Thursday, 8/1/13, Public Square

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  1. Obama already took out the middle-men banks in the student loan program. Now if cities take those greedy banks out of mortgages… What a deal!

    (from the link): On Monday, the Bay Area city of Richmond, California sent a letter to 32 banks announcing a tentative plan to buy out the debt of the more than 600 of its residents’ mortgages.

    Using its powers of eminent domain – a power provided under the Fifth Amendment to take private land and use it for a public purpose – the city would give 624 families and individuals struggling to make their mortgage payments, new, more affordable loans.

    In short, the city will take possession of the home, offer the bank market value for the home, write a check to the bank and purchase the home. The bank then writes off their loss and both the tax code and federal banking programs protects them from losing money. The city then sells the house back to the owner with a newly reduced principal and lower interest rate.

    The city now has one less home in danger of foreclosure, a more stable and realistic tax base, the bank is fine, and the homeowner can begin building retirement equity as they pay off the mortgage over the years. Everybody wins.

    According to a study from the Alliance for a Just Society, “a principal reduction program could produce average annual savings of $7,710 per underwater homeowner nationwide, boost the U.S. economy to the tune of $101.7 billion, and create 1.5 million jobs.”

    But big banks aren’t just talking about fighting principal reduction plans, they’re actively sabotaging them and doing everything in their power to stop cities from doing this.

    Eminent Domain to Save Homeowners?

    • Big banks are just like Big Pharmaceutical.

      Drug companies are in the business of paying off any threat of another company bringing the generic version of their patented drugs.

      Hey – what a deal, huh?

      Any company threatening to bring a cheaper generic version can first roll the dice to see if Big Pharma will pay them even more money upfront.

      Yeah – a great deal – for both the drug companies.

      • Robert Reich was on ‘Morning Joe’ MSNBC this morning.

        He is involved in the making of a documentary concerning the inequality in America.

        I was half awake when I listened to this story – and I believe they said it was being shown in limited cities.

        When asked what is the solution to this problem – Robert Reich tried to say it but he was constantly interrupted by the others on the panel.

        Do you think maybe our political agenda is to NOT fix this inequality problem?

      • wicked

        Do you think maybe our political agenda is to NOT fix this inequality problem?

        Surely not.

        [sarcasm off]

  2. Of course that’s the agenda! The media and the pols are all part of the upper income cabal. You think they’re gonna give up ANY of their piece of the pie? Fixing the problem and making the peasants more equal to the ruling class simply will not do.

    Until campaign finance is fiercely regulated, Citizens United is overturned, and gerrymandering for repukes is reversed, nothing, and I mean NOTHING will change unless it is change for the worse. Big finance is out of control, and only the judiciary or the political system can call them to heel. And as long as big finance funds the campaigns, there is no dog whistle that will work.

  3. Sorry I’ve been missing in action here, guys. Health problems, work problems and posting problems have kept me away. For some reason, Word Press is jilting me like an old girlfriend. I finally figured out how to get back in, but it just wasn’t having any of me posting. Now, if I can just stay in the good graces of Word Press….

    • wicked

      Good to see you, prairiepond!! I haven’t been around much either. Summers are not good here with kids. They’ll be back to school in 13 days. [wild cheering]

    • Should WordPress be kicked to the curb? Priority is everyone can find each other and participate when time allows. Good to see you PP! Anything I can help with?

      • wicked

        Nah. Everything has its bugs. While I’m not a big fan of WP, it works as well as the others. For me, it leads to more frustration than Blogger, but I eventually and usually win the battle.

        This is a good format for us. At least that’s MHO.

        PP, if you have trouble, let one of us know. Sometimes it’s something simple and the user can’t see the forest for the trees. Happens to me all the time. I get lost in the greenery. 😉

    • Thanks, guys. I’ll call out for help when I have time. I seem to be able to post ok now, but WP was just rejecting everything, including my password, email, etc. I had to go back in and set everything up again. WTF? I understand what RD was saying when he was having trouble posting. Maybe if you go a long time without activity, they delete your account with WP? Who knows. All seems to be fine now.

      No, I don’t think we should kick WP to the curb. I might say yes if there was something better out there, but seems like they all have problems, and moving over the archives would be a nightmare.

      Better to stay with the devil we know!

  4. What is the result of nothing happening? When the republicans are finished eating one another will some of them actually do the work of government? Hold on, it seems we could have a front-row seat to find out.

    Wonkbook: This is what it looks like when the Republican budget strategy falls apart

    • BEUTLER: The Republicans’ long-predicted budget comeuppance has arrived. “Republicans have dealt with some embarrassing moments on the House floor over the past year, but none so revealing or damning as today’s snafu, when they yanked a bill to fund the Departments of Transportation and Housing and Urban Development. It might look like a minor hiccup, or a symbolic error. But it spells doom for the party’s near-term budget strategy and underscores just how bogus the party’s broader agenda really is and has been for the last four years…It turns out that when you draft bills enumerating all the specific cuts required to comply with the budget’s parameters, they don’t come anywhere close to having enough political support to pass.” Brian Beutler in Talking Points Memo.

    • wicked

      Ryan didn’t get the nomination to run for President for a reason. There are Republican voters, other than the 1%, who aren’t in favor of the rich getting richer and see what his ideas aka budget would do to him. When even members of his own party in congress are backing down, someone is listening to what voters want and don’t want.

  5. An oldie but goodie.

    Bruised Kansas

    Kansas has become the caricature of the starkly red state the nation always thought it was. Only it wasn’t. Until now.


    • My favorite part at the linky:

      “But I always considered Kansas not tomato red, but purplish. Until now. Now the purple I see is bruised Progressivism, Kansas history pummeled by extreme right-wing politicians who do not represent me or countless others who call the state home.”

      Hell, now we’re so damn deep red it gives new meaning to the term “Bleeding Kansas.” We’re bleeding alright. Bleeding our brains, bleeding our money, bleeding our education system, and, sadly, bleeding our future.

      Hope the patient survives all that blood letting.

      • wicked

        Well, they used to use leaches for blood letting… Oh, wait! There are leaches…in thousand dollar suits.

  6. This article explains better than I could why I was so upset that Obama got the 2008 nomination instead of Hillary. Turns out, Hillary was right, and anyone who thought Obama would have a better working relationship with the repukes was wrong. NO ONE can work with them, so why let that drive the Democrats’ nominating process?

    • I think my son summed it up quite nicely when Obama won in 2008…

      The country would rather vote for a black man than any woman.

      From my lips to God’s ears……the year 2016 will be the election when this country might just actually join several other countries who have WOMEN leaders.