Wednesday, 7/24/13, Public Square

been there, done that



by | July 24, 2013 · 6:00 am

8 responses to “Wednesday, 7/24/13, Public Square

  1. All you really need to see through their propaganda is a mind of your own and your ears.

  2. That is so true, another is which are you going t believe your lying eyes or what I am telling you? It so amazes me when ever I get into an argument with someone who is a dead hard Fox viewer. They will defend and believe some of the most outlandish crap that common sense no matter how their Political leanings are.

    When told to them that it is not possible. They are constantly wearing rain coats because of the moisture on their pant legs from being peed upon their legs! Clear skies and not a cloud in the sky and they believe it is raining.

    Sadly I think most truly do not care one way or another, to care would mean that their lives are not as they wish it to be.

    • It’s hard to accept the truth when the lies are exactly what you wanted to hear. It’s the way cults work.

      • Who needs the truth when the only motivation is pure 100% hatred of the man in the White House?

        I’m sorry….but where in the Bible does it say God rewards those who H-A-T-E?

  3. Can you imagine what would happen if President Barack Obama spoke the words this president spoke?

    • Dubya was so condescending – wasn’t he?

      Typical of a Fundy Christian – IMHO

      YOU are the problem ….NOT me because God loves me and NOT you.

      Arrogant + Ignorance = Fundy Christian Republicans?

      • As for those seven Iraqi men who visited GWB in the White House and all had new hands by the generosity of some American – why doesn’t this same American have the same compassion and generosity towards Americans who have no health insurance and cannot even see a doctor?

        Hearing this story about these seven Iraqi men who had hands cut off sounds like something the traveling Evangelist would be spewing in their Tent Revival.

        Say anything to make the vulnerable even more stupid..

  4. Don’t even recognize the name of the law. Admit our health-care system is “a mess.” Do they seem to have any understanding beyond being against government? It is the most oft-repeated meme I hear. Representative of most Americans? Representative of most Conservatives? Representative of only themselves?