Tuesday, 7/23/13, Public Square

terrorists hate freedom


by | July 23, 2013 · 6:00 am

4 responses to “Tuesday, 7/23/13, Public Square

  1. Bob White

    It is called “Empire Building”! It has a long history; none of it is good for people. All the benefit goes to government and to business. I believe the US has “arrived”!

    • Like all empires – eventually they fall to the ground – when the elite mistakenly believe they can do whatever they want to the working people.

  2. It is very sad, but it is a reality. Media is owned by the big business, so it will be business as usual, no one talks about it anymore thanks to the royal baby. We are our own enemy…who needs Al-Qaeda?

    • One channel-surf through the numerous channels offered by my satellite television provider shows exactly how America is being portrayed around the world.

      We are shallow…..arrogant……do not care if we know the facts or not……very self-absorbed…..very high self-esteem…..but very ignorant.

      As long as we have the latest cell phone, our Big Gulp Drinks, our $7 coffee/latte and our 24/7 connection to the latest gossip – Americans will be content..

      But…..let’s just throw in a couple of God loves me best shout-outs, and we are really feeling good about ourselves.