Thursday, 7/25/13, Public Square

dear women


by | July 25, 2013 · 6:00 am

2 responses to “Thursday, 7/25/13, Public Square

  1. I was asked today if I’ve heard about Obama trying to pass a law mandating new cars be equipped with black boxes.

    Naïve as I am – I asked what black boxes?

    The type of black boxes that airplanes have.

    The theory is….Obama is out to destroy all our freedoms and he wants to track our every move.

    WOW…..just WOW…

    • BTW – the person asking me this is very heavy into the lifelong military life – so – wouldn’t that make this person a bigger target for evil Obama?

      I mean – if you’re in the military and Obama is pulling the strings of government – then why in the Hell would you want to be in the military and be the first ones that are within Obama’s reach to control?

      I always find it very telling the people who hate Obama and the government the most are the ones most likely to be sucking at the government teat.