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  1. Again today, not liking a president isn’t an impeachable offense. Neither is being black while president. I’m not naive enough to think that will stop those who want to do exactly that so I’ll go on ignoring them. There is much to be pleased about and dwelling on what isn’t pleasing seems to be a depressing enterprise causing people to be grumpy complainers. Upward and onward!

    More rain today. We managed to get the yard mowed between rainy days. All this green in August is a happy sight — not brown and crunchy in Wichita, although I know parts of our state still are. My neighbor says because we hear cicadas we’re within six weeks of frost.

    Public school students in Wichita return to classes this week. I’m not sure where that time went. My youngest granddaughter was both starting and hoping to finish her summer reading list these last few days. 🙂 High-school students haven’t changed much.

  2. Obama is in a job that – to paraphrase Lincoln – you cannot please all the people all the time.

    But…….I do not remember when George W. Bush had racist emails to contend with – and some were sent from government-owned computers on government-time..

    And yet…..the Party of Responsibility said nothing about these things?

  3. Just back from a trip to Chicago with Norma to visit our respective families and be on vacation for a few days. They have had better rains than we (not necessarily more), resulting in some of the finest looking soy beans and corn I’ve seen in quite a while.

    Been missing you here, and will try to become more active in the coming weeks as my life again settles into a routine. Really enjoyed N’s sister and brother-in-law and our discussions, so very, very different than what I get in Kansas (except here 🙂 ). Rational comments abounded, all made with thoughtful consideration of ALL the facts known, mixed with laughter and good humor. So much fun!

    Confession: my granddaughters (now 4 and 14 months respectively) ran me ragged. Humiliating to realize I’m no longer 25. . .

    • Granddaughters are known to run Grandparents ragged….but it’s a good type of feeling tired…..don’t you agree?

    • Good news that we may hear more from you!

      Happy to hear you had fun! It’s neat that she has relatives there too! I know what you mean about those good conversations. It’s not just neat that you have become reacquainted with a classmate from years gone by, but that she is “like-minded.” Makes for good company!

      I must make another trip to Boston very soon. My heart aches to be so far away from those two little grandsons there. On a happier note, my great-granddaughter was four weeks old yesterday and I spent part of the day cuddling with her. Plus, last week in the mail I received precious artwork from the older boy in Boston. The younger one started walking and I’ve seen movies but not witnessed it up close and personal … yet. The older and I speak regularly on the phone. He has a Boston accent and it cracks me up!

    • 617, I am SO DAMN HAPPY for you! No one deserves a happy life more than you. I’m just thrilled to see my fellow wonk so happy. Keep it up, and yes, we always want to see more of you. You are addictive, like potato chips!

    • wicked

      What a wonderful time you had!! Cheers!

  4. wicked

    I must have slept at some point this past spring. Seems it’s been revealed that Ted Cruz, who hopes to run for president, was born in Canada. It’s said his mother was born in the U.S., father is from Cuba. Outed by The Donald, of course. *laughing hysterically* It may be a fun political season coming up, after all.

    • I read somewhere – it has been determined Ted Cruz is legally eligible to run for president since his mother was an American citizen.

      Hmmmm……wasn’t President Obama’s mother an American citizen also?

      It will be very telling to see if these Far Right Wingers try to downplay any allegation of birtherism on to Ted Cruz ….

      Of course, we all know that Far Right Wingers play by their own rules….and will line up in the streets to defend ‘their’ boy.

      • wicked

        Cruz’s mother is or was a U.S. citizen? I don’t know, nor do I really care that much. But it’s interesting to happen on the heels of the Birther b.s.. The law has never been defined by the Supreme Court. If the answer to the question is that she was a U.S. citizen, due to birth, but relinquished her citizenship to become a Canadian citizen before Ted was born, could there be a question? I don’t know the answer. The SC could set a precedence in making a decision. It may depend on the timing…i.e. when he was born. Are Canadians still British subjects and, if not, when did that occur. That was a question about Obama’s father, because Kenyans had once been British subjects. Not that it mattered, because, as you said, Obama’s mother was a U.S. citizen and Barack was born in Hawaii after it became a state.

        Let’s face it. I’m not completely awake yet and have trouble with two sides of my brain working together. I think I’m in my third mind, right now. 😉 As I said, it all made me curious.

      • Pay close attention to this nutjob Cruz. And even closer attention to his even nuttier Father, Rafael Cruz. They are two dangerous hate-filled, greedy, evangelinut theocrats.

        Rafael Cruz fought for Castro in the Cuban Revolution. Rafael became an American citizen in 2005.

        Today, Rafael is a Texas Pastor who gives anti-Obama, anti-healthcare, anti-abortion, anti-gay, pro-bigotry, pro-theocracy and fear mongering hate speeches to promote his son and the republican agenda. Pastor Cruz says President Obama is just like Castro — spreading Socialism, taking away our freedoms and attacking religion — you know, all the rapid republican stupidity.

        Pastor Rafael Cruz quotes:

        “Socialism requires that government becomes your god. That’s why they have to destroy the concept of God. They have to destroy all loyalties except loyalty to government.”

        “Let me tell you, our lives are under attack. Obamacare is going to destroy the elderly by denying care, by even, perhaps, denying treatment to people who are in catastrophic circumstances.”

      • Rafael is reported to be on a tour financed by The Heritage Foundation to slam Obamacare. Someone should ask him how much he paid for his wife’s Canadian prenatal care, his son’s birth and hospital costs, and all the postnatal care his wife and son received as long as they were living in Calgary.