Wednesday, 7/17/13, Public Square

Setting Women Free


by | July 17, 2013 · 6:00 am

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  1. There’s hope for us.

  2. This is good! This is very,very good — two thumbs up! And it makes me feel so sad to acknowledge and accept the truth in these words.

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  3. I have said from the beginning – the truth was not told in the Zimmeman trial.

    Do I think Zimmerman was guilty of murder – maybe not.

    But do I think Zimmerman caused the death of Trayvon Martin by getting out of his truck and continuing to chase this kid even after the 911 dispatcher told him NOT to chase him – yes, I do.

    Proving murder is a high bar of evidence.

    But – the moral obligation Zimmeran has is something we will never full y see to comopletion. IMHO

    • What is more sad – and infuriating – is the fact this Zimmerman-Martin tragedy has been so politicized – that we now see soem Far Right wingers actually dancing on the grave of a dead 17-yr-old kid that happened to be black and walking home with a bag of Skittlers and a bottle of iced tea.

      That is the real tragedy – how callous some so-called patritoic, Christian folks can be…

      • Because Trayvon Martin won’t ever be alive again, my best hope is that somehow we can change the narrative of ‘he was guilty.’ The saddest part of this whole thing was that at the same time George Zimmerman was found not guilty Trayvon Martin was declared guilty. Of all the things that shouldn’t ever have been asked during that trial was the question the defense lawyer posed to Trayvon Martin’s Mother: Did your son contribute to his death? I won’t remember that he defended Mr. Zimmerman successfully nearly as long as I remember that he did it by making Mr. Martin guilty.

        Twenty one days after his 17th birthday he was murdered and then they put that teenager on trial for being murdered.

    • I am most impressed with Trayvon Martin’s parents’ behavior and the way they have conducted themselves throughout all this difficult times.

      Their interview with Rev. Al Sharpton the other night was a prime example of HOW true Christians should act – and behave

      Trayvon’s mother was asked what she would say to George Zimmerman if he had the chance.

      She answered that she would pray for him because he will have to answer for what he has done.

      Both these parents have called for calm and peaceful protests – NOT this damn dancing on the grave of a 17-yr-old kid like some of these so-called Christian Conservative NRA loving Republicans have been doing.