Friday, 8/9/13, Public Square

ban life jackets


by | August 9, 2013 · 6:00 am

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  1. prairiepond

    So, they are saying that a life preserver creates a moral hazard?


    Whew. That’s a good one. Nice find!

    • Uh huh. Personal responsibility.

      Same kind of thinking results in all these laws that help prevent sluts having access to affordable birth control. 🙂

  2. Already I see this ‘vacation’ of congress critters to be interesting. I’ve seen indications republican congress critters are being asked some difficult questions at the town halls and meetings with constituents. Oh sure, there are still those who oppose everything Obama and are willing to cut off their noses to spite their faces, but there are also thoughtful people who see Obamacare is working in the states where implementation is happening with the cooperation of their elected state officials and that the problems occur in those states where the state officials are fighting the federal law.

    People are asking about the benefits of Obamacare and some are wondering why it’s being blocked in their red state, why all the repeal efforts. I’ve watched YouTube videos of these republican congress critters agreeing with certain provisions of The Affordable Care Act — like people with existing conditions now being able to buy insurance that covers that pre-existing condition. I see them attempt to be both for these provisions and against Obamacare. I see people (voters) holding their feet to the fire and not accepting those silly-sounding excuses. I see people who don’t fall for the republican lies.

    I am encouraged. I think too many of the benefits of Obamacare are being realized by too many people to turn back this clock. It is the law of the land, it will go forward, it will be improved but it won’t be repealed.

    • I expect in the very near future to see republican congress critters make great efforts to get some credit for all the benefits being enjoyed due to Obamacare. I think it will be fun to sit back and watch how they do it. Plus I have no doubts their constituents will go right along with this change, never acknowledge they ever thought anything different and give credit to their great republicans for this great benefit they enjoy.

      This improvement to how health-care insurance is bought, delivered and utilized by Americans will need a name change soon because Obamacare will no longer sound menacing but instead give credit where they won’t want credit given. Will they revert back to Romneycare? Will ACA be the new name?

  3. Obamacare supporters trip up GOP town hall agenda

    Rachel Maddow reports on the town halls being held in the home districts of members of Congress in recess and the constituents who are coming out to express their displeasure with the Republican agenda to take away the health care granted under President Obama’s Affordable Care Act.

    GOP’s Tea Party problem at town halls – Video

    Republican lawmakers getting slammed at town halls

    Things are heating up as Republicans get dogged by both sides for their stances on Obamacare

    GOP Town Hall Explodes With Anger: ‘We’re Losing The Country’ So Quit Being ‘Nice Guys’!

    4 Years After Fiery Town Halls, Activists Try To Revive Spark

    Tea partiers get rowdy at town hall after GOP rep. says ‘no’ to govt. shutdown

    • wicked

      I have 2 comments on the first few articles. (I’ll read the others later. g-daughters are screaming for food.) The first is [snort] to all those demanding a government shutdown. It will come back to bite them, very soon. That’s what happens when you’re one of those “on the public dole.”

      My second comment is, “Priceless!” I giggled several times at the moron congress critters trying to backpedal. It’s only going to get better, because one of the says, soon, that chain is going to catch on the sprockets, and the backpedaling will take them straight over the cliff. [snicker]

  4. While republicans play their “Slap Hillary” game and laugh at abuse, this is happening —

    Emily’s List is holding meetings all across the country to introduce and support their initiative named “Madam President.” They’re meeting in Iowa today and yes, if Hillary Clinton decides to pursue the presidency there is great support for her already in place, but if she does not there is a long list of potential women candidates forming, gaining momentum, and recognition. It may take a few more election cycles — although all the anti-women legislation is helping shorten the time it may take. Republicans have underestimated women and I don’t know how long it will take them to realize this. In fact, I don’t really care if they ever realize this.

    Be aware of this “Madam President” movement. Whether you hear about it in the news, or not, it’s happening. It’s going to be lots of fun!

    Here’s a piece about the launch of the “Madam President” initiative —

    EMILY’s List launches ‘Madam President’ campaign

    • Imagine a world where females went on strike — moved narry a finger to help, aid, or assist any man.

      Nah! We’re not out to shut down anything — we’re much better than the republicans who try that tactic. Let’s just concentrate on how we can get women in more leadership roles.

  5. August 8, 2013 |

    “It pains me that in a country of such wealth as ours, so many live in poverty,” Stephen Colbert opened a segment on the minimum wage and the growing activism of low-wage workers last night. “It pains me even more when those people won’t shut up whining about it — ‘I want a union, I want a living wage, I want all my fingers,'” he joked.

    He then exclaimed about how fast food workers are demanding a doubling of their paltry wages to $15 an hour. “What do they think? That those arches are made of gold?”

    Then the comedian made one of his best cracks. “The consequences of a wage increase are too horrible to contemplate. A living wage would eliminate 3.6 million poor people. That’s the kind of thing Hitler used to talk about.”

    Worth watching as Colbert also takes on ridiculous Fox News commentator Neil Cavuto in a segment Colbert calls: “Rich White Guys Agreeing With Each Other.”


    • I have mixed feelings about raising the minimum wage…..

      On one hand, people make more money …but what is there to prevent the prices from going through the roof?

      Just because you may have more paycheck……it is how much can that paycheck buy.

      that is the real issue – IMHO


      • wicked

        I’m right there beside you. Something in addition to raising the minimum wage must happen at the same time.

      • The “Something else” that has to happen is that the increased labor costs of raising wages needs to come out of corporate profits. If the corps try to cover the increased labor costs by raising prices and keeping profits the same or larger, we’ll have inflation out the wazoo.

        At the risk of being too wonky…

        If productivity keeps up with wage increases, no inflation results. But if wages increase faster than productivity, you get inflation, and possibly stagflation. The reason things are the way they are now is that productivity over the last twenty years has risen exponentially while wages have remained stagnant. And the result of that increased productivity with no increase in wages has been record profits and a great widening of the income inequality gap. That’s why corporations are sitting on piles of cash with no where to invest it. Other than in modernizing facilities, which would further increase productivity, and investing it in higher wages for employees.

        But, raising wages suddenly and taking the increased cost from that pile of cash and record profits would only be righting a previous wrong, and would increase the velocity of money without increasing inflation. All Good things.

        But if wages suddenly rise and prices rise with it, and profits stay the same or increase, and also, if there is no concurrent increase in productivity equal to the rise in wages, Katie bar the door on inflation. It’s difficult to raise productivity that fast and so it would likely not keep pace with a sudden increase in wages.

        Most of the gains in productivity over the last twenty years have come from technology, and the pace of that technological growth in productivity has slowed since the early days of the internet and leaps in the semiconductor industry.

        So… raising wages quickly and greatly, without large and rapid increases in productivity will be disaster. Unless, of course, prices remain the same and the increase in labor costs are absorbed from equity and profit. In that scenario, productivity doesn’t have to rise. It merely shifts money from one side of the balance sheet to the other.

        The moral of the story is that a dramatic and rapid increase in wages would not have to increase prices if the money came from profits and hoarded cash. But if corps raise prices to cover the labor costs, we’ll be in hyperinflation so fast it will make your head spin.

        Ok, sorry. Boring lecture done. Class dismissed before you throw tomatoes at the teacher!

      • Ah….but Prairie Pond…..if corporations were willing to give up their death grip on our collective throats – these folks would already be paying their fair share of taxes and possibly not be hoarding their huge profits overseas in tax-free havens.

        I remember a time when corporations tried to be good corporate citizens.

        I remember a time when CEOs did not make the obscene salaries with golden parachutes perks – while their workers get less and less.

        I also remember when the majority of corporations tried to make the formula of

        management + labor = profits and security for everyone.

      • BTW –

        I also remember when workers used to be loyal to their company – who in today’s workplaces can truthfully say they are loyal to their employer – or that their employer is loyal to the workers?

        Dare I say…..not many….

        I also remember the days when a person worked for the same company for 20 or 30 years – and retired from that same company.

        Who the hell can say that now?

        People jump from job to job – company to company – state to state – without any thought.

        I remember the time if you did job-hop too much – a potential employer would look at your resume and see the numerous places you worked and you would be under suspicion as to ‘what is wrong with you that you cannot seem to hold a steady job’.

        Nowadays – people change jobs like they change their underwear.

      • PP — I was not bored for even a mili-second! I read and reread. I love it when you teach! Then I read Indy’s response and realized our chances of those greedy big corporations of today doing what they should do isn’t good.

        Indy, my hubby is considering retiring, as early as next year, from the job he has held since 1974. A family member who currently holds a really good job but has not enjoyed what anyone could call ‘job security’ over his adult years asked recently how anyone could, “sit in the same chair for 40 years.” It was said with a tone of derision that indicated hubby was some kind of weakling, less than, settled for…

      • wicked

        PP, thanks for the lesson in economics. I read it late last night, but my brain had turned to too much mush to reply coherently. Not mush because of what you said, though!

        Now that corps have had free reign and have the money to buy whatever they want, including votes in congress, seeing a turnaround anytime soon is a bit of a pipe dream. Unless voters get smart and realizing they’re voting against their own best interests, not to mention lives, and representatives are elected in two of the branches of government who do their jobs correctly by serving all of us, we probably won’t see a big turnaround in our lifetimes. I hate to think that when my grandchildren are adults, we could truly be a 3rd world country. If the laws the Rs want to enact are passed, we’ll be right back to child labor, no benefits, and more, while the 1% will be erecting castles and hiring indentured servants.

        fnord, I know you like to keep a positive attitude, as much as possible. I wish I could do the same. Instead, I try not to think about it.

      • wicked

        BTW, fnord, I’ll receive my first SS this month. I decided I might as well get it while I can, not to mention I can use it. If I should make more and it’s cut, I’m still in the plus column. Then there’s that little perk of getting some of the ex’s. Karma’s a bitch.

        Whatever your hubby decides will be right for both of you. I applaud him for sticking with one job for all those years. My dad worked one job for nearly 20 years, then worked the next one for 25 and would have stayed, except for mandatory retirement at 65.

      • Yes, I do try to find the good news…

        But I recognize reality. I see the truth in everything you said, wicked. I worry too. It seems a high hill to climb to even get those who don’t want to know what is going on to wake up and participate. It can be done. There is a lot to be said for the attitude of The Little Engine That Could.

      • We have it much better than most! I haven’t taken Medicare because my coverage through hubbies employment is good, but I’m eligible whenever that coverage ends. He is a few years younger than me but qualifies for health care through the VA so we don’t have that problem to face.

        He has loved his job. One of those lucky people whose job is what he always enjoyed doing. We’re weighing where we are and what might be the best decision. Anyone know how much we’ll need to last how long? That kind of info would sure make this decision easier. 🙂

      • wicked

        I am trying to be more positive about many things. There’s a little voice in my head that keeps telling me to ignore anything political, but habits are hard to break. 😉

        I’d rather label myself as a realist, but there’s a bit of pessimism that sneaks in there, far too often. LOL

      • wicked

        fnord, I’d loan you my crystal ball, but it’s broken. I’m thinking of getting one of those magic 8 balls to guide me. 😉

        It did take me some time to make the decision on the SS. Yes, a lot of things to weigh. I lose some things, but gain others. There may be some changes made around here soon that will make some people unhappy, but I have friends who insist that it’s time to think of myself first. When oldest grandson steals $51 from my youngest that was earmarked for her sister’s bridal shower, not to mention the “lost” $35 voice recorder, the broken chair, and that crystal ball, just this week, changes are needed to hold onto the shred of sanity I have left. It wasn’t a good week at the wicked household. It will get better. (See? I can be positive.)

      • Yes. I join in those who are telling you it’s time for a reminder of the respect you deserve, have earned, and should always be afforded! Who better to set that example than YOU? Treat yourself the way you expect others to treat you!

  6. I would like to take a few minutes and ask for thoughts and prayers for the missing 14-yr-old in that Big Ditch this afternoon.

    My husband and I had just been out to lunch down Zoo Blvd when we were driving back to our respective workplaces when we came through that massive group of police cars, fire trucks, rescue trucks, etc.

    It had just happened – and as we passed by, I saw two young teenage boys talking to one of the policemen.

    I was hoping against hope that it was not one of their friends in trouble…

    How tragic to think of anyone’s child in that Big Ditch with all that high water and the current so strong.

    But…up the way from that very spot where this 14-yr-old is missing , I saw a man in that small park with 3 small children down right by the water…..

    What are people thinking?

    I’ve got two small grandchildren…..I would NEVER take them down to a river or the Big Ditch when it is this full and the water is flowing so fast.

    No parent should ever have to deal with a tragedy like this…..

    • Teenagers and what they do without the needed caution and decision making that comes with a little more life experience. So sad. Heartbreaking. Beyond my ability to know the kind of pain it seems some family will be experiencing. My prayers have been with that family ever since I learned what was happening.

    • I’m a long-time Wichitan — started school here, so mark that around 60ish years ago. 🙂

      A few neighbors and I were talking about The Big Ditch this week. A couple of us remembered before it was built. And both of us had memories of playing in flood waters. Our conversation also included memories of the arguments, the nay sayers, the controversy that divided our community before The Big Ditch was built. $20million was an amazing amount of money in the 50s and taxpayers were up in arms about this expenditure.

      I’m blessed to be lucky enough to have survived playing where I should never have been, and blessed further that some progressive people won the battle and The Big Ditch was built.

      • wicked

        I played in the Big Ditch sometime in 1959/1960 or so. I remember when Kellogg/U.S 54 was improved with flyovers near Seneca. There was a deadend, what we called a turnaround, the block north of us, where we rode our bicycles. I also remember, as many of you do, when East Kellogg was totally empty of stores. My neighbor borrowed his sister’s fiance’s Vette, and took me for a ride. Eastgate hadn’t even been built yet. Eastborough sat pretty much by itself at that time. But my dad told even better stories of early Wichita, and I’ve grown fond of looking at old photos. He was born just a few years after the Big Flood, but remembered a lot of floods after that.

    • Trayvon Martin was a teenager without the benefit of a few years of living that may have provided the reasoning, the caution, the improved decision-making processes. Sadly he met up with an adult who didn’t seem to gain any of those improved decision-making processes most adults have learned.

      • Hope I did not leave the wrong impression up thread…. I am not blaming the 14-yr-old kid….but I did think that man with the 3 small children in the park up the way should have had more sense……

        No matter what the reasons for any tragedy….it is always a sad reminder that life is far too fleeting and one never knows what can happen from one minute to the next.

      • Nope, you didn’t leave any impression except your concern over what appears to be a sad tragedy. Don’t think it’s in you to be unkind or less than thoughtful.