Sunday, 7/21/13, Public Square

armed vigilantes


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  1. No matter what George Zimmerman said it wasn’t God’s plan the he shoot and kill Trayvon Martin!

    Long before I ever heard the names Trayvon Martin or George Zimmerman I feared armed vigilantes. I still do. Ordinary people who think (is it hope?) that during the course of conducting their ordinary lives they might have the opportunity to use the gun they strap on to their person daily are scary in my opinion. I know there are many of these people every place I go. And I’ve heard all their excuses about being prepared. My best hope is I’m nowhere near one of them when they think their opportunity has finally arrived. I think they will make any dangerous situation much more dangerous to everyone in the vicinity. I won’t let this color my world, I won’t bow to fear in any way. Fear isn’t ever going to define the way I live my life. I’ll leave bowing to fear to the vigilantes who strap on their guns each day.

    I will never cast a vote for a person who isn’t in favor of common-sense gun regulations. There is no reason that makes any sense to me for not having universal background checks for all gun sales, including those at gun shows. I also feel strongly that gun violence is guaranteed to escalate when ALEC-written Stand Your Ground laws give the legal advantage to the last one standing alive. Won’t each armed vigilante ensure they have that advantage? “The system” didn’t fail, it worked exactly as that atrocious law intended. Don’t YOU want to go buy a gun and ensure that advantage for yourself?

    • I also will never vote for a person who doesn’t believe the mother is more important than the fetus. I don’t see a path to victory for any candidate for POTUS who doesn’t value and respect women. The issue of women’s rights to make personal decisions about their reproductive health was settled over 40 years ago and those decisions are not the business of any politician at any level of government. We aren’t going backwards — the more limits republicans pass at state levels the more women they affect and allow to see who they are and what they do. Each time they prove they are not pro life, just anti woman! Republicans might as well get used to attaining no office beyond those limited to voters within a state. They won’t be elected to offices that depend on voters nationwide. COUNT ON IT!

    • rick liebst

      A short time ago I went to the local Wal-Mart and there was a guy wearing a side arm in plan sight walking around the store. I knew he was not a L.E.O. because then never wear a weapon in plan sight in a belt holster out of uniform. There is a difference between being armed and making such a point out of having a permission to the wear it openly and in such a matter. He could not have been more in plan sight if he had been wearing a quick draw holster like they did in the 1800s.

      • A wise man knows he does not need to show his weapon in plain sight.

        Only an idiot that feels the need to feel superior or to somehow measure his manhood is compelled to show off his gun in plain sight.

        Wannabe cop – maybe?

        Or just the village idiot?

    • I am scared,very scared, in our state, thanks to the GOP any one can cary a gun now. Few weeks back after a road rage incident on a highway. This couple followed the other guy to a mall. Both men had a fist fight, the faithful/dutiful wife took the gun out of the car and handed to dear hubby. You know what happened next…
      We went around the world and bombed the hell out of the Afghans and Iraqis for World Trade Center that killed around 3,000 people. In 2010 there were 358 murders involving rifles. Murders involving the use of handguns in the US that same year totaled 6,009, with another 1,939 murders with the firearm type unreported. Total deaths= 8,306.(wikipedia). I will not say a word and simply rest my case 🙂

  2. Written by a woman who lives in Kansas. She said it well!

    Kansas: I Want My State Back!

  3. The first moon landing was 44 years ago yesterday, July 20th, 1969. Do you remember it, did you watch it?

    • I remember watching this on television. I have an uncle – to this day – that believes this moon landing was a government hoax.

      But…I still love him…..LOL

  4. I remember it well. I watched it, then walked out and looked at the moon and marveled.

  5. Be the person you want your child to be. “Children see. Children do. Make your influence positive.”

  6. I watched a documentary last night of a Canadian man who was a Freedom Rider during the Civil Rights fight in Mississippi in the 60’s and a self-proclaimed KKK Mississippi man – which was the man that assaulted the Canadian several decades earlier.

    This KKK white man was the son of the KKK man who was convicted of the murder of Medgar Evers.

    I was born in 1953 – so the 60’s was a decade in which I heard bits and pieces of the news – but I was not totally aware of what was going on. I was, after all, just a kid.

    Being a kid in the 50’s and 60’s is nothing like being a kid today – we were so naïve and sheltered. Remember, we did not have 24/7 television, radio, Internet – etc.

    As I watched the documentary – I noticed one thing. The KKK man was happy to talk to the Canadian man he assaulted – and even called him a friend – but yet the KKK man still felt he was in the right and the Freedom Rider people were wrong.

    I noticed someone thing else – the KKK white man made it a very clear and pointed fact that he wanted everyone to know – the KKK is a white CHRISTIAN organization.

    Ah…….so here we have it – don’t we?

    People like to try to rewrite history – but when it comes right down to it – there are Christians who are proud they are arrogant and ignorant.

    I’ve said for years these Mega Fundy Christian Churches are nothing more than Corporate Tax-Free Country Clubs that have the perception they are Jesus followers – when they are really nothing but hateful and mean-spirited people.

    When I hear some of these ignorant remarks made by the likes of Pat Robertson, Franklin Graham, Tony Perkins of the American Family Council, and several other so-called Christian leaders – I just want to shake my head in disbelief.

    But…….like someone on that documentary said (a KKK member) – this is a group that does have friends in government, law enforcement, churches, etc.

    This group will never disburse – they just go underground just waiting for their chance to rise up again.

    And then we wonder why the election of Barack Obama caused such an outrage?

    Let’s make that more pointed – such an outrage on the Right side of the political fence. – Those so-called Christians.


  7. I’ve seen this woman on Melissa Harry-Perry’s MSNBC show. I like her definition of the little ‘g’ and big ‘G’……

    I also agree with her assessment that Christian Conservatives get the most angry when their hypocritical nail gets hit directly on it’s pointed little white hat.

  8. What makes me the most sad – and frustrated – Is when will this country learn?

    I saw the election of Barack Obama as an opportunity for our country to finally get its collective head out of our collective butt and learn to be tolerant and get along.

    Is that too much to ask for?

    Apparently – that is not even a possibility for some folks.

    Obama is not just our first black president – he is a mixed-race president. His mother was white and he was raised by his white grandparents.

    That – in itself – would have been a golden opportunity for all races in this country to finally say – can’t we just all get along…

    But NO…….that was not to be – that would have been solving a problem and we could never have that, now could we?

    On a second point of Obama – this is a man who understands the Muslim culture – let’s use that to our betterment as a country.

    But – AGAIN – we could not do that, could we?

    NO…….White Christians wrapped up in their Flag of Hypocrisy decided to use their political muscle in the GOP (thanks to Ronald Reagan for letting Jerry Falwell into the inner circle back in 1980) and start another chapter in this endless race war.

    But…for good measure….let’s throw in that Muslim thing also – let’s just have a damn good American-style Civil War.

    IMHO – the corporate-sponsored Tea Party was specifically designed to further the Right’s insatiable need for a civil war. Let’s keep these people stirred up about their perceived persecution as Christians, white people, gun rights and even the kitchen sink crappola.

    I am more in fear of these damn corporations taking over than any Muslim or black people

    Corporations may be people to Mitt Romney – but these things have no soul or conscience..

  9. Wow – the woman got 16 months in prison – and she was the victim of rape – but her rapist got 13 months in prison.

    Hmmm…….were the extra 3 months an added punishment for reporting the rape?

    Hmmm….whenever Republican Conservatives talk about their ideas of rape….think about Dubai and their seemingly obsession about the sex life of all the people under their control.

    Can you imagine how the USA would be if the current GOP platform on rape and women’s rights were put into law?

    • BTW – now we know why the hotel desk person asked this woman if she really wanted to call the police.

      So…the lesson learned is to keep your mouth shut?

      What a sad, sad world…

  10. Anthea Butler , Ivy League Professor (from your link above), seemed to understand the Bible was written by men. I know those men were reported to be “inspired by God.” But today too many interpretations are far from God with a capital G.

    • That explains why these fundamental church people are into that whole man domination theory.

      God created Man (in his own image) to be the master of women and the planet we live on.

      Have you seen the condition our planet is in? Well – so much for God putting the right people in charge there, huh?

      And, let’s not forget, women did not have the right to vote for how damn long in this country?

      Even the blacks were considered 3/5 of a person to vote…..women were not even that much!!

    • Bob White

      I don’t believe for a minute that the Bible was written by God. Or, Jesus. It was written by Jewish men. Study its history. Don’t listen to the churchianity narratives created by earthly empires.

      • Ironically – the only part that was said to be written by God’s own hand were the Ten Commandments.

        So…..if God had a Top Ten List – and he never said a word about homosexuality – do you think God hates homosexuals – as is often preached.

        On the other hand – adultery and telling lies ARE in the Top Ten List – and I often wonder how many of these self-professing ‘good’ Christians are guilty of the two things that God saw fit to denounce in his own handwriting.


  11. Here is a hopeful news. The Religious Progressives are only 9 percent behind the Religious Right in terms of population.

    Even more hopeful news….the Religious Right are seeing their numbers dwindle as time goes by…

    And why, you may ask? Seems it is due to the Religious Right’s manipulation of the GOP into stomping for their Far Right Winger ideas on gay marriage, women’s rights and this group’s lack of tolerance for anyone or anything that is different than themselves.

    So…let’s get this straight. The Far Right Wingers got into power under Ronald Reagan and now they have made such an ass of themselves – that their very existence is being threatened because these folks have turned off so many people.

    Wow – poetic justice or Lady Karma delivering a big ol’ can of whoop ass?

    But… I said above about the KKK. I don’t believe the Far Right Wingers are going to just go away…..they will go underground and wait for their next opportunity to re-emerge.

    I guess they’re waiting for another Ronald Reagan to come along?

    If there is a God, that particular scenario will never happen.

  12. I can’t imagine why anyone would vote for a republican today, especially any woman. No reason that makes any sense to me.

    They aren’t fiscally conservative, they’re mean, they aren’t for anything more than money and control over those they’ve decided are inferior to themselves.

  13. But don’t you have to laugh to think that Ronald Reagan was the man that started the downfall of the Grand Old Party?

  14. I am still reminded of that Tea Party White Woman Republican who was so offended by the ‘Obama’ supporters (she actually hand gestured the quotation marks) labeling the Tea Party as terrorists.

    She said she was not a Muslim out killing people.

    I did remind her of Timothy McVeigh (a Catholic who reportedly received the rites from a priest when he was on the gurney awaiting his execution) and that Christian man that killed Dr. George Tiller in cold blood.

    I also reminded her of the several prominent Republican Christians who have loudly and proudly talked about using the Second Amendment to get what they want if the elections don’t go their way.

    Or – how about that Eric Rudolph guy that bombed the Atlanta Olympics – and for the cause of Pro-Life?

    HOW the Hell can one be Pro-Life when he planned and carried out a bomb attack in a public place….

    But …yet only Muslims are the killers?

    • BTW – I’ve had more than a few discussions with a loud and proud Christian Conservative Republican that Timothy McVeigh was not Catholic.

      IF one researched McVeigh – it is reported that McVeigh stated he disowned the Catholic religion for a while – but when the end time finally came – he did request that Catholic priest – didn’t he?

      So….do you think he was really a Catholic – and does it really matter – because in my view – the Catholics claimed McVeigh by going to him at the final moments in his life.

      Hmmm….isn’t it ironic how these so-called religious folks try to rewrite history?

      That seems to be a pattern of behavior with these folks.

      • It doesn’t matter — not what McVeigh thought he was and even less what others thought he was. Isn’t personal responsibility what one political party professes to be about and for?

      • Good point…

        I guess – when faced with the fact that one of your own knowingly – and unrepentantly – killed hundreds and wounded hundreds just to prove a political point – one has to feel the need to distance themselves from that killer.

  15. I just listened to a panel on if President Obama had to be pushed to the podium to speak about race – or did he walk to the podium to make his Friday night comments.

    I did not see the president’s comments on Friday night.

    But…….what the hell?

    A couple of the panelists said Obama was not being a ‘leader’ on the issue of race.

    Oh really…..

    I wonder why that could be…..

    Do you think it might just be due to the fact that every time Obama opens his mouth – we have a Far Right Wing group of Obama haters just waiting to pounce on every word the man utters?

    These are the same folks who have been caught – sometimes using government-owned computers – sending racist emails when Obama was first elected.

    These are the same folks who have been calling Obama a secret Muslim – who was born in Kenya – and is NOT the legitimate president of USA.

    Hmmm…..if it was up to me – I would tell Obama to tell these folks where to shove it………

    But…fortunately for us….Obama has to much dignity, class and he cares too much about the country to tell these folks to STFU

    • There was one woman on the panel – and she stated (quite pointedly) that if Obama was speaking as a black man – not the president – when he made those comments.

      And …..she added…..if any black man knows about profiling….it is Obama. Case in point – the Far Right Conservatives who have done nothing but try to bring down this president, calling him a Kenyan and not a legitimate president.

      These folks never did anything like that to one of their ‘own’ – did they?

      Sarah Palin in 2008 election threw gasoline on that racial fire – IMHO.

      How many times did these woman say that Obama is ‘not one of us’?

      I expect political differences – but what we have today is personal destruction and complete annihilation of their perceived enemies.

      That is not helping anything……it solves nothing….but it sure does bring in the ratings and those high-paid contracts for talk radio and foxxies shock jocks.

      Isn’t that a sad commentary?

  16. I had another discussion with a co-worker this past week.

    He was talking about the Muslims – again – and how they are such evil people.

    I asked him – if you believe your God is on your side and that all Muslims are such evil people – then why did your God put all that oil under those evil people’s feet?

    This man gave me a look that was very cold…..and very mean…

    But…..he never did answer my question…

    • LOL! This is a brilliant reply. (But you did not make a friend saying this). It goes for the nut cases of all religions. They all tell us God is on their side! Which God do they talk about?

      • IMHO – there is no difference between a Christian or Muslim when they are both armed and willing to kill because they think they are on God’s mission.