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  1. I haven’t commented on the rodeo clown. It’s the kind of news I abhor, the kind of news every reasonable adult should abhor.

    I remember during my tenure on the federal grand jury the prosecutors asked for an indictment against a man (right here in Kansas) who had threatened the life of President George W. Bush. Of course that indictment was returned. Reasonable adult people don’t threaten the life of our president.

    Reasonable adult people simply don’t behave in the ways of the rodeo clown and the too many others who came before him. None of them, no matter who they hate and no matter what their political views, should be tolerated by a civil society.

    And you know one more thing reasonable adult people don’t do? They don’t glorify the sick mind who does these sort of absurdities. They don’t invite them to do the same thing at an event in another state, they simply don’t encourage them. You don’t dignify their repulsive behavior by supporting them!

    • I just heard about his story on MSNBC – Joy Reid is substituting for Melissa Harry Perry this weekend.

      What the Hell is going on?

      Sounds like Glenn Beck is going to take up the torch for this most recent Obama-Hating campaign so the Far Right Wingers can snicker and laugh….but don’t you DARE call them a racist.

      Gag me with a spoon…..

      One thing Joy Reid did point out to one guest that was trying to defend the Conservatives is this – look at the lips on that mask. Does that not make it a racist message?

      This is no different than those Far Right Wingers who sent those racist emails about Obama – portrayed as a witch doctor – or the watermelons on the front lawn of the White House.

      But……let’s not forget….Glenn Beck was the Radio Shock Jock that came right out and said that Obama is the racist because he hates white people.

      What I find truly ironic is some of these Far Right Wingers will come back with the argument that Obama is half white – so they are not being racist.

      Yeah….only one problem with that argument – I truly believe these Far Right Wingers are upset because the white half of Obama is not the dominant feature.

      Just imagine if Obama is the same biracial president he is today…..but Obama’s skin color was white (that ol’ white dominance factor).

      Would these same Far Right Wingers be able to carry on with their racist tirades against Obama?

      I don’t think so…

      AND this is what is scary – IMHO.

      Ignorance + arrogance = Far Right Wingers

      • I also watched Joy Reid yesterday and prior to her program, I did not know the radio announcer had said to the crowd “who would like to see this guy trampled?” WTF? Ok, the whole thing was racist and inappropriate and all but that comment took the cake. To me, it was the same as threatening physical harm.

        And the crowd cheered.

        I swear I have no idea how this country slid downhill so far so fast. I’m beginning to think there will be no resolution or compromise until we hit civil war and then all hell will break loose given that we have effectively created a domestic army with law enforcement armed to the teeth with military weapons.

        Once great Kansan called it over fifty years ago. The military industrial complex took over and opened the door to the rise in all corporate power. Real people just don’t stand a chance anymore to make it in America.

      • wicked

        I missed this and am probably glad I did. I really don’t like being angry, but since the party of stupid continues to show their stuff, I don’t really have a choice. grrrrrr

  2. One more thing – whenever you hear some Conservative Republican demonizing the moderate Muslims for not denouncing their fringe fanatics…

    Just cite this Obama clown political theatre to them (and then many other such examples since 2008) – and then ask the CON why they are NOT denouncing their own fringe fanatics..

    The GOP has demonized blacks, Hispanics, women and the poor (of all color).

    Who the hell has this current crop of GOP clowns not pissed off?

  3. I haven’t commented on the rodeo clown. It’s the kind of news I abhor, the kind of news every reasonable adult should abhor

    What I am waiting to see is how these mega corporate church preachers and televangelists handle this latest GOP stunt.

    Will they denounce it?

    Or will they further the ignorance and arrogance of their base – the Far Right Wingers who seem to have this idea that God loves them the best and they can do whatever the hell they want to do….and still get their pointy little white-hooded head patted when they give their tax-free donation to their mega church preacher and/or televangelist.

    • Yes, I am still very C-Y-N-I-C-A-L about these mega churches and televangelists…..( I can safely say that I will probably always feel this way towards these tax-free corporations masquerading as followers of Jesus)

  4. What if the Rodeo Clown had been dressed in a white robe with a white pointy hood wearing a mask of George W. Bush over his face?

    Can you imagine the outrage from these same Far Right Wingers who are now ready to put this rodeo clown on some pedestal?

    Just wait for it……pretty soon we’ll be hearing chants that the rodeo clown is the real victim of racism ….

    just wait for it…’s coming…..

    I am still waiting for the mature and moderate Republicans to take their party back away from these Far Right Wingers. There has been a cancer growing inside the GOP – and it’s time to cut that damn out….

    The GOP civil war is a welcome event – IMHO

    • That cancer was implanted in the GOP by none-other-than Ronald Reagan….when he invited Jerry Falwell and his Gang into the driver’s seat of the GOP clown car – IMHO

      Pure evil is when a group of self-righteous, pious churchy people get it in their heads they are on a mission from God. And what it makes pure evil?

      These folks are usually the ones armed to the teeth with as many assault military-type weapons as their credit cards can buy…………

    • The sad fact……there are a lot of Kansans who would read this article and say – she got what she deserved.

      Therein – lies the real problem – IMHO.

      For being so-called Christians – I’ve never seen so many people hell bent on destroying another person’s entire life.

      I have never seen why the 24/7 harassment of Dr. Tiller and his family – plus his employees’ and their families was NEVER prosecuted – or even seen as a threat?

      But…..just look at the case of Tiller’s convicted cold-blooded murderer – it’s been reported he does have his supporters – even when he is in prison for the rest of his life.

      And…btw….why are taxpayers having to house and feed this murderer?

      Why aren’t these same Conservative Chritsians who love the death penalty advocating to use that death penalty on their beloved idol – the murderer of Dr. Tiller?

      No…instead….this murderer is their hero…..

      I’ll borrow from our good friend….PP

      Jesus wept.

      • Why should I be surprised at these Conservative Christians and their hypocritical behavior?

        I seriously doubt if Jesus is anywhere near those tax-free corporate churches……..

        One of the Ten Commandments is about taking the Lord’s name in vain. Many folks think this is about cursing…..

        I don’t think so …I think this is when a person does something using God’s name to justify their action/agenda.

        THIS is what I see too many times in today’s current crop of Conservative Christians….

        Their actions reflect their hearts are as black as night…….and where there is evil – God cannot abide.

        Indy getting down from her soapbox now…

      • wicked

        Not only Kansans, indy. Far too many others, who think they have the right to control women keep sticking their noses where they don’t belong. A 10-year-old? A gang rape victim? I suppose these idiots believe it’s God’s will and all that crap. As one of the comments said, Karma came back to bite some people in the ass. I’m not one to wish ill on others, but it’s hard not to.

    • *sigh*

      Controlling women seems to be an acceptable practice, even encouraged by women, in Kansas. Do you think it’s along the same lines of abusive women who are convinced they ‘deserve’ the abuse they’re dealt?

      Did you read the comments to the link? At least there are people — obviously most of them outside of Kansas — who understand, who support and respect women.

      • wicked

        I read through the first page. Good people are speaking out. The others need to sit down, shut up, and let their God decide what is right and wrong. Judge not, and all that rot. If I’d had a young daughter who had gone through rape as the two mentioned had, I’d have taken the same actions.

        I don’t know the laws in these cases, but I assume that doctor/patient confidentiality keeps a doctor from reporting things to the authorities. Me? I’d find a nice, sharp knife with a 10″ blade (now legal in KS), and make sure those males would never again have the ability to rape anyone. That’s MY choice. 😉

      • wicked – from your lips to Goddess’s ears.

  5. I see too many people who must not have confidence in their God. They say they are doing God’s work. Guess that’s because their God isn’t capable?

    Women will put an end to this, they will stand up for themselves and their rights. Many women are quietly making inroads, no chest pounding or measuring dicks, just quietly changing the world. We are half the population. We are up to the task.

    • Women do not take pride in pissing contests.

      Women are generally too damn busy trying to keep everything going smoothly so their big Neanderthal males can all piss off……..

  6. Bob White

    I believe we will find that most of the rodeo crowd are Tea Party types just like all the other GOP nominees and they will all receive a major voter rejection whenever the vast majority shows-up to vote …. but there-in lies the biggest problem; getting that vast majority to the polls to vote. And we still call it a democracy?

    • I heard a panelist today say that what we are witnessing from the GOP state legislatures and their GOP governors on issues of women’s health, women’s rights, minorities’ right to vote and immigration is BECAUSE the Democrats did not come out in 2010 to vote..

      Hopefully that lesson has been learned…….and 2014 will not be a repeat of stupidity