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  1. I have said this before – the time to think about preventing an abortion is when a woman and man create the reason for an abortion.

    Some abortions are medially necessary – but when Far Right Wingers throw up this idea that abortion is being used as a birth control – that is where I think these folks are way off the mark.

    I had a miscarriage – it was put in my medical records as a spoontaneous aboriton.

    So – to these Far Right Wingers – I am a murderer?

    • Why bother to use logic with the Pro-Birth folks – these folks truly think that God is the one that creates all babies.

      Hmmm….did God also kill my baby when my body decided to have a spontaneous abortion – without my prior knowledge and/or consent?

  2. I am in a rather depressed and negative mood today.

    I made the remark to a friend a couple weeks ago that I was going to stop paying all my bills – save the money and then take out all my money in banks and retirement accounts – and get the hell out of this country.

    The USA is nothing more than a bunch of Puritannical hypocrits and am truly sick of all the B.S.

  3. When a co-worker feels he has the right to make this comment – you had better never give your Muslims doctor a gun because he will kil you – then don’t I have the right to tell him to STFU?

    This co-worker is way above me in the food chain at that workplace – and I was shocked to hear him even say soemthing like that to me.

    HOW DARE he say that…..I would have NEVER said anything like to him .

    WHY do FAR Right Wingers feel they have the right to be mean-spirited and nasty bitters?

    But what’s worse – this co-worker actually beleives he is doing God’s work.

    • Now – put that comment that was made to me about my Muslim doctor – and is it really any wonder that Trayvon Martin was portrayed as the criminal?

    • LOL well then, if they are local to Wichita and have a heart attack then chances are at least one of the Doctors they would call in who be from a Moslem country. Of the four I have been to and were called in on my case. Three of them were from a Moslem country to begin with! And they were some of the best in a three state area.

      • OH, but I suspect if a Muslim doctor is going to save their sorry butt – then it would be ‘God’s will’ – you know that old standby justification

  4. If these Far Right Wingers are the only one going to Heaven – why in the Hell would I want to be with them for eternity?

    I cannot stand these folks here on Earth.

  5. Per our friend, Ziggy:

    Attention all wannabe-vigiliantes: Don’t go after George Zimmerman. It’s wrong. But if you see him walking in your neighborhood, feel free to follow him around.

  6. Meet my first great grandchild who was born this morning at 7:07 am. She is 18 inches tall, and weighed in at 6 lbs., 13 ozs. She is healthy, a very calm baby, perfect in my opinion. Her Apgar score was 9.9 so she missed ‘perfect’ by a tenth on that scale. Her parents are tired, smiling ear-to-ear and doing well. She will be well loved and nurtured!

    • Sorry, fnord, this cannot be a great grandchild; you don’t look like a great-grandmother to me (a grandmother, yes [reluctantly], but a great-grandmother? Just boggles my mind.). But then, I’m a grandfather, even though I don’t see a grandfather looking back from the mirror when shaving. . . 🙂

      • My Mother told me being a Great Grandma was the very best because between you and responsibility is both a Mother and a Grandmother. It’s all fun and love.

        I’m so excited, like a kid in a candy shop!

        Do you remember Joyce Livingston from local television in days gone by? She and I are Great Grandma to this little girl. 🙂

      • Yes, I remember her. I could tell from the picture you were that excited. Ah, two of the important women in my life are great-grandmothers now; who would have thought!

      • I have NO trouble with me being a Great Grandma, but wrapping my mind around my daughter being a Grandmother is another story.

      • I totally understand that, Linda. I’m sure she’s thrilled, though. 🙂

      • Well since you know my daughter, you also know she is over the top just like me. We’re neither one very reserved about emotions. 🙂

    • Bob White


    • Yer right, that’s one great grandchild! You didn’t mean like three-generations out, did you? Dorian Gray wants his portrait back!

      • LOL and you know when you have gotten older, one is the great grandchildren and the other is you know the story of his portrait, .why it meant so much to Dorian Gray!

  7. I saw elsewhere: “If tampons are outlawed, only outlaws will have tampons!” I wonder if someone shooting at them would change their view about bringing guns into the chamber. . . .

  8. ***** C-O-N-G-R-A-T-U-L-A-T-I-O-N-S ******

    Fnord – the baby is beautiful – she takes after her great-grandma, huh?

    So glad to hear everyone is doing fine …