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  1. 6176, do you think there is any truth in this piece or is it just more talking head stuff. After all, talking is what they’re paid to do and most of what all of them say is only their opinion — some informed and some not so much. I listen, I read, I pay close attention but must admit to having difficulty in sifting out the chaff. Sometimes I think I garner a better understanding by reading the comments made to the published pieces. But then I still wonder if those comments are an indication of who votes or just who reads and comments.

    Zippy said sane Senators wouldn’t be utopia but an improvement. I do agree. But, decreasing voter apathy would be the improvement I would like most to see. I think it would go a long ways to getting more sane people elected or it would at least prove to me the electorate is well represented by insanity. I remain perplexed at how few vote. I do believe those who pay attention, those who attempt to be informed and those who vote are a teeny tiny portion of our country’s population. Add the next relatively small group of people who do vote consistently but without the paying attention and attempting to be well informed part and you still have too small a percentage of our population making the decisions.

    Tea Party Plans to Abandon GOP Stars

    • (from the link above): “They [tea-party-elected] keep sticking their finger in the eyes of the guys who got them elected,” said Ralph King, a co-founder of the Cleveland Tea Party Patriots. “A lot of people are feeling betrayed.”

      I am reminded of ‘movements’ throughout history that have given a loud and usually obnoxious voice to the most radical of their ‘movement.’ Too often the goals and ideals are hidden behind those who fall into the category of knowing the least the loudest. Bra burners, evangelinuts, freedom fighters… The sane people working for women’s rights get obscured by those who take the movement to extremes. The truly religious come off as Christian Taliban when their radical spokespeople color them as intolerant (and worse). Freedom fighters who have no clue what the U. S. Constitution contains make those protecting the civil rights that are guaranteed sound like extremists.

      It seems like The Tea party elected a few so extreme they are incapable of governing and have tarnished what might have proven to be a beneficial grass-roots organization. Maybe that happened when the Libertarian Koch Brothers bought the rights to direct the activities and agenda, the candidates and the elections? I do think of Rand Paul with a touch of Michele Bachmann thrown in when I think of Tea Party and am completely turned off by those extremely radical and terribly idiotic spokespersons.

      • Plain and simple – most folks do not B-U-L-L-I-E-S…

        no matter what their stripes are.

        Now – the task at hand is to figure out who is the bully and who is just being the bullies’ tool

        One thing that would greatly improve Congress would be cutting off the taxpayer-provided health insurance and those fat pensions.

        There is something very wrong when Congress Critters have been in office for 2 or 3 generations – and then retire to an even more-high-paying job as a lobbyist on K Street.

        I just wonder…….how much money would be cut out of the federal budget if we cut off ALL health care benefits and pensions for these Congress Critters?

        And make this retroactive…..CUT them all off…

  2. Journalism that wins awards covers up atrocities.

    This American Life Whitewashes US Crimes in Central America, Wins Peabody Award

  3. Yes, it’s a blog. Yes, it addresses The Tea Party, The Koch Brothers and ALEC. I am amused that instead of attempting to see both sides when any of those three topics comes up the so-called ‘conservatives’ begin twitching and screaming Soros, Soros, Soros.

    How ALEC, The Koch Brothers and the Tea Party Congress Tried to Destroy the Constitution – See more at:

    • Tea Pots and Churchy-Christians are just mad because George Soros – and Michael Bloomberg with his ads against the NRA – have as much money as the Koch Brothers.

      But – hey – that is what happens when the name of the game is ‘how much money do you have’.

      There will always been someone or some group that has MORE money than you.

  4. More about teavangelinuts. Kansas is included in this stupidity.

    (from the link): On Sunday the Baton Rouge Advocate reported on a disturbing trend: A full decade after the Supreme Court struck down anti-sodomy laws as unconstitutional violations of a right to privacy, the East Baton Rouge sheriff’s department was continuing to enforce the state’s version of the statute. Not only that, but it was going out of its way to do so, setting up stings to find and arrest gay men for the crime of having sex—even though the district attorney had pointedly refuse to prosecute those cases. “Whether the law is valid is something for the courts to determine, but the sheriff will enforce the laws that are enacted,” a sheriff’s department spokesman told the paper, apparently oblivious to the fact that a court had already made such a determination.

    Bobby Jindal Stays Silent on Louisiana Sodomy Arrests

    • But -jhey – if it was ‘one of their own evanglinuts who gets caught with his pants down’ – will Bobby J. be so quick to prosecute?

      Aw….what am I talking about?

      The Catholic Church knowingly covered up the crimes of child molestation for years……and NOBODY in the Evanglinuts Party seems to give a damn about that..

      My ex-friend – a devout Catholic, proud Tea Party member – actually said to me when we were discussing the Catholic Church paying out all those millions to the victims – the church has a ‘little problem’.

      Little problem? On what planet do these people live?

      I point-blank asked her – what if your grandson had been molested by a priest and the Catholic Church leaders chose to cover it up for years….how would you feel?

      She sat there like a stone-cold statue..

      I have not spoken to this woman since…….she made her choice and that was to sit and defend her Church leaders….

      • While everyone seems to be going all ga-ga over this new Pope Francis…..I am still waiting to hear when the Vatican City will be having their Garage Sale..

        If this Pope truly cares about the poor and underprivileged – then PROVE it..

        Talk is cheap…

  5. Happy 52nd birthday President Barack Obama!

  6. Robert Reich says what 6176 told us yesterday —

    Many people I meet tell me they’re discouraged, the nation is on the wrong track, they’re worried about making ends meet, their children won’t live as well as they live, regressive Republicans have taken over, President Obama … you know the rest. You see some of their comments on this page. But then, when I ask them what they’re doing about it, they say they’re powerless. Nobody would listen to them. The situation is hopeless. And besides, they have no time.

    Wrong. Nothing good or worthwhile happens in Washington or in state capitals unless good people organize, mobilize, and energize themselves and others outside Washington and those other capitals to put pressure on those inside to do the right thing. If citizens don’t — if they give up, or don’t even try — the monied interests win everything. In the election of 1936, a woman approached FDR, then running for a second term, and demanded that if she voted for him he would commit to doing a list of things she thought important for him to do. “Ma’am,” he said. “If I’m reelected I’d like to do all of those things. But you must make me.” Even then, and even FDR, understood how necessary citizen action was for accomplishing the nation’s goals. Citizenship doesn’t mean simply voting, paying taxes, and serving on the occasional jury. It means active engagement. It means knowing the issues and the arguments. It means connecting with others, and putting pressure on politicians. It means steadfastness, tenacity, and courage.

    Complain all you want. That’s fine. But don’t limit it to complaining. A national election is coming up next year, a midterm that will determine the composition of the House and Senate and probably much in your state or city as well. Don’t take it lying down.

    • I truly believe – nothing will change politically until women start voting in huge numbers.

      Women generally vote their emotions – which is caregiving. Whether it be for her kids – her elderly parents – or her neighbor’s kids.

      Women generally see things in a big picture – and, yes, your neighbor’s kids should be seen as a part of your lives – and we should have Congress Critters in office that see the value in helping ALL the people.

      I’ve often wondered – people are more concerned when their neighborhood loses its property values due to what is happening in their neighborhood.

      But these same folks do not want to lift a finger to HELP those folks in the neighborhood who are having problems?

      Again – there is that Puritannical thinking of punishing the victims…….

      If there are hungry kids in your neighborhood, unemployed adults in your neighborhood, infrastructure is not being maintained……..these things affet ALL of us…

      But…it seems it only matters when someone’s property values goes down…

      Why is that?

  7. There will NEVER be any resolution about race in this country until we all come to grips with the idea that We are ALL in this boat together.

    I’ve heard from the Far Right White Christians that it was THEIR ancestors that founded this country – and Hell be Damned – the Whites should be in total control.

    Let’s not also forget – when one group can make a lot of money exploiting another group – that motivation of greed is very strong – and all the religious principles in the world about fair treatment for all goes right out the damn window….

    There is a dollar to be made off that exploited cheap labor……Money is their true God…

    I’ve often wondered what the statistics are for which employers have exploited the illegal immigration the most?

    My bet would be on White Republican businessmen……..

    Look around at these apartment complexes…….how many corporations are on the government dole for Section 8 housing?

    How many agriculture corporations are knowingly hiring illegal immigrants?

    How man meat-packing corporations are doing the same?

    Yeah……let’s start there to fix this illegal immigration problem.

    But is this what we hear from the Far Right White Republican Party?

    Oh HELL no……they blame the victims of exploitation – the illegals

    But – hey – it’s no different than when the same Far Right White Republican Party blames the victim of rape – the woman was ‘asking for it’.

    How many times have we heard that crappola?

  8. As you can probably sense – my mood today is not very warm and fuzzy.

    I’m tired of this entire political crappola.

    I just listened to a panel talking about the aftermath of the George Zimmerman trial.

    NOW – it seems the topic of Trayon’s clothing is the real issue – not the fact that Zimmerman was told to stop chasing Trayvon by the 911 dispatcher.

    Hmmm……so a hoodie and baggy pants are now what killed this young male?

    someone on the panel said that Bill O’Reilly was the one that changed the focus and now the hot issue is about Trayvon’s clothing.

    On what planet do these people live?

    But – on second thought – let’s just picture Trayon as any woman – does not matter the color. So if any woman wears the inappropriate clothing and gets raped – then it’s her fault?

    Oh, wait a minute – that IS what the Far Right Wingers spew – isn’t it?

    Again – it’s that damn Puritannical thinking of blame the victim….

    I’m reminded of the story about the Scarlet Letter. Which one had to wear that blame – it sure was not the damn man.

    • You know how some think if the person who was of adult age had stayed in his car (as was suggested by the 911 operator) this wouldn’t have happened? Well, now I hear that if the teenager hadn’t been in trouble at school, hadn’t been sent to his Dad’s he would never have been in the neighborhood.

      It’s the same people who think time began on Inaguration Day in January of 2009 as far as the economy woes are concerned who think one needs to go back this far to find where the confrontation between the teenager and the adult began.

      You can’t make this stuff up.

      • Oh, and it’s A-okay to bring up past discretions or poor decisions of the teenager but definitely not those of the adult. [eye roll]

        Same people who scream Soros when Koch is uttered. Same people who will claim to not be sheep while following the Fox talking points. 🙂

  9. I do like the way this woman ignored and finally quieted the rude people in the crowd chanting, “We want Mitch.”

    • Why didn’t Mitch have the common decency to get up and tell his people to show some class and dignity?

      That is Mitch in the front row – isn’t it?

      I wonder how Mitch would have reacted if this lady’s supporters were the ones being rude?

      I suspect Mitch would have a big fat hissy fit…..

      But…let’s just keep this video on replay – because I think most women would find Mitch sitting there and smirking while he allowed his supporters to show their asses…

      • replay: most women would find Mitch sitting there and smirking to be a clueless, tasteless, crass, rude and undeserving of anything but a swift kick to his butt.

      • I would like to hear what Mitch did say at this same forum. He should be wary, even tho he is male, he is from Kentucky, he is the incumbent, and he has a full war chest of funds. He has all the advantages.

        🙂 Well, maybe not all of them. He has his record.

        Alison Lundergan Grimes!

      • Google is my friend. Here’s what Mitch said:

        Sounds like President Obama and even Anthony Weiner are his targets. Other than that, he has talking points we’ve heard overandover and hatred for those awful libaruhls. But listen to the cheers from the crowd. In Kentucky hateful and against are popular.

        You know what it also sounds like? It sounds like he thinks he is speaking to really dumb people that he doesn’t need to respect let alone help. He sounds like a man who thinks his constituency will buy into his hate.

  10. A little something to brighten your day. . .