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  1. I dunno. I read polls of Alaska voters this week that put Carribu Barbie at the head of the pack running for senate. Too bad people outside the state can’t vote to keep The Quitter out of office. But then, I’m guessing people from other states would love to be able to help us boot timmy huelskamp, pompus pompeo and patsy roberts.

    That’s the problem with congressional elections. Every district thinks theirs is great, and the other states are sending the bad apples. That’s why nothing changes. Well, that and gerrymandering and voter suppression.

    Palin may be a Hindenburg waiting to happen nationally, but locally? She’s a juke box hero.

    • Maybe those folks still remember those big fat checks Sarah Palin got the oil companies to pay all Alaskans?

      Hmmm….wasn’t that forcing an oil company to do something?

      Isn’t that what SP and her fellow TeaPots condemned President Obama for trying to make BP Oil company pay for their spill off the Louisiana coast?

      Bottom line – ……it’s okay to force an oil company to pay every Alaskan citizen a check…..if it scores political points for the ‘right’ one?

      These Far Right Republicans – especially those Religious Christian ones – are the most dangerous people – IMHO

      While they smile that fake Christian smile – they are looking for the place to stab you in your back – but not before taking your money out of your pockets and/or wallet.


      • I think those checks were in place long before Palin was around. I could be wrong, but I thought those checks were distributions from the state for royalties they received from oil companies that drill on state land.

        Or maybe I just dreamed that up…. 🙂

      • I remember SP sure took credit for those checks…

        But….then again….Republicans usually take credit for things they did not do..

        don’t they?

  2. Ronald Reagan invited Jerry Falwell into the inner sanctum of the GOP – which started the downfall of the Grand Old Party – IMHO

    John McCain unleashed Sarah Palin onto our political scene – which will speed up that downfall of the Grand Old Party – IMHO

    I must confess, I enjoy watching these Far Right Republicans fighting with the establishment Republicans – because I know at the end of the day – the Far Right will win that internal civil war…..

    And then comes the time for ALL Americans to show how they feel about these sanctimonius, pious, obnoxious Far Right Weinees…..

    (yes, I said Weinee)..

  3. I saw poll results earlier this week that said a majority of republicans think their party needs to move further to the right. I think Palin should be of some help in getting there. The way I see it is republicans plan to take down both their political party and America simultaneously. I know that red states like Alaska and Kansas are doubling down on the crazy and I do understand how that can affect the U.S. Congress. Doubling down on the crazy in red states doesn’t get them electoral college votes for the presidency but voter suppression might do the trick in that area.

    And I firmly believe failure is the goal. The Corporate Masters want our current form of government to fail and the republicans are the tool with which to accomplish the goal.

  4. What a fun read! Lots to think about!

    (from the link):

    Thirty-five percent of Texas Republicans want to secede from the United States. After November’s election, eight red states filed petitions on the White House’s YouGov Web site calling for a split, and judging from the popularity of Chuck Thompson’s Better Off Without ‘Em: A Northern Manifesto for Southern Secession (which calls for an “amicable divorce” from the former states of the Confederacy) a fair number of progressives would be happy to let them go.

    Talk of secession is, of course, pretty silly. But national boundaries have historically been impermanent, and it does lead to an interesting thought experiment: just how would one approach the task of dividing up the world’s leading superpower? It’s easy to write a screed about how out of touch with Real America those socialist coastal elites are, or how backward the South’s cousin-marrying bumpkins can be, but I’m not sure either side of that squabble has paused to consider the details.

    For some of the “details” that would be considered continue reading —

    What would happen if the red states actually seceded?

  5. Kobach Considering Rule to Create Two Classes of Voters

    (from the link): Kobach says Kansas could eventually have two classes of voters: people who could only vote in federal elections and people who could vote in both federal and state elections.

  6. Smile! Laugh out loud! Tap your toe, and enjoy! I laugh out loud at politicians of all stripes who deserve to be laughed at!

    • I am certainly no fan of Anthony Weiner –

      BUT….why aren’t the same questions being asked of Republican males who seem to have a fascination and obsession thinking they are God’s gift to all women?

  7. Interesting! With all those factions to please one must be at least a chameleon.

    Is Rand Paul on his way to becoming the next Mitt Romney?

    • Here’s an interesting question.

      Remember how many times we’ve heard Republicans demonizing Obama for how much money his foreign trips cost?

      When Pope Francis visited Brazil last week – I heard the cost of $150 million was the price tag for the security of this guy.

      WOW…..where are all those Catholic Republicans asking why the Pope feels he needs to spend $150 million on a one-week trip to Brazil?