Thursday, 8/15/13, Public Square




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  1. What I find the most disturbing about Republicans and their desire to kill Obamacare is this –

    these self-professing Christians are the ones applauding when Tea Party Darling Ted Cruz and his bunch foam at the mouth with the prospect of denying health care to millions of people.

    WHAT the HELL is wrong with our society?

    • I don’t understand judging others unworthy so I probably will never understand the selfish attitude that would want to see someone be without adequate health care. It’s the same people who don’t mind cutting food stamps. All about that personal responsibility pull yourself up my your bootstraps mentality — usually without any real knowledge of the circumstances that put a person in need. If a human being needs help, why would the first question be do you deserve help? Why those people can ignore that more than 50% of our federal spending is for the military industrial complex and that corporate welfare spending is higher than what is spent on the poor and needy is another mystery to me. American tax money bought adequate health care for Iraqis — you know those Mooslims, and that’s okay… I’m pretty sure I don’t want to understand that kind of mind.

      btw, it’s the exact same people who scream: Keep the government out of my Medicare!

      They’re greedy, mean, selfish, but not too bright. Probably means I need to work more on being tolerant as I should be of all people with special needs.

    • Remember in the ‘puke debates when the crowed cheered Ricky Perry for executing so many people? And in the same debate, they booed a gay soldier?

      I think that says it all. They love killing people, except when they are not people but fetuses, and they hate gays, even if they served honorably with multiple tours of duty in the middle east.

      Just like in the bushco years, if up is down and black is white, you might be a republican.

  2. I like your new picture, fnord.

  3. One Of The Best Summaries Of Our Political System You’ll Ever See. And It’s Only A Minute Long.

  4. As usual, the republican lies are being spread and believed by Faux Noise and their puppets.

    Congress isn’t ‘exempt’ from Obamacare

    The federal government, like most large employers, not only provides the opportunity for its workers to get insurance. It also pays a large portion of the premium. Now that lawmakers and their advisers were going into the exchanges, what would happen to that contribution? Would they just lose the money?

    The answer, the administration decided last week, is no. Lawmakers and their staffs could keep their employer contributions, and apply that money towards the cost of whatever insurance they buy in the exchanges.

  5. Yesterday I managed to be totally awesome at getting everything that didn’t need to be done tackled. Today I will face the consequences — that personal responsibility stuff I’m not supposed to understand since I’m a commie, libaruhl, socialist, something or other. 🙂

    I leave with this —

    “And yet, despite oversampling Republicans and asking misleading questions, the poll still finds that pluralities favor keeping Obamacare and that Republicans would bear the brunt of the public’s wrath if the government shuts down.”

    Right-wing push poll accidentally finds Obamacare popular

  6. “Yesterday I managed to be totally awesome at getting everything that didn’t need to be done tackled.”

    Me too, Fnord. Maybe we need a Procrastinators Anonymous Club? When I’ve got tasks I don’t want to do, no matter how urgent, it’s amazing how many other things I can do instead. Laundry, dishes, and cooking are at the top of the list and none of them make me any money!

    • Me too, it seems that though it was something that has not been done in over five years and now the area can be used again. I was asked why I did not get anything done? I guess one person’s idea of what needs to be done is not what someone else sees needed done.

      • At least we’re all totally awesome! 🙂 I’ve noticed that what I don’t get done waits on me. I say life is short so be kind and start with being kind to yourself — it sets an example for how you should be treated.