Monday, 7/29/13, Public Square



by | July 29, 2013 · 6:00 am

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  1. Andy Borowitz
    Weiner Names Penis Campaign Manager

    NEW YORK – One day after his campaign manager quit, mayoral candidate Anthony D. Weiner named his penis to the post, telling reporters, “He was already making most of the major decisions anyway.”

  2. You know how these Tea Party Republicans like to use the analogy of the family budget compared to our national budget?

    Well…….let’s use another analogy – shall we?

    Reagan bragged about his Trickle Down Economics.

    When a tree grows – where does it need to get its nourishment?

    Is it water sprinkled on the top – or does the water need to go into the ground and get into the roots of that tree?

    Ever since St. Ronnie Raygun – our economy tree has been overwatered on the top……but barely a drop gets to the roots.

    I wonder how long will it take before this is tree beyond salvaging?