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  1. Instead of trying to feed this particular baby…..we need to treat this baby the same way these Far Right Wingers want to treat our government – starve it until it is dead.

    Seriously folks – these Far Right Wingers are out for blood…..IMHO

    • With republicans you can always count on it being about the money to feather their own nest.

    • I would predict that if they got their wish, they would suddenly be screaming at the top of their lungs about what they no long have or could get. Their point is valid in that the level of Government produced and supplied programs and assistance is far the most part unseen. That is that is it so taken for granted and passes as simple common sense. That it is never questioned and even the rich and powerful need it.

      • The rich and powerful have manipulated the government…..and they know exactly how to dangle those gold-plated carrots in front of their targeted Congress Critters.

  2. And it seems many democrats are equally interested in the money that feathers their own nests!


    Lobbyist Secretly Wrote House Dems’ Letter Urging Weaker Investor Protections
    Thirty-two liberal Democrats signed onto a letter drafted by a financial industry lobbyist that aims to block protections for millions of Americans’ retirement accounts.


    • wicked

      Louis Gohmert is a terrorist baby.

    • wicked

      If I’d been Anderson Cooper, I’d have hit a button–or told the control room to hit a button–to bring up a test screen and cut Gohmert’s mic. But then I’m that way.

    • wicked

      There must be something in the Texas water that breeds stupidity. Thank goodness my Texas friends don’t drink the water. 😉

  3. wicked

    Has anyone heard when the coronation for Emperor Sam will be?

    What will the Emperor’s minions say after they’ve kowtowed and granted his every wish, and he screws them over, too?

    I wonder how much Davy and Chuck paid for the KS SC judge? Must have cost them a pretty penny…of OUR money.

    • He hasn’t finished completely destroying our education system or turned Kansas government to a Theocracy. I admit he’s close to those goals but I think the coronation will come after those accomplishments. Until then, his minions only need the promise of a kiss to think they’ve been made love to vs being screwed.

  4. The Rude Pundit is taking a vacation, and running reruns until the end of August. Today’s explanation of his break along with the rerun of what he wrote on May 15, 2006, is not only timely to what’s in the news today, it’s worth your time —


    • wicked

      The thing is, the NSA was eavesdropping long before it was announced. Dan Brown’s book, Digital Fortress, was published in 1998. Fiction, yes, definitely, but Brown gets his ideas from the real world. The NSA was formed in 1952. When did they start spying on civilians? Only the NSA knows, but I’d lay odds it’s been doing these things for at least a couple of decades, if not half a century.

      Should the NSA have been outed? Are there things we shouldn’t know? If so, is this one of them? There is little transparency in governments, including the U.S.. For one thing, there can’t be. “Hey, we’re spying on Hitler!” Folks, we have “legitimate” spy organizations in the U.S.. And we aren’t the only ones. That’s the way the game is played. It isn’t a good game, but playing alone isn’t a good idea, because it gives one group/country an extremely high advantage. Who started the spy game? Probably some caveman, sneaking into a neighboring caveman’s cave and checking out the drawings on the wall. We haven’t evolved all that much.

  5. Speaking of reruns (ie, Rude Pundit), here is the thread getting “hits” today. It was posted by Cap’n on February 18, 2011, titled, “When did you first realize a lot of it was propaganda?” It sparked lively conversations and some who participated we don’t hear from anymore. I miss them all, and enjoyed this walk down memory lane.


    • wicked

      Good stuff! It’s interesting to compare then and now. Have we made headway? Are we stagnating? And by “we,” I don’t mean those of us here, but the entire scope of the country. Currently, women have stood up and shouted their anger, their wants, their needs, and their refusal to be pushed aside.

      I read the article (yesterday?) about the older generation (yeah, me) getting fed up and threatened with losing the things they’ve worked for during most of their lives. Social Security, Medicare and more.

      There are more people out there, and once they lose their benefits/belongings/whatever, they’ll be speaking up, too. Or at least I hope so.

      No matter who it is, be they Rs or Ds or Is, they need to be informed and armed with the truth.

      • I’d say no — as a blog. We are stagnating at best. As a country all the indicators are promising. The economy has improved, Obamacare continues to benefit more people, the Evangelinuts haven’t caused as much damage as they would have under a President Romney, if there is a vacancy on SCOTUS the ‘balance’ won’t go more to the right than it currently is.

        I agree with Gloria Steinem who said, “God may be in the details, but the goddess is in the questions. Once we begin to ask them, there’s no turning back.” Women will vote both in the 2014 midterms and the 2016 general election. And we’re certainly not going to give the majority of our votes to republican candidates since we’ve asked enough questions to know that’s a vote against our own best interests. We must remember gerrymandering and voter suppression laws will take the republicans further than they deserve to go so we must work harder.

      • wicked

        It’s a slow process, fnord. Everybody doesn’t wake up on the same morning and shout, “I’m not taking this anymore!” Too bad, though. 😦

        I must see if Network is available to watch. I am truly loving HBO’s The Newsroom and, as always, Aaron Sorkin.

      • I’m still counting on all the voter suppression laws motivating those who the republicans want to disenfranchise. I think minorities and youth may just be even more determined and all this nonsense will backfire on republicans. I’m full of optimism!

      • wicked

        This was last week (Aug.8, 2013), but the first I’d seen or heard about it.

        CNN’s Dr. Sanyjay Gupta Does An About-Face on Marijuana

        This statement after the article needs repeating. Last week, Illinois became the 20th state to legalize medical marijuana. Public opinion on the topic is changing fast. 20 down and 30 to go. They’re toppling fast.

  6. One more blast from the past getting “hits” today. Then, I promise I’ll quit (at least for today). This one has even more of the bloggers we all miss coming in to talk. Skim it at least — you’ll smile. Best description of the people here (past and present) was what 6176 said yesterday: “…discussions, so very, very different than what I get in Kansas (except here 🙂 ). Rational comments abounded, all made with thoughtful consideration of ALL the facts known, mixed with laughter and good humor. So much fun!”

    This old thread was posted by RD under an alias he used way back when. He wrote it May 13, 2010, and titled it, “WHERE DO YOUR THOUGHTS AND PRECONCEIVED NOTIONS COME FROM.”