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  1. Lots of people out here are needed new water wells. I mean lots. The drought has just caused so many pumps to pull sand and air. I’m talking about wells for homes and livestock, not irrigation wells. The irrigation guys can go pound sand, no pun intended. But people and their animals need good water.

    Some wells, like mine, are just old and the casing is crumbling and drawing in sand and tree roots find their way in because of the drought. Trees are thirsty too out here and they’ll go to any depth to find water. But most people need deeper wells because the water table has dropped so far, their wells are pumping air and sand.

    ALL the people who do well drilling are so busy that there is a year long wait to get a well drilled. No matter who you call, they say they’ll put you on the list with no promise of how long it will take to get to you. Bad news if it’s your house or the only well you have for cattle or other livestock.

    It’s dire out here are the farther west ya go, the worse it gets. And then, what happens if the water table drops further in future years? At $5000 a pop, people can’t afford to drill too many times. And all because of the drought, over appropriation of water rights for over thirty years, and over use of the existing groundwater. It’s fossil water and won’t be replenished even if the rain comes back.

    So…why oh why to these red state red necks vote repuke and why are they some of the biggest supporters of fracking, irrigation, and denial of climate change. It’s so damn stupid it just boggles the mind. Don’t elephants need a lot of water to live? I guess that’s why they migrate to DC instead of staying here in Kansas and suffering the consequences of their decision.

    Population outmigration anyone? I hope the last person leaving Kansas turns out the lights….

  2. I was aware of most on the list, but not all.

    (from the link): A potential run for the presidency led Sen. Ted Cruz to learn he’s a Canadian citizen.

    Born in Calgary to American parents, the Texas Republican released his birth certificate to the media to confirm he is a U.S. citizen, then learned that Canadian law also considers him a citizen of that country.

    Cruz plans to renounce his Canadian citizenship. But he’s not the first potential presidential candidate to face questions about whether he can run under the Constitution’s requirement to be a “natural-born citizen.”
    Here’s a quick look at some previous controversies.


  3. MAP: Global Flood Damage Could Exceed $1 Trillion Annually by 2050
    Find out which cities are most at risk.


  4. Last night….I found myself on the receiving end of yet another forwarded email message from that ex-friend – TeaPot loving – devoted Catholic….Obama-hating…..

    Well – I have had my fill.

    This woman has filled up my email box with all her GOP crappola…..so I decided to turn the tables on her.

    And what did it – you may ask?

    I replied to her most recent rant – and told her I did not find it funny or humorous

    She told me – it was just meant to be funny – and I need to lighten up and not take everything so serious.

    Excuse me, but when is being a Tea-Pot Obama Hater and totally disrespecting their president a ‘funny thing’?

    So…..last night….I decided to fill up her email box with all kinds of ‘funny’ cartoons.

    Some were political and some were religious…….

    But…suffice to say……this TeaPot loving devoted Catholic probably did not like what I sent to her…

    I sent professionally drawn cartoons…….and I reminded her that other folks must think these cartoons were funny …

    and ….just lighten up – don’t take everything so serious.

    Hmmm…I suspect my ex-friend would be one of those jackasses who are bellyaching about the Muslim bulletin board display.

    You see…….everything is ‘just a joke’ when they get caught mocking and ridiculing the other guy….

    But don’t these jackasses stop their cackling when it is THEIR politics and/or religion that is the butt of the jokes?

    Sad to say….I’ve had a friendship with this woman for going on 20 years.

    We’ve always had differences of opinion – but before this past year, neither one of us would have bring up the topics of politics or religion.

    That was BEFORE the damn TeaPots came to those town halls.

    .Isn’t it sad that so-called Christians are so blind they cannot see that they are the ones who have turned off many, many people…..because of their hatred, ignorance and arrogance?

    • fnord – I know you made the comment a few days ago about how I was not capable of being a mean person.

      I know I let you down last night… LOL.

      It felt damn good to push the send button to let my ex-friend know exactly what I think…

      I’ve had to be put up with her forwarding me every Far Right Wing Crappola for the past few years and I’ve not said much to her…..

      But those days are gone…


      • She obviously thinks you need to have emails explaining her opinions so why should she be surprised when you return the favor?

      • She obviously thinks she is the one that has all the answers…..as soon as he gets her talking points from the Foxxies in the Hen House…

        BTW – one of those cartoons was about Foxxies…..

        I’m sure she loved that particular one….

      • Oh well…

        I told her the last time – when I asked her politely to not send me any more of those forwarded emails – that I did not do that to her email box….so I would appreciate her not filling up my email box with al that crap.

        I just think this current Republican Party has gone so far over the edge of civility or any reasonable resemblance of being sane – that she just doesn’t ‘get it’.

      • I agree. The tea baggers aren’t just stoopid but very mean, and many of them are evangelinuts to boot!

        I was just reading about republicans in the state of Maine who are unenrolling from the Maine Republican Party. They’ve had it. It gave me a glimmer of hope. America needs at least two strong political parties.

      • Maybe these wannabe Jesus freaks are sweeping themselves out of their Golden Idol Temple called the GOP?

        I wonder…..who gets to carry out their Golden Idol Statue of Ronald Reagan?

  5. Oh well….I’m sure on her one of her lists – either the list for those in need of prayer or her -shit list filled with those folks who do not worship every Far Right Winger GOP clown in that clown car.

  6. If you like chicken…..have you tried the new Bud E Roosters restaurant on West 21st Street – in the plaza just east of the Warren Theatre?

    There is a drive-thru and a sit-down area …..but we did not go inside.

    The chicken was very, very good.

    If I did not know better – I suspect the recipe is a lot like Chick-Fil-A chicken….. because the breading is not that thick stuff that is too common at a lot of restaurants around here.

    There is a fried chicken salad on the menu….which is what my husband got.. It was very good.

    So…..if you want to try something different – give Bud E Roosters a try..

    I was pleasantly surprised …..the chicken was very moist….I got a 9 piece nugget combo meal ( because I like to have leftover chicken for lunch the next day) – and there was ALOT of chicken left over.

    Those nugget pieces were huge when compared to the other places in town..

    • BTW – we did not see any grilled chicken on the menu……I found their website and I have asked what their breading is made of….and if there was a grilled chicken option available.

      I’ll let you know..