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puppets for koch bros


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    While I believe this is little but wishful thinking, there is a nugget toward the end concerning voter motivation. After considering the conclusion reached, I conclude it is correct. Something to think about, huh? 🙂

    • I’ve often told my Republican friends that their party has become the butt of every joke.

      The GOP has allowed certain Far Right Winger Clowns to be in the driver’s seat of the GOP clown car – and this is why the majority of independents and moderate Republicans are turning away from them.

      But — more than that. I view the GOP as being a bunch of ignorant and arrogant little cusses……and I don’t want to be associated with that type of people.

      Is that so hard to understand?

      For example – that rodeo clown stunt at the Missouri State Fair.

      Who in their right mind would think that would be a good thing to do?

      Answer: the same people who applaud when Rick Perry brags about Texas executing over 250 prisoners.

      The same people who actually booed an active-duty soldier while he was overseas simply because he asked a question about gay rights.

      The same people who sit and yell for the man without health insurance to die.

      Yeah….those are the people I view as ignorant and arrogant.

      Isn’t it also too bad a lot of these folks have the audacity to call themselves Christians?

      • Yes, it is too bad.

        We are holding our 45th High School Class Reunion this Fall. A page has been established on Facebook for the class, and things have been cordial (for the most part). Recently, one of those primarily responsible for the existence of the page and a heavy contributor has been silent for days upon end. Discreet inquiry has revealed she has blocked many of us so she doesn’t interact with our silliness and with those whose political and religious views don’t coincide with hers. I’m proud to say I am one she has “blocked”, which happened right after I gave her a gentle reminder that the Good Book admonishes us to “Judge not. . .”. Yet, she has the unmitigated gall to call herself a “Christian”, which, given her status as the wife of a Nazarene minister, I guess is mandatory.

        Interesting tidbit: she is not listed among those who are graduates in our class, picture does not appear in the yearbook, and was not allowed to attend classes or participate in the commencement festivities. This was a fate granted those women who were impregnated and suffered a “shotgun” wedding (there were eight of them) our Senior year. She maintains it was solely due to her being married before our Senior year, a crock given the existence of three other girls who were married before or during the year but who were not pregnant who were fully included in school and all official class activities. Hmm, wonder what the truth is. Of course, she rails against contraception, female reproductive choice, the ACA, etc., etc., all while trumpeting her “Christianity”. And, did I mention that I am looking at a door that scored 40 points higher than she on the Stanford-Binet V?

        At the moment, the three primary organizers are hoping against hope she and her flock-fleecing husband aren’t able to come. They are going to be severely disappointed, as she has made it very clear they will be present.

      • “I am looking at a door that scored 40 points higher than she on the Stanford-Binet V?”


        Good one, 617. Damn, I miss you when you are not here!

      • A wholesome, loving, Christian Mother concerned for her son —

    • “…the party’s inability to extend its appeal beyond an impassioned but isolated conservative constituency…”

      No shit, Sherlock! If those nutjobs (“impassioned but isolated conservative constituency”) had the sense God gave a goose they could also see there is nothing appealing. But they don’t, and that’s okay because their numbers are small and getting smaller. Deliberate and willful ignorance is not a virtue.

      • That “impassioned but isolated conservative constituency” would rather go down in massive defeat than compromise. Reminds me of a John Prine song called Sweet Revenge.

        “I got kicked off Noah’s Ark for making unkind remarks about two of everything and one of me. And as the rain came tumbling down, I held my breath and I stood my ground. And I watched that ship go sailing out to sea.”

      • Don’t miss this one! Jim Wright at Stonekettle Station does an even better job on this one than he has done on many of the exemplary blog posts he has made in the past!

        “In a republic such as ours, willful ignorance and deliberate stupidity are not virtues.”

        This assumption was explicit in the founding of America. It’s why originally only landed white males could vote, because they were assumed to be exactly those people, educated, intelligent, and reasonable. When education and freedom were extended to all citizens, those explicit assumptions were extended as well – or vice versa, depending on your viewpoint.

        Certain things directly follow from this basic idea:

        — A government of the people implies that if the population is on average cooperative, educated, informed, and reasonable so too will be the resulting government.
        –Likewise, in a representative democracy, an unreasoning and uncooperative population tends to produce a government of obstinate braying jackasses who are incapable of running the country. And typically, once this state exists, collapse or transition (by whatever means) to a more effective form of government (of whatever type) usually follows.

        That’s the Achilles Heel of a democratic republic.


    • Very interesting. The problem as I see it is in off year elections, as in non-presidential elections. The voters in those elections tend to be old, white and conservative.

      I hear Howard Dean is thinking of another presidential run in 2016. Oy. I like him a lot and you know I LOVE Hillary, so I hate to see them duke it out, but the good thing is Dead will drag all the dem candidates slightly to the left, which is a very good thing. They need to quit being repuke lite and be real Democrats.

      Anyway, the reason I brought up the good Dr. Dean is that when he was the head of the DNC, his fifty state strategy brought us the majority in the House in 2006, an off year election. His strategy and execution of it won the day in the off year. That is exactly what needs to happen in 2014. BRING BACK HOWARD DEAN TO THE DNC!

      Obama needs to turn his vaunted gotv machine on high in 2014 so he can finish his agenda in his second term, avoid wasting time on an impeachment effort, cement ACA, and appoint some damn judges that aren’t in the wingnut bag.

      I tell ya, just like Chris Matthews, the thought of Madam Speaker Pelosi gives me a tingle up my leg. Imagine her in that capacity with Hillary as president in 2016, and maybe a new Senate Majority Leader like Kristen Gillenbrand. Things in America would be looking up in a hurry with that team, and Elizabeth Warren as Treasury Secretary.

      As Howard Dean would say “AHHHGGGGGGGG!”

    • wicked

      617, I’m sure the same would happen in my class, if allowed. Small-minded people abound, these days. Go, have a super time, and I’ll keep my fingers crossed that everyone else besides that particular student and her hubby either don’t attend or are ignored to the max. 😉

  2. They have nothing. And their desperation is showing.

    (from the link): “Former Vice President Dick Cheney has suggested that the GOP subpoena former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton again on Benghazi

    Fine and dandy. Let us first subpoena Mr. Cheney to testify about 9/11, Iraq, torture and the outing of CIA agent Valerie Plame.

    Unlike former Secretary Clinton, who has testified to Congress for hours on Benghazi, Cheney has never testified for one minute before Congress on any of these matters.”

  3. After you’ve thought about how Republicans “might blow what everyone believed to be a rigged game much sooner than expected, and not keep the House majority, you may want to read this article and think about the question it asks.

    Can a Republican Win 270 Electoral Votes in 2016…or Ever?

    • Here’s the zinger from the link above —

      “The GOP’s biggest problem is that Democrats start with 246 electoral votes

      As Republicans gear up to “take back the White House” conservatives need to be aware of one startling fact: in 2012 if Romney had won the three swing states of Ohio, Florida, and Virginia, he still would have lost the election.

      Let me repeat, if only for the shock value: 246 votes out of 270 is 91 percent. That means the Democrat candidate needs to win only 24 more votes out of the remaining 292. (There are a total of 538 electoral votes.)”

  4. Factor in that Koch money finances both ALEC and the teavangelinuts and you might get more republican support in red states, but the reality of the electoral college remains the same. For every so-called “Conservative” influenced by the Kochs you have an (at least) equal and opposite effect in a highly motivated Democratic voter (especially women and minorities). ALEC written laws hurt us and our families and we see that it’s republicans who support those laws. When you get to Independent voters you can’t possibly have any positive influence when you have NO ideas beyond saying NO, and hurting real people while throwing ever-increasing and highly visible support to the most wealthy. Plutocracy is a word more and more Americans are learning to define.

  5. Bob White

    Regarding today’s post, I do not wonder “Who?” And I believe their motives are very clear. That is enough for me. I don’t like them.

  6. wicked

    I’m coming in late and apologize. I’m enjoying the quiet, in spite of 10 miles of driving kids to school every day. The 10 miles doesn’t technically start until Wed, when youngest starts pre-K. Anyway, I’ll go back up to the top in just a sec.

    Did anyone watch the news tonight about Minneha school and some of the parents in an uproar over the studying of different religions related to history?

    There sure are a lot of morons in this city and state.
    Here’s the link:

    Wichita district to send letter to parents explaining “Islam Bulletin Board”

    • Some 19 years ago, a similar controversy arose at Northeast Magnet High School over the teaching of the “Creation Myths” of different cultures in World History. The complaints of parents (primarily) who, in the words of a good friend of mine, had “been born one too many times” ranged from the teaching of anything but Genesis Chapter 1 as a story of creation to the inclusion of the Genesis story (both versions) in the term “Creation Myth”. The upshot was the cessation of showing the various stories of creation among the world’s cultures as a part of the course, thereby perpetuating the general ignorance of the populace, contrary to what I believe real education is or should be all about.

      The deliberate pursuit of continued ignorance, which I believe is necessary to the existence of organized religion, is anathema to our form of government which, by necessity, relies upon an educated populace for its continued success. Such was once again illustrated by the flap at Minneha, a tempest in a teapot that was given too much attention by the local media. My personal reaction to the protesting parties was to think “F**k them and the horse they rode in on”. Once again, the willfully ignorant won in a battle that (if the administration had any balls) should never been allowed to happen. This should clearly reveal why I would be terminated as a teacher or principal within 30 seconds after my first “conversation” with any stupid Oedipus who had a student in my class/school.

      • Heh, 617. All of what you stated above is why I NEVER ever considered a career in education. “teh stoopid” would just make me go postal.

        I also have those thoughts about what to do with the willfully ignorant and their steeds.

      • But, it sure would be worth any price of admission to witness. 🙂

      • It is Kansas and the direction evangelinuts move is backwards. If we get back far enough will that end their need to rewrite history and the role religion played in that history? Can’t they just ride in on their dinosaurs and make brand-new history without all those ‘inconvenient’ parts that should be ignored anyway since they counter what the evangelinuts have chosen to believe?

  7. When people are busy tearing down a religious display – does that mean those same people do NOT believe in our Constitutional Right to Freedom of Religion?

    I know….I know…..this concept is beyond their pointy-little heads….