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  1. That is a frightening statement. Scary.

    • Hi Ray.

      It is comforting to me to think of a world of adults all concerned about nurturing all the world’s children. It may be a Pollyanna attitude to hope that all children would be protected and loved but it is a goal I won’t give up.

      What parent can be with their children every second of every day? Shouldn’t every adult all children potentially interact with know the value of each child? Teachers. Priests. Medical professionals. Police, fire… I would think it as great a tragedy if another person’s child was in danger as I would if the child were mine. I admire this woman who thinks so highly of all children that she accepts the responsibilities all adults should feel towards all children.

      If each of us held each child in the same high regard we hold our own children what would be frightening about that?

      • Each child is an individual and it’s parents understand that individuals needs better.

        I have no problem with citizens who use their own funds to help the worlds childrens. I do have an issue when they use government force to steal money from me which should be going towards my own child. America does not own the worlds children, or owe them anything.

        One of the greatest things we can teach our kids is personal responsibility. That is how we end the cycles of poverty or refusal to take advantage of education. The welfare state has just created a way for parents to make a profit by having kids they shouldn’t. Darwin is the answer, instead of us acting as if we are the Gods….

      • Seems a little like punishing the children for the actions of their parents.

        But I do now see the root of our disagreement. When I saw the picture and quote I didn’t once think of government spending. I thought about caring for all children, protecting all children… I didn’t go beyond my neighborhood and the interactions I have with children. I hoped every adult would think about loving and nurturing and protecting the children they interact with on a daily basis.

        You thought of different things when you saw the picture and quote, didn’t you?

        Well, if I view it from a “government spending” standpoint I remember that our government spends much less on the children in our country than on the military, incentives and giveaways to BIG business. I do think there are people at every level of our economy who might be inclined to abuse our system of government and who might take more than they give. I don’t think the poor and struggling have a disproportionate number of those kinds of people. The kind of people who are willing to take without earning are well represented among the wealthiest and most advantaged too.

      • Government is all about spending our money — taxation and spending tax revenue is precisely the business of government. Today our federal tax levels are at the lowest they’ve been in almost 60 years — everyone has a lower rate but the higher incomes have significantly lower rates than pre 2001. Even the original TEA PARTY (think Colonial days) wasn’t to oppose taxation, but taxes without representation.

        Method and amount of taxation are fair game for discussion, but no reasonable person claims any citizen has a right to be free from taxation. Unreasonable taxation, yes, but not free from all taxation. The poorest may pay only sales taxes, gasoline taxes, and if they’re employed they will pay 7.65% F.I.C.A. taxes on each dollar earned. The wealthiest often don’t “earn” their money through payroll so avoid this 7.65% tax. Those who make money off their money pay taxes in a totally different tax structure that has many advantages. Some end up paying little and sometimes they pay none.

        Economies don’t work well when all the wealth is concentrated in any single sector. America’s economy is largely consumer based and requires a solvent middle class to function. One function of tax law is to regulate wealth accumulation to maximize economic growth. Current tax law favors the wealthy over the middle class (by giving them an effective RATE that is roughly 60% of middle income Americans).

        Relying on industry to set fair wages, hours, and working conditions will never work. Corporations are required to act in the interest of the company by maximizing profits to reward investors, which conflicts with the claims of workers for higher wages. Governments are required to act for the benefit of the people, to act on behalf of ‘the general welfare.’

        Put bluntly, Corporations represent shareholders and Government represents people.

      • Bob White

        Whoa!! Who is Ray? He sounds like a conservative sounding-off on a Progressive Site.

      • Yes, Bob, I agree it does sound like Ray is a conservative, although he didn’t stick around long enough or get into enough discussion for me to know any more than he was polite and disagreed in an agreeable way. I respect the opinions of people who conduct themselves as adults. I think differences of opinion offer opportunities to learn.

  2. While the balance of opinion toward abortion nationwide has remained largely steady over the past 20 years, there are widening disparities in public attitudes on the issue across different regions of the country.

    For more info, additional charts and graphs —


    • Anyone else see a resemblance to the electoral college map that we see colored in red and blue after a national election in the break-down of states in the graph above?

      So if the red states double down on putting their noses where they don’t belong they appeal to those voters who already support them. Hasn’t been enough support to actually win at the national level… Hmmmm.

  3. In a sense I tend to think of all children as my grandchildren, especially those with learning disabilities and physical handicap’s. Both categories I have in my actual grandchildren. Because of that I know what it is like for them in the world. But I do not allow them to use those things as an excuse to be treated differently. Understood yes, but not treated as if they should be given allowances for not being treated as if they are just kids.

    They like the same things as any others boys, they also tend to act like any other boys.

    • Lucky is the child who has more people who love and cherish them! Of course the majority of the nurturing happens in the home and comes from the parents and family. For those children who need more than others, whether it be due to special needs or simply because the child didn’t choose the right parents, it is good to have adults who accept the responsibilities of all the children as if they were their own.

  4. There are lots of women who will be voting in 2014 — count on it!

  5. Don’t you smile when they argue amongst themselves about who is responsible, who isn’t, who is the reason the government is bankrupt. They’re like children — recalcitrant children.

    If there’s one thing that really hurts a red state conservative, it’s reminding them that their states tend to be welfare bums living off of the generosity of prosperous blue states. The 47%, if you will, who won’t take responsibility for themselves.

    “I find it interesting that Sen. Paul is accusing us of having a ‘Gimme, gimme, gimme’ attitude toward federal spending when in fact New Jersey is a donor state and we get 61 cents back on every dollar we send to Washington. Interestingly, Kentucky gets $1.51 on every dollar they send to Washington,” Christie said, according to Huffington Post.

    “So if Sen. Paul wants to start looking at where he’s going to cut spending to afford defense, maybe he should start looking at the pork barrel spending he brings home to Kentucky.”

  6. Sometimes karma takes a bit longer. 🙂

  7. I read the quote from HIllary Clinton – and government spending did not come to my mind – either.

    Maybe Republicans are just a different species?

    But…I wonder….does this Ray think about what would happen to HIS children if he lost his job – health care insurance – and had to take one of those minimum wage jobs – that all Republicans must think are still paying too much .

    I wonder……could HE live on minimum wage?

    I wonder….could HE even care about the children ‘ over there’ – who may be a different ethnicity – or different income level.

    I wonder……..do ALL Republicans feel like this Ray does?

    If so, then perhaps this is why their party is in such turmoil and headed into a death spiral……

    I grew up in the 50’s and 60’s. All the mothers in my neighborhood looked out for all the children – not just their own.

    What a sad, sad world this would be if the majority of people were like-minded to Ray.

    I also wonder….does Ray also profess to be such a good moral Christian – like so many of these Republicans who seem to show such a disdain and contempt for ALL children in our country.

    Children are the F-U-T-U-R-E…… what part of that do the Republicans NOT get?

  8. I wonder…..did the Koch Children benefit from all that government spending that went towards their daddys’ corporations?

    Just thought I would ask..

    • Or – the Walton Children getting a lot of government spending on their daddy’s company – Wal Mart.

      I wonder ……does this thought ever cross a Republican’s mind?

      Why are corporate children allowed to benefit from all that government spending – tax breaks and subsidies – but the rest of America’s children are deemed to be ‘unworthy’?

      A misdemeanor charge of vehicular homicide was filed Wednesday in Sedgwick County Juvenile Court against Charles Chase Koch, the 16-year-old driver involved in a fatal accident in east Wichita in September. Zachary Seibert, 12, was struck as he jogged across a crosswalk in the 8300 block of East Douglas on Sept. 18, 1993.

      Nothing ever came of this. Charles Koch had plenty of money to buy ‘justice’ for his son Chase. The 12 year old who was in a crosswalk when Chase drove over him over lost his life. Chase went on with his.

  9. One final thought – if people like Ray think demonizing HIllary Clinton for her belief that America’s children deserve more than they are currently getting……then the 2016 election should be a real humdinger of a show.

    I hope Hillary runs……and if she does…..the GOP might as well just sit down and STFU

  10. I don’t understand people who HATE the thought of helping children with taxpayer money.

    Let’s see……how many billions are spent on useless wars?

    How many billions are sent to foreign countries – just to hear that these foreign leaders are found with suitcases FULL of American money.

    How many trillions did MItt Romney want to spend on building warships – $3 Trillion – if I remember correctly.

    SO…..I guess government spending is okay on all the above things – because there was not one child involved?

    What a sad, sad country we are destined to become if the above is seen as ‘good’ when America’s children are being treated like the dirt beneath Republicans’ feet.

    I wonder if these loud and proud Christian Republicans have read their Bible in between all the Bible Thumping they seem to enjoy?

    I remember reading where Jesus told his followers that whatever you do unto the least among you, you do to me.

    Children are the most vulnerable people in our country……

    THINK about this Republicans!!

    • But…more than that…..Republicans are NOT playing this issue very smart – are they?

      Republicans are already known to be at war with women.

      Republicans are already known to be at war with minorities.

      How can declaring war on children bring the GOP anything but more misery?

      This is not going to end well in 2016.