (bought from an Obamacare health care exchange that he only has to pay 30% of the costs since taxpayers pick up the other 70% — Cruz likes Obamacare for himself but Americans don’t deserve it), as well as a $179,000 a year salary and a generous expense account from We The People.

      Are these the spokespersons for the Republican Party?

      • btw, if ‘birthers’ aren’t going to go onandonandon about Cruz, they should STFU about Obama. Logic and reason aren’t their strong suits. I refer you, once again, to one of their signs, that reads: Keep Government Out Of My Medicare

        Are these the spokespersons for the Republican Party?


    David Frum is Canadian, and he was a presidential speechwriter in the early days of the George W. Bush administration. Until he got a waiver of the rules, he had to have an escort literally everywhere he went in the White House. He was even detained once for a violation of this protocol, as he explained in his book The Right Man: