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  1. YELP is an online collection of “User Reviews and Recommendations.” Among the many times you may want to consult them is if you’re visiting a town and wondering where to go or you’re thinking of trying a new business in your familiar stomping grounds. You go to YELP to see what other people thought. It’s like shopping online and reading the reviews from people who previously purchased that item before hitting BUY.

    ALEC is the group responsible for pushing transvaginal ultrasound laws, stand-your-ground laws, and voter disenfranchisement in state legislatures around the country. This corporate law-making body writes the laws and buys the politicians needed to get those laws passed in ‘conservative’ states. Legislators in liberal states don’t pass ALEC written laws because they hurt real people and are designed to promote the Corpocracy.

    ALEC joined YELP and they didn’t fare well. Nope. I just checked and they have 2,461 reviews currently and most of them are negative, giving ALEC a really poor rating — 1 star. Now that ‘conservatives’ are learning how poorly they’re rated, a few 5-star ratings are appearing.

    Read the reviews ALEC has been given:

  2. Elvis Presley left the building 36 years ago today.

  3. Listen to Richard Crowson perform the ditty he wrote titled, “Cool, Clear Water” 🙂

  4. I like the graphic today, Fnord. No wonder the gopers are freaking out when someone other than the bush/cheney/rice cabal are listening in. I still think that kind of spying is how they did in Elliot Spitzer. Not that I’m a Spitzer fan, but he was closing in on Wall Street, and, well, to quote Brett Butler, “one simply may not speak to the queen that way.”

    We tried to warn the wingnuts on TBTSNBN that someday, all those spying powers would be held by a Democrat and how would they feel then. I remember their answer was “It will never happen.” Well, guess what. It’s happened and will continue to happen until 2017 and maybe beyond.

    Who knew elephants have absolutely no hindsight? I thought elephant’s memories were so good they never forget anything. I guess it’s a different case when they CHOOSE not to remember. All these domestic spying policies (and that is what they are no matter what Obama says) are a big case of “be careful what you ask for because you just might get it” for the republicans.

    All I can say is “we told you so!”

  5. We often hear, “We’ve come a long way, baby.” I contend we haven’t come nearly far enough!

    Here’s an interesting piece. Anti-Suffragette Cartoons. From back in the day when “…voting was for men. In America, when the right to vote was extended to include all races, all social positions, and all incomes, women were still not included. It didn’t matter if a man was illiterate, had been to jail, or if he was the town drunk. He could vote, and a woman, no matter who she was, could not.

    Read the full text here:
    –brought to you by mental_floss!

  6. With little or no rain west of Salina, we’re still fighting the water battles. Russell and Hays have almost drawn down Cedar Bluff to the “dead pool” which is exactly what is says. The lake level that will no longer support life. We predicted that would happen and Hays and Russell both adamantly denied it, as did Joe Harkins, Kansas’ answer to Dick Cheney in the water office.

    Now they are talking about pumping water from the Missouri River for Hays and Russell. WTF? They couldn’t pump water from Lake Wilson but they want to pump it all the way across the state, UPHILL, when Wilson is less than 100 miles away? Huh? Couldn’t be because Wilson is important to Russell’s economy just like Cedar Bluff was important to the counties out here that surrounded it. Yes, Wilson’s water is highly saline, but desalinization plants can be built waaaaaaay cheaper than pipelines and lift stations from the Missouri River. They are INSANE!

    Hypocrits, dumbasses, and mean people suck. Especially when they are sucking the water out of western Kansas. And for what? An ethanol plant in Russell and softball fields and golf courses for Hays? Irrigated corn that is dropping in price everyday?

    I gotta say it. Jesus WEPT!

    Oh and also, another big fat “we told you so!”

    Hope they all die of thirst. Painfully and slowly.

    • You just cannon fix S-T-U-P-I-D…..but then throw in ignorant, arrogant and down right mean…….is it any wonder our state is in such a mess?

      • No kidding, Indy. The director of the Ks Geological Survey said back then, when the fight for Cedar Bluff was on, that “what goes on in Trego County affects the rest of the state in terms of policy.” And, he was right. The policy they set in destroying Cedar Bluff is now haunting Kanopolis, Wilson, Clinton, Perry and other lakes in Kansas. That’s what happens when you politicize the water supply instead of setting a logical, workable policy and then applying it equally. It was that political water fight that made me puke every time I read Sebelius’ name. She facilitated it for political reasons, and then skipped the state, leaving water policy a mess.

  7. FYI, gotta brag a bit if you don’t mind. I’ve been invited to discuss water issues and rural water rights as a guest on a new podcast being put out by the Business Success Center in Austin. I’ll let you know more when it’s ready. Nice to still be remembered by people in Austin.

    • Oh, please keep us in the loop! If there’s a way we can listen that would be even better. The discussion will be a better one because they were smart enough to include YOU!

    • BRAG on PP… deserve bragging rights..

      Is there anyway that podcast could be linked to our blog?

      • I’ll find out how you can listen and if we can link it to the blog. They are just getting this podcast thing set up and I’ll be the first one, so there is some uncertainty about the process. The director of the Center and her husband are friends of thirty years standing, so I think we both believe we’re safe choices for each other! I’m kind of excited about the whole thing and maybe doing more consulting work for them.

  8. While the Republicans have been busy trying to repeal Obamacare – their GOP-based Southern states are consistently on top of the chart for obesity – which is a health risk factor – is it not?

    Notice which states are the leaders of this pack.

    Also notice the correlation between the high poverty rates (dare I say, food stamps?) and the obesity problem.

    So…what does these same Republicans do in tandem with trying to repeal health care for everyone? These folks are busy trying to get rid of food stamps.

    But…..if food stamps are no longer available – and no jobs are being created by those same Republicans who promised to create jobs in 2010 (remember?) – then where does this leave these folks in these Southern States?

    Maybe Alan Grayson was correct in his assessment of the GOP’s health care plan –

    1) don’t get sick
    2) if you do get sick, die quickly

    Hmmmm……NOW what was that upthread about Republicans being seen as stupid, ignorant, arrogant and just down right mean?

    • Ah… not to worry….Sarah Palin will come in and save the day by bringing in a bunch of cookies…..

      Remember she did this when First Lady Michelle Obama came out with her healthy school lunches program.

      I swear – if the current Republicans get any more stupid – what the hell is next that can we expect from this bunch of morons?

  9. I am home this morning because the pipe to our sump pump in the crawlspace became separated from the basement sump pump pipe and we had a minor flooding problem.

    I am just glad that is all that happened……the rain we got last night was horrible and then the lightning…..

    At least this repair was not a major blow to the wallet.

    But, now I need to clean myself up and get to work.

    Have a good day and I’ll check back in later tonight.

  10. I mentioned up thread about Alan Grayson…..I found the video..

    I am so glad Lady Karma saw to it that Alan Grayson got back in to Congress.

  11. While searching for that Grayson video – I happened upon this news story.

    What the hell is wrong with our planet? Now young girls have to hide spoons in their underwear on the hope somebody will listen to their pleas for help ?

    Better hope the person they choose to confide in are not of the idealogy that God gave man the authority to be the masters of women – and women have to obey without questioning.

  12. Woo Hoo!!!!!! Another one bites the dust. Spending more time with his family. heheh. HAHAHAHAAHAH!

    Did you all see this today?

    TOPEKA, Kan. — Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback says Budget Director Steve Anderson is resigning at the end of this month to return to private life.

    Brownback announced Friday that Anderson’s resignation is effective Aug. 31. Anderson has been a top adviser to Brownback since December 2010, a month before the Republican governor took office.

    Anderson is a certified public accountant who was a consultant for the anti-tax, small-government group Americans for Prosperity before joining Brownback’s administration.

    Anderson said in a statement that his family has supported him, but it’s time to be with them.

    Brownback said Anderson’s work helped make Kansas competitive in a global economy.

    But earlier this year, Anderson apologized after supplying Brownback with an incorrect figure that led the governor to make erroneous claims about state spending.”

    Yeah. A 2 BILLION dollar mistake. What a CPA.

    In case I have not said it before, I know this asswipe. His grandparents are from WaKeeney and I went to college with him. In fact, we used to be friends back then. If we ever see each other in person, I’ll give you some real scoop on his nefarious financial activities and why he escaped to Oklahoma one step ahead of the law thirty years ago.

    Seems like nothing has changed other than he’s a Koch brothers butt boy. I wonder who the next Koch butt boy will be who takes his job.

    Donchya just love it when they resign to spend more time with their families? Translation: FIRED!

  13. Jim Ward (D), State Representative of the 86th District in Wichita, asks —

    “What to do if you are the Governor who raised $780 million in taxes on hard working Kansans while giving tax breaks to rich people, made huge cuts to k-12 and higher education, abandoned the most vulnerable Kansans and your poll numbers are terrible? Well Brownback has decided to deny reality and just make stuff up.”

    The first link is to an op-ed that ran July 31st in The Kansas City Star. The second link is a response, dated Aug. 15th, from soon-to-be-former Budget Director Steve Anderson,. The same Steve Anderson who has had problems with numbers in the past.

    The Kansas revenue riddle

    Brownback’s office addresses Kansas revenue riddle
    Read more here:

  14. Any SHRED of credit I might have given Julian Assange…

    Assange Says Rand Paul Is The Only Hope For America